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January 4, 2011 

Be It Resolved

This is Make-or-Break Week for New Year's resolutions. What's in store for engineers? Some will be tackling the century's Grand Challenges for Engineering, like improving access to clean water. A team of students from the University of Washington already has a head start. They've improved the process of using sunlight to purify water. Kevin Anderson, who won our class activity contest, presents what could become a resolution for teachers: Engage students "from day one" in real-world problem-solving. 

Here are some other ways engineers, educators, and students are dealing with world challenges:

Gimme Shelter: Advancing Affordable Housing
Waste for Life: Making Trash Useful
Activity: Meet Your Challenge

water faucetIn a multipart activity, students in grades 5-9 discover a variety of engineering disciplines and brainstorm how different engineering skills can be applied to local or world problems. This eGFI original class activity is based on the winning submission to eGFI's innovative teaching idea contest.

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Feature: The Envelope, Please

kevin anderson2Kevin Anderson, whose prize-winning idea inspired this week's class activity, taught basic science to eighth graders for seven years before pursuing a Ph.D. in science education policy. He's a hands-on project enthusiast. Students, he says, should be allowed to "get  their hands dirty."

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K-12 News: We're Game

Video GamingComputer simulations and games have "great potential" to assist inquiry-based science learning, a National Research Council panel says. While both need more study, they may serve to boost student motivation, understanding and "science process skills."


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