Lincoln Field

The Philadelphia Eagles, currently sitting atop the NFC East, plan to transform their stadium into a "green battlefield" with a $30 million renewable wind and solar energy system.

Plans call for 80 sphere-shaped wind turbines, 2,500 solar panels, and adual-fuel (biodiesel and natural gas) plant. The system, to be installed by the Florida-based firm Solar Blue, should be ready by September, 2011. When it is, Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles' home, will be the only stadium in the world to run on completely self-generated renewable energy.

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Melting Rock

See how the power of intensely concentrated sunlight can reach temperatures of 3,500 degrees C (that's about 6,332 F), and melt solid rock!

Jem Stansfield, the host of BBC's Bang Goes the Theory visits the Solar Furnace Research Facility in Southern France to see for himself.

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