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November 16, 2010

The Physics of Football

With Thanksgiving a week away, start thinking turkey, cranberries -- and football and engineering! What math and physics principles help determine the outcome of field goal kicks, forward passes, and punts? Find out through the compelling
Science of NFL Football video series, then try out a projectiles lesson plan from Lessonopoly.

Read about engineers in the end zone

Lesson: Schoolyard Scrimmage

football on feldStudents in grades 5-8 engage in hands-on activities, then watch an online video and work on classroom exercises in these two lessons linking science, engineering, and sports. The first lesson focuses on punting and projectile motion; the second on the dynamics of torque.

Projectile Motion lesson, grades 5-8
Torque lesson, grades 5-8

K-12 News: Online STEM Town Hall

al goreAl Gore will host an interactive, online town hall focused on STEM Education on November 17, 2010. The live event will connect American students with youth from around the world, and ask how to inspire greater math and science achievement in the United States.

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eGFI Contest: Innovative Teaching Ideas

eGFI ContestYou could win a $50 Gift Card for a creative teaching idea. Check out the first eGFI contest and propose a clever classroom use for our new eGFI cards. We'll select the most exciting and innovative proposal -- it could be yours!

Deadline extended to November 23, 2010

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eGFI cardsThe colorful, new eGFI cards are here! The 15 cards from our homepage have been brought to life and sized just right (4" x 5"). An accompanying teachers guide offers fresh activities to inspire your students. The cards also encourage discussion of such challenges as ocean pollution, cyber-security, and robot development. Teacher tested and approved, the cards are available on our eGFI store.

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