For the past four years, Todd Reichert, an engineering student at the University of Toronto, has been working to perfect one of Leonardo Da Vinci's greatest concepts - an ornithopter.

An ornithopter is a human-powered aircraft that flies by flapping its wings, and with the help of
30 other students, as well as $200,000, Reichert made history by building such a vehicle and piloting a sustained flight. Called the Snowbird, the aircraft is made of carbon fiber, foam and balsa wood, and weighs less than 93 pounds.

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Dean of Invention, a new show on the Planet Green network, follows famous inventor Dean Kamen on a quest to find the most cutting-edge technology on the planet and the most amazing and inventive engineering solutions to modern-day challenges.

Dean Kamen is a globally renowned inventor with more than 400 patents, including the Segway, the insulin pump and robotic prosthetic the Luke Arm.

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