Space Laser
Astronomers are boosting their efforts to peer deep into the center of the Milky Way in order to observe the massive black hole that resides there.To get a clear and accurate picture of it, astronomers are using the Laser Guide Star (LGS) a laser beam that corrects distorted images caused by the blurring effect of the Earth's atmosphere.

Responsible for producing the LGS is the Very Large Telescope (VLT), which sits atop an 8,645 foot mountain in northern Chile. Follow the link below to watch a video documenting what the telescope sees in just one night.

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This week, everyone's favorite plumber celebrates his 25th anniversary. To commemorate a quarter century of Super Mario Bros, the folks at Nintendo have put together a nifty retrospective video.

Click 'learn more' to watch the video and see how the game has changed  (and stayed the same) over the years.

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