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September 21, 2010

Towers of Strength
Khan Shatyr Residences

Even as they raise new structures for the future, building engineers keep an eye on the past, learning from historic examples. This week, climb on high with BBC's Johnathan Foyle to study cathedrals and domes, then challenge your students to erect their own tower using core engineering principles.


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Activity: Stand It Tall

Rolling Newspaper for a Paper TowerIn this activity for grades 5-12, students must construct the tallest and most solid tower they can from two sheets of newspaper. As they do so, they learn about basic concepts of building design.

Jonathan FoyleIn Scaling Britain, a new BBC TV program on English engineering and architecture, Jonathan Foyle clambers up iconic buildings to explore such intriguing topics as the physics of flying buttresses, and the materials science of stained glass.

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Young Students Taking a TestCould you have a Thomas Edison or Marie Curie in your classroom and not know it? The National Science Board says the United States needs to do a much better job identifying and developing talented kids who could become tomorrow's innovators.

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materials card
The colorful, new eGFI cards are now available! The 16 cards from our homepage have been brought to life and sized just right (4" x 5"), accompanied by a teachers guide, with fresh activities to inspire your students. The cards encourage discussion of such challenges as ocean pollution, cyber-security, and robot development. Teacher tested and approved, the cards are now available on our eGFIstore.

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