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December 9, 2010                        Special Edition No. 3                

Risk management is... a vital business process that inspires confidence and builds resiliency.

Believe in Three
Editor's Note:  Our regular writer was a little under the weather  and then traveled out of state for two days.  We apologize for the delay in release of this edition.

Power of Three, Three Strands are Stronger than Two,  Triple Threats, Triple Options, Three Amigos

When it comes to news sources about the risk and insurance industry, you can't go wrong with these three:  Business Insurance Magazine, Risk & Insurance Magazine and Risk Management Magazine.   One of these has an online section devoted to Education, however, the focus is higher ed.   In the future, there might be more public attention  devoted to the important work of school risk leaders. 

In core competency models for risk management there  are usually several skill/knowledge elements that are grouped into three main  components areas.   The three components of the model developed by the Risk & Insurance Management Society are conceptual skills, technical skills and core competency skills.   A model developed by the Public Risk Management Association also uses three components: public risk management skills, public administration/business skills and critical thinking & interpersonal skills.  In the future, a model for school risk managers might blend elements from these two models and others.


The Insurance Institute of American Associate in Risk Management (ARM) program has three parts that require mastery of a large body of information. The courses are 54 - Essentials of Risk Management, 55 - Essentials of Risk Control  and 56 - Essentials for Risk Financing.  It would be interesting to know how many school district and school risk group employees have earned this designation.   For information about the ARM program and a source for independent online study, please contact the Executive Director. 

Comprehensive loss control programs include activities that take place prior to the loss, during the loss and after the loss.  Without the appropriate action at all three times,  the extent of loss is likely to be much greater.   


Arson, vandalism and malicious mischief are a terrible threesome for schools.  Joann Robertson, a risk control professional who works with member districts of the New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal, pointed out in a recent article that vandals fear three things when they come up with a plot to damage school buildings.   Being heard, being seen and not having enough time will cause them to abandon their plans.  Ms. Robertson suggests that public awareness campaigns can be very cost effective in raising the defenses against property crimes.  Getting citizens, staff and police working together can put an end to the threats.   Taking this a step further, the Schools Insurance Authority of Sacramento offers its members a DVD they can use to rally support and introduces 30 ways to prevent school arson.  

Biological, chemical and radiological exposures are prevalent in school districts.  Just thinking about the dangers of harmful virus and bacteria,  it seems there's no end to the number of  potential health risks to students.  Along with life threatening concerns about meningitis, MRSA, and mulitple types of influenza, there  are some tiny  insects - bed bugs, head lice and fleas -  on the list  of administrator anxieties and often more serious issues. 

The Institute has re-organized it programs and projects into three initiatives - Share, Lead,  and Learn - and each initiative has an corresponding label - Commonwealth, Blueprints and Education. A new guide is available that gives an illustration and overview of the Institute's services.  The Executive Director had an opportunity to visit with three members of the Genesis Underwriting Management team in Atlanta.  John Fumo, Regina Beers Pettus and Bruce Norvell are risk professionals, with CPCU distinction, and years of service to school districts and school risk groups.  Their encouragement and informal review of some of the Institute's programs and projects was greatly appreciated. 


Public School Risk Institute
Please call or send us a note with your comments and suggestions about this newsletter and any projects you would like to see us undertake. We also want to receive school contact names, contacts with organizations you believe may want to be involved, and material for the new website resources. We hope you find the Institute's newly updated website useful.  Please visit regularly and let us know how we can support your efforts to advance risk management.  Your input and feedback is greatly desired and appreciated.

Lee Gaby, Executive Director 
Public School Risk Institute
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