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Amy Isn't The Only One
Amy Winehouse

47 Famous Drug/Alcohol Related Deaths 


What were you thinking when you first heard the news of the untimely death of young Amy Winehouse?  I went through mixed emotions from "well it's to be expected" to "how tragic" to "how heartbreaking."

I did a little research on Google and found that there have been many, many drug and alcohol related celebrity deaths over the years (dating back to the early 1900's). 

So, in a moment (actually a full day) of research, I gathered together a compendium of such people and made the video that's included in this e-mail.

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Drug or Alcohol Related Celebrity Deaths : From Freud to Winehouse 


Drug or Alcohol Related Celebrity Deaths From Freud to Winehouse

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I'm hoping that by putting this together, at least one young life will be saved. 


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