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Large or dual monitors mean happier, more productive employees


The NEC commissioned University of Utah study shows increased productivity, job satisfaction and an incredible return on investment. It is not surprising that a monitor manufacturer would recommend larger and multiple monitor arrangements, but what do users think? There are two trends. The first is for smaller, lighter, mobile devices for on-the-go professionals and the second is for more screen real estate for the stationary worker.


 On-the-go professionals need access from anywhere, anytime so they can stay connected.  The screen sizes of mobile devices are definitely trending up, but in general they are still much, much smaller than desktop monitors.  Most mobile users don't need multiple windows. They can switch between applications or use tools to work more efficiently. Mobile devices are great for staying connected and having information at your fingertips.  They are not efficient for programming that requires in-depth analysis or complicated tasks.  Many types of IT systems do not allow access or control from a mobile device because of the chance of errors and security concerns.


Stationary users benefit from larger or dual monitors depending on the work they do on the computer.  If a user has two or more applications that they cut-and-paste between, dual monitors are a great for increased productivity and error reduction. You don't have to stop with a dual arrangement.  Triple and quad monitors are used in many situations, like control monitoring, that give the user needed information at a glance without having to switch between windows.  But size does become a diminishing return and if the monitor is too big it can be a productivity drain.  The NEC report shows single 26 inch and dual 20 inch as the upper limit.


Desk space is important.  With flat panel monitors, desk space is not a problem as with CRTs.  Usually you can comfortably place two monitors or a larger monitor on a desk without obscuring view.  If you want to be accessible to your customers, co-workers and employees, don't sit with your back to the door or with a monitor hiding your face.


There is a good bit of research on monitors and productivity that you can use. Read the NEC Study or do some Internet research for more suggestions on how to be more productive with your computer monitors.  Make a list of what tasks cause you and your staff the most irritation and solve them first.  


The Evolution of Office Space

Guest author Scott Perry,


Office SpaceHistorically, occupancy costs have always had a big effect on a company's bottom line. Depending on how a company is structured, they are usually the second or third highest cost of operating a company, along with the workforce/personnel and IT.  With the changes in the economy from the rapid growth in technology, to the recession, how has the environment of the workspace changed over the last few years?  As businesses cut budgets, it has become more prevalent in almost every sector of the economy, that companies have made real estate decisions to help to reduce their expenditures. 


As someone who represents Tenants with their office leases, it has always been a part of my job to reduce my client's occupancy costs. However, the role of advising clients with their office space has even more so today, developed into a consulting business.  We are seeing before us, a changing corporate culture and a new generation of business owners and employees that have entered the market.  Following are a few aspects of the workplace that affects the modern office of today.


A new generation:  The traditional office has changed in ways that have scaled back the average square feet per employee.  Not only are we seeing executives move from being in a large office, but they are moving into smaller offices and in some cases into a workstation with the rest of the employees. The company culture of collaboration has emerged as more conference rooms have become more relevant in the workplace.  Co-working has become more popular as have the concept of hoteling with telecommuting.


Technology:  Technology has grown at an extremely rapid pace and has had an impact on the amount of space that is needed.  The capability to eliminate record rooms or large server rooms has lead to digital record keeping and a data centers.  Cloud computing has created an ease of access through remote sites by the internet, usually in the form of web based applications with customization by the end user. 


Sustainability:  Sustainability has come to the forefront of commercial real estate and is here to stay.  In addition to being a good steward to the environment, the advantages of office buildings going green have financial gains over the long term for both Tenant and Landlord.  Over time, this will help reduce the operating costs of the building, which is directly passed down to the tenant. 


Scott Perry, The Eidson Group, LLC, Corporate Real Estate Tenant Advisory Services Go to for our contact information, additional articles, and our disclosure information.

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