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May/June 2009
Ever notice those pesky pop-ups that land themselves right in the middle of your internet screen? They flash urgent warning messages that your computer is infected and you need immediate virus protection. 
If viruses, worms and malware weren't enough, now there's scareware! These programs masquerade as real anti-virus software, take your money and instead of removing viruses as advertised, they infect your computer with a virus. Most of the fakes come from pop-up ads and require an online payment. 
Don't get scammed. There are good programs that you can use or try for free like Malwarebytes.
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Web 2.0 - More than a feeling
Web 2.0 is hard to define.  It is not a technology or a protocol or a standard, but an abstraction of how people and businesses use today's internet.  Sometimes called a revolution, Web 2.0 is about services delivered over the web.  The initial concept and design of Web 2.0 suggests an intelligent system that will support all aspects of human interaction in a virtual space.  The business model of Web 2.0 is to make money.  The below comparison is from 'What is Web 2.0' by Tim O'Reilly.

Web 1.0


Web 2.0



Google AdSense









Britannica Online



personal websites




--> and EVDB

domain name speculation


search engine optimization

page views


cost per click

screen scraping


web services




content management



directories (taxonomy)


tagging ("folksonomy")




'What is Web 2.0' by Tim O'Reilly 2005
Microsoft at Work article by the Crabby Office Lady
Accessibility features make us all less crabby
Zoom in and see better
In most Office 2007 and Office 2003 programs, you can zoom in on your files to make information more readable on the screen. You can also choose a High Contrast color scheme to improve legibility.
Get a better view
Word 2007  Full Screen Reading view improves the resolution and display of text for reading on the screen. As well, in Full Screen Reading view, you can highlight content, track your changes, add comments, and review changes.
Automate tasks
You can also reduce keystrokes in most Office 2003 programs by automating them with a macro. A macro is a series of commands and instructions that are grouped together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically.
Creating accessible Web sites
When you're creating a Web site, there are many ways to make sure that you're playing fair and that your site's message is getting across to everyone. For example, you'll want to be sure to add alternative (ALT) text to all your images. ALT text provides a description for people who can't see images. Also, apply style sheets. This is important because it allows your users to customize fonts and colors. And finally, create accessible image maps to make links within images more accessible.
Beyond Office
Office isn't the only product that has tried to make your computer easier and more comfortable to use. Windows as well as other Microsoft products also have built-in accessibility features.
But even going beyond Microsoft (yes, there is a world outside our door), there are many what we call "assistive technology products" created by various manufacturers to provide additional accessibility to those individuals needing it. 
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For tough malware infections 
We often use ComboFix for chronic and persistent malware infections. Although ComboFix is effective, it is only recommended for experienced users. It is a powerful tool and improper use can damage your system. It has some side effects, like changing the date/time format, that are easily fixed.  
If you have a chronic infection that requires help or just have questions, contact the LAN Systems Helpdesk at 770 662-0312.  Just call - we'll be there!
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