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July/August 2008 
How to be "greener" when you compute
We remember mom telling us repeatedly to turn off the lights when we left a room. Now we know that mom was teaching us more than just economics, she was teaching us to be environmentally-friendly.  The same concept applies to saving energy with computers:
  1. Turn off, sleep or hibernate your computer when not in use.  Choose the option that makes the most sense for you and the way you use your computer, but discipline yourself to conserve whenever you can.  For instance, you may not want to turn off your work computer if you require 24/7 remote access, but you can turn off the monitor each day when you leave.
  2. Use LCD monitors instead of CRTs and not only will you get big energy savings, but you will reclaim lots of desk space.  In fact the savings can be so big, that you can afford to use two LCD monitors which can be a big productivity boost.  Many tasks that require cutting and pasting between windows or require multiple windows can be made easier and less error prone with two monitors. Save even more by using our coupon for a NEW LCD monitor.
  3. Instead of a screen saver, put the monitor in standby using the shortest time setting.  So try to skip the cool screen savers (remember flying toasters) and go to standby.  Most monitors will give a yellow light to let you know it is in standby, then gently move the mouse to awaken. 
  4. Reduce printing by using electronic documents when possible.  Even if you aren't ready to go paperless, try limiting your printing to only essential documents.  If you must print out an email or webpage, only print the page or information that you need.  Often emails and web pages have lots of extraneous information that just eats printer paper. Keep an eye on the paper going into trash cans and shredders to see if you can reduce the volume.
  5. An all-in-one device (print, fax, copy, scan) may be a good alternative to separate units. Today's multifunction printers have improved print speed and quality.  Make a list of the features you need and compare with the available printers.  Use our coupon to save even more.

Have any additional tips?  Let us know and we'll post in the next issue.

Need a new laptop battery?

Laptop batteries generally last between 1.5 to 3 years or 300-500 charges, but you will notice a decrease in the running time as the battery ages.  To extend battery life, use the settings in Control Panel/Power Options to optimize power settings, keep your laptop out of extreme temperatures (don't leave in your car in hot weather), and turn off devices and peripherals like DVD drives and wireless cards when possible.
Battery technology has advanced considerably giving laptops lighter and longer lasting battery packs. Lithium Ion (Li-ion) is popular because it is light, has no memory effect and long lasting power. Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) is less expensive than Li-ion, but is prone to memory effect. Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) is found in older laptops.  It could handle higher loads, but is heavy and very prone to memory effect.
All rechargeable batteries should be recycled.  Find a
battery drop-off site near you.
If you need a new battery or have any questions, just call the HelpDesk at 770 662-0312.
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Need a new laptop battery?
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