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October 2011
Issue #46



I need to admit that I have struggled to hold onto my peace and joy the last few weeks. The continued deception pertaining to the events of September 11th, and the arrival of Dick Cheney in my community, has forced me to reflect upon my behaviour and remind myself of some core principles.

I hope my reflections assist you in your journey to live in peace and joy.
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Does Being Peaceful Mean Being Passive?
Facing Adversity

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I've been struggling to hold onto my peace of late. I'm not sure what is behind this renewed struggle. I suspect it has something to do with some the recent events that are occurring in our world.


I felt despair when our major media and political leaders continued to repeat the decade long story of deception with regards to 9 - 11. Very little attention, if any, was given to re-examining the underlying assumption that the events of that notorious day were caused by a handful of 'terrorists' armed with box-cutters.


And then there was the welcome mat offered to former US Vice President Dick Cheney by members of Vancouver's elite. These individuals chose, quite literally, to walk on top of those of us protesting the illegal actions of Cheney during his time in the Bush administration. I was in "shock and awe" as well dressed men and women shelled out $500.00 to hear the words of the self-confessed proponent of torture and other internationally recognized war crimes.


And, unfortunately, there have been countless more examples of violations of human rights, disrespect of the Earth, greed, and short sighted, unconscious thinking that was revealed.


Source of Inspiration


Thus, when I sat to consider my message for this month's newsletter, I asked the universe to send me some inspiration. Then, upon opening my Google search engine, I noticed for the first time a link to 'Buddhist Quote of the Day'. I moved the curser to the link and with a slight tap I was invited to consider these words:


"Hatred does not cease through hatred.  

Hatred ceases through love."


Many masters and enlightened beings have given us this same message. Jesus encouraged us to "Love Thy Enemies". It appears to me, however, that most of us do not trust love. We do not have confidence that peace will get us where we want to go. Just this week a client shared his reluctance to my message of 'peace begins with me'. David articulated his reluctance by stating - "I'm afraid to become peaceful. My fear is the peacefulness will cause me to be passive, and there is too much that needs to be changed to be passive."


At times I share David's concern. I wonder if the message of love, peace, and forgiveness is enough to create the kind of changes required for humanity to survive. I sent messages of forgiveness to those who pushed past me to honour Mr. Cheney. My forgiveness didn't stop them from forcing their way through the crowd and breaking bread with Mr. Cheney.


I recognize that my challenge is I have a need for change to happen on my terms and timeline. This need to have change happen when I want causes me to use judgment, anger, and resentment as a response to ignorance, greed, and other forms of unconscious behaviour.


Messages of Inspiration


I have a few messages of inspiration that serve to re-focus my attention on my actions and my behaviours as the means to making this world better. One is the message offered by Byron Katie, author of 'Loving What Is'. Katie explains there are 'three kinds of business' - my business, your business, and God's business. Katie suggests that when I'm in a challenging situation, to ask myself the question - "Who's business am I in?"


The second message is a quote I have posted on my desk at work. The message states: "Adversity provides me with an opportunity to demonstrate my mastery." What this means is that without adversity it is impossible for me to demonstrate my mastery over my mind and heart. Anyone can be loving when those around are loving. The true test of mastery is, can I be loving in the presence of deception and falsehoods? Can I be loving in the presence of Mr. Cheney and those who support him? Can I be loving in the presence of humans behaving in ways far below their Divine potential?


I'm glad I went to the Cheney protest. It was important for me to express my wish that humans treat each other with dignity and respect. I only wish I had gone with more love and peace in my heart.




Words of Wisdom

"Your ability to express forgiveness,
allowing others the outcome of their own experience,
without changing the nature of who you are,
is a hallmark of the highest levels of life mastery."

"It is you who are asked to remember
love, compassion and trust
while living in a world
that has hated, judged and feared."

Gregg Braden
Walking Between the Worlds
The Science of Compassion

Thank you for sharing these few moments with me. I hope they offer you inspiration, heart, and hope for the future. Together, we can make our world more peaceful.

If you have questions or comments, I would be delighted to hear from you. You can email me at

Ted Kuntz
Author, Peace Begins With Me

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