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September 2010
Issue #33

Welcome to the September edition of 'Peace Begins With Me - Ideas and Inspiration'.

The message this month is the result of a conversation I had with a friend who just returned from three weeks in Spain. Her experience reminded me of a profound truth about who we are. I hope you enjoy this story.

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Thank you for your continued dedication to living peaceful and joyful lives.
Why Are People Looking At Me?
Acknowledging the Divine in Each of Us
Ted standing
My friend Sarah recently returned from Spain. She shared with me an interesting experience while there. Sarah described a conversation she had with the owner of the youth hostel where she was staying. After a few days of touring Barcelona she approached the owner and asked him a question. "Will you be honest with me if I ask you a personal question?" she inquired. "I'll try." said the owner. "What's on your mind?"


"Is my skirt too short?" asked Sarah. "No, it's just fine. It's the length all the girls are wearing them these days."  "Am I dressed odd in any way?" asked Sarah. "No, you look just fine." replied the owner. "Then why is everyone looking at me?" asked Sarah


"Ahhh", said the owner. "Yes, we do that in Spain. People look at other people. You'll get used to it." And Sarah found she did get used to the looks and smiles of others as she went about her day. Sarah discovered she quite enjoyed the sense of connection she shared with absolute strangers.


When Sarah returned home to Canada she was surprised at her experience. She realized people don't look at one another as they walk down the street or pass one another in the stores. "After my experience in Spain I began to enjoy being seen. Now that I'm back home it feels as though I'm invisible. It's as though people see right through me. It feels lonely not to be acknowledged, if only with a nod or a smile or the confirmation through someone's eyes." declared Sarah.


Maybe Sarah has identified something important for us to consider. Do we see one each other as we pass in our day? Do we acknowledge their essence? Do we see beyond the exterior garments and engage, however briefly, the divine essence that blesses us with their presence?

Are we missing each other? Are we in such a hurry to get to the next place that we miss what is in this place? Are we so focused on completing the next task that we miss out on the beauty of this moment?

An Australian friend offers me the same insight. Whenever I greet Simon with the standard expression - "Nice to see you." Simon's response is always the same. "It's nice to be seen."


Sometimes I like to play a game with myself as I go about my day. As I meet others during the course of a day's activities I silently ask myself the question - "What gift does this person have for me today?" and "What gift do I have for them today?" I like to play with the idea that each encounter, no matter how simple or innocuous it may seem is a gift of significant importance.


Have we become so numbed by the busyness of life that we loose the magic of each moment, the miracle of this divine being who engages me and invites me to acknowledge my divinity as I acknowledge theirs?


For years I signed my correspondence with the word 'namaste'. Namaste is a Sanskrit word that can be translated into the message - "The Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you." or   "All that is best and highest in me greets/salutes all that is best and highest in you."


I'm going to return to that greeting. I'm going to raise my level of consciousness of the gift of the presence of another. I'm going to see in them what they may have forgotten about themselves, and in this way serve to remind all those I meet that they are more than their physical garment, more than their ego identity, more than just this moment in time and space. They are miraculous beings!


And maybe through this reminding we will remember who we all are and what is really important.




Words of Wisdom
"Never doubt that the small things
we do as individuals
in the end do change the world."

Dr. Mansukh Patel
Peace Formula For A
New Millennium
Thank you for sharing these few moments with me. I hope they offer you inspiration, heart, and hope for the future. Together, we can make our world more peaceful.

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