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This Mother's Day

Let Us Nurture Your Nurturer


Give Mom a beautifully packaged and well deserved gift of relaxation with a gift certificate from Native Springs Spa.  Consider a $25 Eye Treatment, $50 mini Facial, $95 Clay Facial, $110 Queen Bee Facial~watch for that grateful wide grin!


    ~Call to order or order online use the contact page at ~






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You can find time to rest. Enjoy fresh air, peaceful music, and soothing touch. It's an experience that will beckon your return. Your appointment time is joyfully anticipated and artfully prepared for. We welcome you...

Each natural product we carry is chosen to holistically complement the bentonite clay exfoliation and to awaken your most luminous, deeply radiant skin organically when you use it at home. As part of your treatment your unique skin condition is evaluated and treatment for your particular skin needs is offered.  We offer products to immerse you in healing and peace.

The perfect gift!     Call 360-708-8313 or  email your order.
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Save 20%
When you come in for a full clay facial or order a gift card for a full clay facial ($95 value) - you will receive  20% off your purchase. That's a $19 savings!!!  Gift card can be used any month in the future. 
Offer Expires: May 31, 2012     Call 360-708-8313 to schedule your facial or pick up gift cards or gift items.