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Are you into the green movement?  What are you doing to be green on the inside of your body?  So much emphasis on recycle, sustainability, small carbon footprint.  But have you given much thought to what you are purchasing for your skin and body care?  I thought i would share a few tips that I have discovered recently and offer you a cost savings coupon below.  It has been one long winter, I look forward to preparing a special time for each one of you when you are next in the shop for a treatment.  Call and schedule soon!
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"Greetings!I just wanted to let you know that  my skin absolutely loves the clay soap, oil and moisturizer!  I started using them last Saturday and noticed improvement in my skin immediately. It was like my skin was crying out for those products. Thank you so much for being in La Conner. I am so happy to have found a product that will not irritate my skin and leave it feeling so smooth and looking radiant!

Thanks again,

Rebekah M, La Conner 

Hand selected products offer the richest, deepest benefits to your individual skin.  Custom treatments rejuvenate.

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Why are water soluable ingredients so important for skincare? Water soluable ingredients must be "carried" into the skin by oils as they cannot penetrate deeply into the live cell layer without being bound to "fat". The use of pure organic jojoba as the nutrient rich carrier or another exceptional oil is olive squalene which replicates the skin's own sebum. The Myrtle Leaf line is pure genius. It also packed in the hydrating serum  even more vitamins and minerals, pomegranate, blueberry, raspberry and seabuckthron fruit and seed oils. I invite you to search the internet and other resources to read about these ingredients. I carry the natures chemistry hydrating serum $34 and the orange creme cleanser $15, the rosemilk cleanser $15.  You will say.....WOW these feel wonderful on my skin! 

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Lifestyle Choices Make a Difference

Often people suffer from stress because they place too high a burden of work upon themselves. This causes the body to pump out stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) the whole time. This upsets the way the body functions. Women can be working full time and yet running a home and coping with children. Men have similar pressures to struggle with. Society as a whole needs to ask the question "Is this fair and is this conducive to a healthy society?" My circle of health professionals would say, give yourself 10 minutes a day of flat out on the floor rest, some meditative breathing, Dr. Weil 4-7-8 breathing technique, even 10-15 minutes of yoga each day to restore yourself and re-balance. Get out in the garden, go take a walk, flip off the phone and go take a bath. This has been one long winter friends, many of you are stressed, feeling fatigued, and frustrated with your skin issues. The skin is just a banner waving....hey you!  I am needing some attention here!  Balance yourself, refresh, restore, relax, whatever you can do with whatever time you have to carve out for yourself.   
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Come in for any service during the month of April and save 20% off services. Enjoy rejuvenating treatments while in town for Tulip Festival. Bring your girlfriends up to see the flowers and then come into town for lunch and spa treatments together. Native Springs offers foot soaks and foot/leg treatments, sensitive skin focused facials, back purifications, hand and arm treatments, all with the most pure ingredients used. La Conner Wellness Center, 125 Washington Street, La Conner. Call to schedule 360-708-8313 with Joan..
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