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Muddy Pit Powder





What people are saying about Pit Stop and Pit Powder
"This product is a dream come true for virtually everyone in my family and friend circle. I've had breast cancer and sebaceous cysts on countless occasions after using typical deodorant products and don't wish for an encore. This seems to do the trick. As the directions advise, one who applies awhile after shaving is wise. I've stocked up a bit due to effectiveness of this product. Many thanks"


"I've tried other natural products as well but eventually started using the bad for you type. I decided to get back to my "natural" self and this fits right in. It seems to last a long time also... "
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VTAE Shea Butter 


Organic Shea Butter

Lemony Lemon

Almond Apricot


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Upcoming Wellness Workshop
Saturday, April 28 --11am
Crescent Moon
Yoga Studio
521 Morris Street
La Conner
Topic: Pain Management
without drugs
Our speakers:
Nancy Clark, LMP
Alethia Fleming, ND





New LogoOffice OM.....
The work environment has a huge impact on how we feel. Whether you need to chill out or get motivated, put your dedicated space to work for you. In this month's newsletter are a few ideas to create a place that's both stimulating and stress-free.  All you hear about lately is bone density testing and ads for once a month bone strengthening pills and calcium this and that.  Below is a great article I want to share with you.
Read on!  Enjoy each sunny day you have.  Do what supports you and your wellness each day.  Come see me when you want a tune-up for your skin and get rid of that winter buildup or dry flakey skin.  I am running a BACK PURIFICATION SPECIAL for March.  The clay and that warm facial bed await!
Community Announcement!
Pelindaba Lavender Opens this Saturday in La Conner
10am -- Ribbon Cutting and Open House
Beautiful Store - Lovely body care and gift items!
New Fabric Store has opened as well in La Conner
Lots of great fabrics and classes, notions and tools.
Both of these new stores are located on South First Street.
Bone Up on Bone Health

 The importance of good bone health can best be demonstrated by realizing the consequences of poor bone health. Over time, bone disease can lead to a steady decrease in the ability to perform everyday normal functions such as walking, standing, or dressing. Bone disease can also lead to hip fractures, which - depending on your age and overall health - can be debilitating and even deadly. What can you do to ensure bone health as you age? Here are a few suggestions:

Exercise Regularly; Especially the Weight-Bearing Variety. In the past few decades, mounting evidence suggests that most people do not participate in enough physical exercise to support strong skeletal growth. A research review published in Sports Health emphasizes that weight-bearing exercises, especially those that include higher levels of strain such as running or jumping, can be effective in enhancing bone health and preventing future diseases and injury.

Eat Right and Take Bone-Building Supplements. Due to the mass consumption of processed, overcooked and nutrient-depleted foods, most people absorb and utilize too little calcium and vitamin D for good bone health - even if they're eating foods that are high in both. However, eating a diet that consists primarily of fresh organic fruits and vegetables will do the trick, since most contain healthy levels of calcium, vitamin D and many other beneficial vitamins and minerals readily absorbed by the body.

That said, for most individuals, dedicating oneself to getting enough calcium and vitamin D through an organic diet can be challenging, so supplementation becomes necessary. Remember that it's important to get adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D, since the latter improves absorption of the former.

What About Dairy Products? Contrary to popular belief and advertising, dairy products, including cow's milk, while containing high levels of calcium, are in a form that is not compatible with human digestion, assimilation and absorption. Typically, they also are high in saturated fat, can have high levels of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, and if pasteurized, contain deactivated enzymes caused by high heat. Dairy products contain lactose, which many people have difficulty absorbing due to the lack of the digestive enzyme lactase.

Many bone diseases such as osteoporosis and osteopenia are preventable and treatable. Since there are no obvious warning signs for many bone ailments, it is important to be aware of the risks and be proactive in being responsible for one's own health primarily through diet, supplementation and resistance exercise. Talk to your doctor or naturopath for more information. 

Office Ergonomics
As I thought back to my cubicle days in big corporations, it seemed like these were to tops on my list for perfect quick pick me ups in the office to soothe the senses and get yourself back on track.
Office OM
Take the extra time to to clear your desk and clutter from your workspace.  It is amazing how that frees up your head to concentrate.
Save a tree and avoid extra clutter by reducing needless printing that piles up in files and on your desk.
Bring the outdoors in by using plants, flowers, stones, or even a small fountain.  Position your desk so you get as much natural light as possible.  Use full spectrum lighting as much as possible.
Adding a few pictures, colors, and textures can convert a cold, barren cubicle into an inspiring well of productivity. Images that represent a particular goal such as a dream house, fantasy car, or future vacation destination can be especially effective at helping you succeed
Try a little aromatherapy to engage the brain and tantalize your senses. Add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser or into a spray bottle to use as a refreshing spritz around the room. Try invigorating scents like lemon, orange, and bergamot, or calming ones like lavender and vanilla 
The perfect pick-me-up minus the caffeine. Whether it's Mozart or Eminem, use music to liven things up or to keep yourself on an even keel through the day. 
About Native Springs
Like many of you, life is challenging, dealing with ailing parents and financial challenges, health issues, all of it means you need to find resources that can help support you.  I appreciate the trust you put in me and your patronage keeps me in this business that I love.  I hope that I can be a resource provider or refer you to great people that can help with challenges that life brings.  I enjoy that.  Enjoy the early spring!
Native Springs Spa Boutique
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  125 E Washington
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Native Springs offers $10 off a Back Purification, during the month of March.  How often does your back get a good scrubbing?  This clay purification treatment removes dead skin, leaving you smooth as silk, finished with hydrating oils and moisturizers.  Great for accompanying a Spring detox.  Call 360-708-8313 to schedule with Joan.