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March 2009 Issue
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My recordings are now available across the internet, including Amazon, CD Baby, itunes, and numerous other sites including CD Universe, Rhapsody, and many other web stores. Or you may always visit my own Online Store to view and hear current products or connect directly to my products on other sites.

If you have purchased or heard my CDs, I would be deeply grateful for your reviews and testimonials on the sites above. Visit the product pages at CD Baby, Amazon, or itunes,
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Online StoreGive a Gift of Music to Yourself and Your Loved Ones ... From uplifting and inspiring songs by Joy to popular standards to favorite Jewish melodies - hear a sampling of each at the Online Store. These CDs are perfect for any occasion ... Birthday, Friendship, Love, Thank You,  Graduation, College Send-off, Teacher Appreciation, Engagement, Passover (April 8), Mother's Day (May 10th), Father's Day (June 21st ). At your request, CDs are mailed directly to the recipient with a personalized message from you.

Not familiar with Joy's music? Click to hear an introduction.
Magic, Or Madness?

Edna FerberExciting opportunities come our way all the time, and one of them will see its premiere this April and May as part of Eckerd Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) Biography Series at all four OLLI campuses in Pinellas County. This new one-woman dramatic presentation by playwright Jan Taylor, created directly from the words of Edna Ferber, will feature myself as Edna Ferber. Now, I've got to tell you, it's heady looking at life through the eyes of this brilliant and confident woman who during the first half of the 20th century gave us some of the most powerful novels of her day ... Show Boat, So Big, Stage Door, Cimarron, Dinner at Eight, Come and Get It, Saratoga Trunk, Bravo, and Giant, among others. She lived and wrote in a time when women were not welcomed as writers, and her novels consistently featured strong heroines as central characters. It is an honor as well as a new challenge for me to appear in this presentation and I hope you will be there to experience it. Details of the program and its locations/times are at my online calendar.

Speaking of my work for Eckerd OLLI, download an interview with me that was featured in the most recent catalog.
Joy LogoPublications of my original sheet music will soon be available beginning with lead sheets in alto, mezzo, and soprano ranges or by request in any specific key. Currently lead sheets of any of my songs are available upon request by custom order. If the music is not yet complete, I will complete it for you immediately and provide to you by pdf document or will mail you the sheet music.

The full books will be released in coming weeks and will be available on my website and at I expect each publication to contain some 25 songs at a cost of $15 per book. Individual titles are currently available by request at a charge of $4 per song in pdf format, and I will customize the key for you if requested. If you prefer the music be mailed, an additional charge for first-class mailing (approximately one first-class stamp per song) is added.

To order individual song titles, or to place a pre-order on music books, please e-mail me. Individual song requests can be filled immediately. For pre-orders, I will take your contact information and will notify you as books are released and available for purchase.

Classes, Concerts, Programs

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View these appearances & more in detail here
Unity of Palm Harbor, Most Sunday Mornings Ongoingly. Visit my calendar for specific dates and times.

Eckerd Elderhostel, St. Pete, A number of fabulous courses are scheduled, including Comedy in Music, MGM Musicals, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Broadway Classics, Musicals of the 40s & 50s, Jerry Herman,and more.
Visit my calendar for specific dates and times.

Eckerd Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, campuses at Eckerd College, downtown St. Pete, Largo, and Palm Harbor. Joy's upcoming programs include:

April 6-22: MAKE 'EM LAUGH: Hysterical Moments of Stand-Up Comedy & Satire

April 23-May 8: MAGIC OR MADNESS? A Biography of EDNA FERBER (1895-1968) An original work by Jan Taylor, Performed in  Dramatic Format by Joy

April 28-May 7: AMERICA'S SINGING SWEETHEARTS: Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy

View details of all of these and more appearances here
Welcoming Spring 2009 ...
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It has been and continues to be an intensely busy year, and after a hiatus from the newsletter for some months, I am returning to catch you up on my website, tours, and appearances and to connect with your lives and work. Through all of the changes these times bring, I deeply value your friendship and support in all that I do. I love seeing you at my programs and receiving your correspondence.

I have extensively updated my website and have just announced a new Chai Australia/New Zealand Jewish Heritage Tour for this November 2009. I also will soon finalize an itinerary for an Argentina/Chile Jewish Heritage Tour tentatively for April 2010. There is so much happening with my concerts & my recordings, which you'll now find across the internet including Amazon, CD Baby, itunes, CD Universe, Rhapsody, and more in addition to my own site. You'll also now find me on Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo and LinkedIn if you wish to connect with me there.

I welcome new subscribers to the newsletter and look forward to hearing from you whenever you have news to share. At times these newsletters (along with those of many other legitimate senders) are blocked or collected by spam filters. This makes it difficult for me to reach you and creates confusion for all of my mailings. I would be grateful if you would add my e-mail address to your address books or to your mail subscriber lists in order to insure you receive my notices. If you prefer to be removed from this or any of my mailing lists, please unsubscribe from the link below or simply reply to this e-mail with the notice to unsubscribe or be removed. You can also keep up with me via Facebook, where I post updates as well.

Warmly, Joy

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Australia/New Zealand Tour ~ This November!

Sydney Opera HouseI am thrilled to announce my new Chai Australia/New Zealand Shomer Shabbat Heritage Tour for November 4-21, 2009, visiting Auckland, Rotorua, Melbourne, Philip Island, Sydney, and surrounding regions including the Blue Mountains and Dandenong Ranges, for which I will serve as Tour Leader and Scholar-In-Residence. It is truly an extraordinary tour allowing us to enjoy Kabbalat Shabbat in all three cities with local congregations in addition to touring grand and historic synagogues, outstanding museums of Jewish culture, Maori folk arts and indigenous communities along with the vibrant cities and landscape of these regions. Our Small Group Tour has a maximum of 25 travelers, with only ten needed to travel, and has been carefully crafted with the expertise of Travel Harmony, premiere Aussie specialists who are renowned for their knowledge Australia and New Zealand and for their special tour packages. The first-class touring includes round-trip transpacific air from L.A., all domestic flights, 4-star hotels, private coach and guide plus specialized Jewish and other tour guides in every city and much more.

Great SynagogueClick to visit the Heritage Tour section of my site to view highlights of our tour, and request a detailed itinerary and travel information directly from Francine Beifeld at Travel Harmony, and she will e-mail or mail you a package immediately.

Additionally, an itinerary is being prepared for an Argentina/Chile Jewish Heritage Tour tentatively for April 2010 that will include Buenos Aires, the Jewish Colonies of Entre Rios, Igazu Falls, and more. If this tour is of interest to you, please e-mail me immediately at to be included in the mailing list for updates regarding the tour. I will serve as Scholar/Artist in Residence on this tour as well and would love for you to join me.

Melbourne Synagogue WindowI have made extensive updates to the History and Links to Jewish China Resources, Jewish Alaska Resources, and Jewish Australia/New Zealand Resources on my website. There are now some 2,000 links on the site to resources for these communities, in addition to the growing collection of photographs from my tours. Visit the Heritage Tours section of the site to access these pages.
Recommended Newly-Released Publications

Finesilver's GoldAuthor Ruth Shallet Littman, has followed the path of her grandparents through their diaries, travelling to Canada to retrace their steps enroute to Alaska in the 1890s. The story begins in 1894 as Jacob Finesilver, age 19, escapes conscription into the Czar's army by walking from his shtetl in the Ukraine, Khotin, to the Yukon. As news of the goldrush in the Klondike reaches into the Ukraine, Jacob' joins thousands of others who make the perilous journey, barely escaping death. Sending for a bride from Khotin, seventeen year old Malka, restless with the constraints of shtetl life, accepts his proposal and makes an equally perilous journey, crossing the Chilkoot Pass to join him. Using Malka's diaries, Ruth Littman's wonderful book, Finesilver's Gold, vividly recaptures the life and people of the Yukon at the end of the 19th century, the hustle and bustle of Dawson City, the exciting feeling of the new democratic spirit growing under the life-and-death circumstances of survival in bitter winters, and the struggle of a young Jewish couple to maintain their religion--and their marriage--when bodily survival was difficult enough. Highly recommended.

Fifty Miles From TomorrowWilliam L. Iggiagruk Hensley's inspiring true story of one man's quest to preserve and defend his people's Ilitqusiat-Native Spirit was inspired by his life as a young man growing up on the shores of Kotzebue Sound, twenty-nine miles north of the Arctic Circle. Hensley's father was a pioneering Jewish merchant in Alaska, his mother, Inupiat. Learning to live the way his native ancestors had for thousands of years, he absorbed the old stories and sayings, the threads of wisdom passed down through the generations. In 1971, after years of Hensley's tireless lobbying, the U.S. conveyed 44 million acres and earmarked nearly $1 billion for use by Alaska's native peoples. Fifty Miles from Tomorrow is Hensely's memoir and a testament to the resilience of the Alaskan-American spirit.

Survival in ShanghaiAlso recently released, Survival in Shanghai: The Journals of Fred Marcus 1939-1949, by Audrey Friedman Marcus and Rena Krasno, who have compiled and translated from German the diaries that Fred Marcus kept as a young refugee in Shanghai. Revealing the enormous challenges and wartime experiences of Marcus during his years in Shanghai and afterward, the diaries were written by Fred solely for himself. The result is a uniquely detailed historic account of the experiences of Shanghai refugees, told in the poignant, personal language of a young man experiencing the Nazi horror and the sometimes desperate circumstances of Jewish life in Shanghai during these years. Visit the he memorial website for Fred Marcus.

China Passover HaggadahThe First Edition of a Newly-Published One-of-a-Kind Traditional Chinese Passover Haggadah has just been released in time for next month's celebration of Pesach. The beautiful printing includes illustrations of the Exodus in Chinese paper cuttings by renowned Chinese artists, rare historical photographs of the Passover in the Chinese Diaspora, Bilingual traditional text in English and Hebrew with highlights in Chinese, and an introduction in Chinese to the Passover holiday by Professor Xu Xin of Nanjing University. The edition in paperback is available immediately, with the hardcover edition being prepared for release. Click to read more about this special Chinese Passover Haggadah.

Reyna and the Jade StarYou'll love the Gali Girls History Series, which features stories of Jewish girls in historical settings around the world. In Reyna and the Jade Star, Reyna is a Chinese-Jewish girl in 12th century Kaifeng, China, who helps her father, Yehuda (a leader in Old China's Jewish community) become a successful trader. Reyna discovers and rediscovers herself, the blessings of the mother she never knew, and the true meaning of being Jewish. Through the story, young readers learn of Jewish emigration to China, life in the 12th century Song Dynasty, Chinese culture and the silk-making trade, traditional Jewish rituals and practice, and Jewish community and Jewish values. The book comes with an accompanying doll. Purchase the book here, or at the Gali Girls home site.

There are so more excellent resources and I'll share them with you in future issues. Visit my Heritage Tour Resources for a look at much much more.
Joy's Neat News

I love to share discoveries I make on the internet as well as news of friends and colleagues. If you have neat news you would like me to share, please email me to tell me about it!

Recent News & Videos, Public Speaking Tours

M Avrum EhrlichProfessor M. Avrum Ehrlich of the School of Philosophy and Sociology, Center For Judaic and Inter-Religious Studies of Shandong University in Jinan, Shandong Province, China, and Founder of the Israel-Asia Center, Province, is on a current tour of the United States with speaking engagements and promotion of his newly-published book, after which he is scheduled to present a conference in Israel. Contact him for additional appearances and regarding his programs in China. Contact Rebecca Zeffert at the Israel-Asia Center.
Visit his websites here and here.

Yukiko SugiharaLast October, Yukiko Sugihara, wife of Chiune Sugihara, whose visas made it possible for thousands of Jewish lives to be saved, passed away at age 94. The Jewish Daily Forward has provided a beautiful memorial to the Sugiharas and their legacy of life. Read it online here.

Sadly, historic buildings in the Hongkou area of Shanghai where Jews lived during WWII are once again threatened with demolition to make way for a new road. Read and hear the recent NPR feature on this story, as well as an editorial from China Daily calling for this historic area to be preserved.

Bnei MenasheThe Jerusalem Post carries on its examination of the Lost Tribes of Israel in an extensive feature of an expedition to understand the Bnei Menashe of India. follows the experiences of Kaifeng Jewish descendants in their challenging and exciting Hebrew and conversion studies in Israel in Taking the Silk Route back home. Aish Ha-Torah features a historical look at the Jewish descendants of Kaifeng here.

I am continually adding links to articles, publications, and websites devoted to Jewish China and Asia. If you know of a resource devoted to Jewish China, Australia/New Zealand, or Alaska, please e-mail me so I may add it. As I prepare my coming tour of Argentina/Chile, I will be adding pages devoted to those Jewish histories to my site as well.
Continually Touching The Heart

Your friendship and your support are a gift to me. I want you to know how much you mean in my life and the difference it makes in all that I do. I wish you a beautiful spring and look forward to being in touch with you again soon.    ~Joy