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baby grace perfume photo

this was printed on the box of "baby grace" perfume  

by philosophy ...

caring for others begins with caring for ourselves.  

the more love we give to ourselves

the more we have to share with others.  

taking time to care for our well-being  

is essential to living a balanced life.  


we refresh the mind,  

replenish the heart  

and nurture the soul.

we are renewed and  

better capable of performing  

everyday miracles for others.

inspiration station - don't laugh at my pizzelle 


I'm hoping when I drop off my batch of pizzelle to the little old Italian ladies in Little Italy this weekend (who oversee the pizzelle effort at the festival), that they don't laugh at my cookies. I've never made pizzelle before (oops, sorry Nonna) and they didn't turn out perfect. Mama Gina and I stood in the kitchen for a few hours Wednesday carefully spooning batter into the hot pizzelle irons, sometimes adding too much, sometimes adding too little, sometimes producing a sparse-shaped cookie, sometimes a nice round one. It's an art. Mama has made pizzelle many times but even she admits to having the dilemma of imperfect cookies. 


One of my sayings in life goes like this ... "Hey, I do the best I can." Whatever I tackle - mothering, friendship, marriage, community service, taking care of my physical self, relationships, housework (wait - I don't do housework) and yes, even Italian cookie-making, I try to do the best I can but I am not perfect, have never claimed to be, and I'm sure those Italian ladies who make perfectly round pizzelle aren't good at every single thing in their lives either. After all, we are all mere humans whether we can make perfect cookies or not.    


So next time you bash yourself around because the job you did was less than perfect, you know what? At least you did it. Perfect, imperfect, round, square, sparse, whole, too much, not enough ... whatever. At least you tackled it. At least you tried.  


Hey, we do the best we can. 



  there is always something

to be happy about


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girls just wanna giggle   


(This is a little hard to read but it's funny if you can! Try to 'ZOOM' it in.)  



FOOTNOTE reads: The "Listening to Children Cry in the Middle of the Night" gland is not shown due to its small and underdeveloped nature. Best viewed under a microscope.




The Female Brain cartoon

FOOTNOTE reads: The "Put Oil into the Car" and "Be Quiet During the Game" glands are active only when the "Shiny Things and Diamonds" OLFactory has been satisfied or when there is a shoe sale.

judgmental judy    

in the case of Ms. Pee-Pee Hands    



All rise. Order in the court! Judgmental Judy did a little heebie-jeebie shake as she once again paid witness to a bathroom heist ... a "walker" left the stall, fluffed her hair in the mirror, gathered her handbag and strode out of the ladies room with nary a care in the world that she had potential pee-pee germs on her hands. What? No water? No soap? No paper towel? No thorough washing of her pee-pee hands? And she's going to eat lunch with those hands??? Mother taught us differently, now didn't she, ladies?  


The Judge bangs her gavel on people who don't take a half minute to wash their hands after they use the commode. Ms. Pee-Pee Hands ... you know who you are. Case closed



prayer flares 

FOR margo's neck pain


FOR tim in the hospital with leg issues and diabetes


FOR roberta in the hospital with multiple complications 


FOR ken on his 64th day of birth 




let go of the myths that are holding you back  





SALUTE' to the St. Anthony Italian Festival weekend! If you get down to Little Italy this weekend, stop by to say CIAO at the Promotion Center for Little Italy booth and pick up your free festival beads! :-)



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