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Please help us welcome the newest arrivals to the Badger family: Badger Hair Oils!

What makes them so special? Like all of Badger's products they are comprised of the most powerfully pure USDA Certified Organic ingredients and custom formulated to address three of the most common hair complaints. And because they're from Badger, you know they'll work really well and don't contain silicone, chemicals or any other weird stuff.

Read on to learn more about these great new products, and visit our website to try them at 15% off for a limited time. We've worked really hard to formulate them, and now we're ready to share these Hair Oils with the folks we love - we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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How do you use hair oils anyway?

There are two ways that we recommend using our hair oils: leave-in conditioning, and intensive treatment:


Leave in Conditioning (Argan Hair Oil) - this one's pretty self explanatory! You would apply this oil after shower or bath to smooth and repair your hair throughout the day. We find it works best on hair that is still damp.

What you do:  apply a few drops of oil to the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together so that the oil spreads out and gently apply to hair starting with the tips (ends) in the back of your head. Use a wooden comb or brush to work it into the hair, and enjoy shinier, healthier hair! For this method, it's best to start with less oil, until you discover the amount of oil that works best for your tresses.


Intensive Treatment (Jojoba Hair Oil or Seabuckthorn Hair Oil) - like a spa treatment at home! These oils are meant to be applied liberally to scalp and hair, and allowed to soak in for a few hours or overnight. We find that amazing things happen after leaving it in overnight!

What you do: there are specific directions for each blend (one for scalp and one for hair), but the basic idea is that you want to saturate hair and/or scalp so that the oil can penetrate deep where it can do the most good. It's best to wrap hair in an old towel, because the heat from your head helps to open up the pores on your scalp and hair cuticle a little, so the oil can work its magic.




How do you use hair oils? Have any creative suggestions? Contact us or share it with the community on our

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