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 Day 6: 5DPT
"I started the 5 Day Pouch Test on Tuesday. It felt so good on day 1 and 2 to regain some of the control that I had given up to the carb monster. I wanted to continue the "liquids only" for a third day, but added one meal of tuna for lunch. On day 4 I had a 1/2 spinach/shrimp salad from Applebee's for lunch and a 1/2 cup of ground beef mixed with salsa and cheese for dinner. Day 5 I was shopping all day and we stopped at Nordstom's for lunch. I ordered a cup of soup and a Chicken Strawberry salad. I was amazed at how my pouch was working again. I was only able to eat a few bites of soup, 1/2 of the salad. I did not order a drink which has been another rule I've been breaking. It felt so good to realize that I still have the tool to help me control what I eat.

I will weigh in again on Tuesday - but so far I've dropped 5 pounds.

The 5 day pouch test is an excellant "program" to help you get back on track and really re-focus on the basics. I would advise that you read through all the information and really take Kaye's advice on how to proceed. It Works! Thanks Kaye!"

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Issue: Special Edition Thanksgiving 2007
Greetings -

I think we all agree that this is not the best week of the year to follow the 5 Day Pouch Test. Feasting, gatherings; traditions are all counterintuitive to a strict back to basics eating plan. For me, in my pre-WLS days, Thanksgiving launched the bar-none eating season: the most wonderful time of the year. All reasonable behavior was abandoned as I ate my way to January and a minimum 10-pound weight gain. Sound familiar?

So where do we find the balance? Certainly after surgical weight loss none of us want to see a 10-pound gain in six feasting weeks. By the same token, none of us want to feel detached and resentful that we cannot celebrate the season as we have in the past and as those around us are celebrating. We need to find a middle ground.

Today's special edition 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin offers some suggestions for working the principals of the plan in hopes of finding that middle ground. I promise when we find the middle ground we feel empowered and in control and we are living. My Thanksgiving wish for you is that you cruise through the feasting season in control without feeling lost or hopeless.

Refresher Course: 5DPT Frequently Asked Questions

Happy Thanksgiving to you: I am grateful for the friendship and alliances I enjoy with all of my LivingAfterWLS Neighbors.

You Can Do This!

Cordially yours,

Kaye Bailey
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Thanksgiving Day Strategy

 Encouragement from Kaye

Turkey, stuffing, cranberries and pie, oh my! For most Americans that is just the short list of Thanksgiving Day fare. For some reason we associate gratitude with abundance. Spend a Thanksgiving with any American family and you'll enjoy all day grazing, a grand meal and a nice long food-coma nap.  Nobody expects to "be good" on Thanksgiving Day: it is a day of feasting.

Here are some 5 Day Pouch Test strategies to help you navigate the feasting day and still respect yourself in the morning:

Breakfast: Eat a protein breakfast first thing. Use recipes for Day 3 including Breakfast Bakes. A protein dense meal will kick-start your metabolism: it will also provide a feeling of fullness. Have a second serving of your breakfast bake three hours later to stave hunger while yummy holiday smells fill the air.

Understanding hunger, appetite, satiation

Water & Beverages: Drink 24 ounces of water between breakfast and your mid-morning snack. A well-hydrated body works efficiently and reduces hunger cravings. Continue to drink water throughout the day: at least 64 ounces. Avoid high-calorie punch or mixed drinks. Drink alcohol only at meals. Read more about liquid restrictions.

Appetizer Buffet: Practice the 2 Bite-1 Bite Rhythm and liquid restrictions while cruising the appetizer buffet. Specifically, eat two bites of protein for every bite of fruit or vegetable carbohydrate. If you are eating from the buffet avoid liquids until you have finished your appetizers. Best bet - wait 30 minutes before and after the appetizer buffet for liquids. (This is tough - even a 10-minute liquid pause before and after will help).

Slider Foods: Remember that crackers, pretzels, cookies and white breads are non-nutritional slider foods. If you give yourself permission to enjoy some of your favorites remember the liquid restrictions (above) to avoid sliding your way up the scale. Even slider foods will help you feel full when observing the liquid restrictions. Learn more about slider foods.

The Big Feast: Get greedy with the turkey; be stingy with the side dishes. I'm a sucker for the ubiquitous green bean casserole so I'll indulge with a bite or two on this special day. Treat yourself to a favorite and then let it go. It is just food. Remember your liquid restrictions, but celebrate too. It is ok to sip a bit with the big meal. A moist mouth facilitates conversation and surgical weight loss does not exempt us from sharing a toast with our loved ones. When the meal is over, it is over. Remove your plate and avoid post-meal nibbles during kitchen duty. Better yet, let someone else do clean up. Go for a long walk: assign kitchen duty to the kid table. (Go ahead and say, "My doctor prescribed that I must walk after every meal, I'd love to help but it is important that I take care of my health.")

Dessert: After dinner sweets are neither good nor bad: they are just desserts. If you have a perennial favorite take a bite or two and savor the moment. Then let it go. Toss the rest (you may have to be crafty about this to avoid hurting Aunt Edna's feelings, but it is ok to throw away a chunk of pie). Being in control of your fork always feels better than pie tastes.

Bring your own dessert: Pumpkin "Pie" Mousse

Kindness: Above all else, be kind to yourself. Express gratitude for your weight loss tool and for your personal empowerment. Celebrate doing the best you could to find a middle ground to respect yourself and your traditions.

Day After: Follow the food plan for Day 3. Again, start your day with a protein dense breakfast. Day 3 is a "soft protein" day and the food plan is gentle with your little tummy. Drink lots of water. Avoid slider foods. Take your vitamins and exercise (shopping counts!). Plan your meals and snacks: do not eat leftovers standing at the refrigerator. Pat yourself on the back! You have the power to celebrate an eating day without allowing it to become the launching pad for a 6-week feast.

You Can Do This!

What happens after the 5 Day Pouch Test?

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