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 Gratitude from  Gretchen
"I have followed the plan for "Day 6" for about a month now. It has totally changed my life (and I'm not kidding). I feel motivated, like right after surgery. I am losing weight rapidly.I am exercising daily and following the 4 Rules. In addition, for me I have cut out almost all carbs - except for vegetables. Protein and vegetables - that's my plan. I am SO GRATEFUL to be back on the losing track again.

Thank you, Kaye!
And thanks to a bunch of neighbors, too!

Bonnie from France
I'd just like to say that doing the 5-day program revived my confidence in my ability to keep this thing under control. After a summer in the US where I joyfully indulged in about everything I loved, I gained 15 pounds (after having lost 120.)

No, 15 pounds is not a disaster, BUT... as I'm sure you'll understand, it felt like the beginning of the end.

Last week I understood why those pounds went back on, and how to keep it from happening again. I won't say I won't joyfully indulge - hey, we've got to live, no? - but in case of worry, a quick trip to the store to stock up some liquid protein meals, tuna, chicken, fish, steaks... And if we can live through the first two days, the rest is almost fun! ("Yay, I can chew again!!!")

And I fit back into the clothes I loved wearing 15 pounds ago, even though I didn't lose all 15.

I didn't so much do it to lose weight as to stop the free-fall - and it's worked. I'm satisfied with much less now, and I've re-discovered that eating lots of protein really does fill you up, for a long time.

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Issue: #1 October 2007
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5 Day Pouch Test Action Plan
 Encouragement from Kaye

It sounds silly to offer a plan to work a plan but today I offer you a few ideas and hints for making the most of your 5DPT experience. The more prepared and enthused you are when you begin the 5DPT, the better your chances for success. Let's get started and back on track!

First, read the plan and be sure you understand it. Read the FAQ's, Recipes, Testimonials and Forum to learn more. Compare this to your post-op eating stages and take note of what worked for you then.

5 Day Pouch Test Website

Set a date and mark your calendar. Make sure you can follow the plan without the disruption of travel, social events or hormonal cycles. Enlist the support of family and friends. Post to the Neighborhood or your online community asking for support from those who understand.

Print two copies of the 5 Day Pouch Test Journal. Using the first copy plan your meals and snacks for all 5 days. Use this for your shopping list. Shop no later than the day before so you are ready bright and early on Day 1. Have supplies on hand for all five days. If possible prepare some of the recipes for Days 3, 4 & 5 in advance to avoid being in the kitchen.

The night before create a storm of mental readiness by reading, discussing and posting about your plan. Generate the same kind of excitement you had going into surgery. Go to bed empowered knowing you are about take control of that surgical tool you fought so hard to get in the first place.

Rise and Shine! Welcome to Day 1! Step on the scale and record your weight. Start Day 1 off right with a protein shake. Keep track of your progress on the second 5DPT Journal. Note your food, exercise and energy levels.

Continue to focus on the plan during the next four days. Stay enthused by connecting with others. Turn "Head Hunger" into Life Hunger. Nothing is more powerful than "Life Hunger" - the yearning for all the good things to be had when we release unhealthy eating and the self-loathing that accompanies it. Get Life Hunger!

Be kind to yourself. The 5DPT isn't about perfection. It is a systematic method of breaking the slider carbohydrate cycle, returning to a weight loss surgery way of eating and empowering you with the knowledge that your tool works and you can work the tool. Nobody has ever done the 5DPT perfectly. But many have worked it well enough to find hope and power in their tool.

You can do this!!!

What happens after the 5 Day Pouch Test?
Recipe: Parmesan Crisps
 Rich, crispy and salty: these are certain to satisfy cravings. This snack may be used in moderation on days 4 and 5 of the 5 Day Pouch Test. (Limit 2 ounces per day please).

4 ounces parmesan cheese, grated
cooking spray

Spray a small non-stick skllet with cooking spray.  Warm over medium-high heat. Place one teaspoon of grated Parmesan cheese in the middle of a skillet and spread thinly into a circle. Allow to cook and melt until crisp. Remove from skillet to paper toweling. Repeat with remaining cheese until all crisps are cooked.

Notes: You may also use an electric skillet to cook the crisps or place on a cookie sheet in a 425F oven for 2-4 minutes (watch closely)

One serving is 4 crisps. Per serving: 129 calories, 12 grams protein, 9 grams fat (2 saturated) and 1 gram carbohydrate and contains 390mg of Calcium.

5 Day Pouch Test Recipes
Questions & Answers
 This sounds like just another short fad diet.
I can understand this feedback, particularly if it comes from one who has not had weight loss surgery or gone through the stages of the post-op diet. The 5 Day Pouch Test is drastic and it has to be. If a person is feeling out of control with their eating, feeling like they have failed at weight loss surgery and gaining weight then drastic action is necessary. This plan allows that individual to take control in 5 days and exchange destructive eating behavior for appropriate eating behavior that results in feeling good and weight loss. In addition, those who started the plan feeling hopeless and desperate come away with new confidence in their ability to work their surgical weight loss tool.

What are liquid restrictions?
After surgical weight loss patients are advised to avoid drinking water 30 minutes before meals and 30 minutes after meals. (The time restriction varies from surgeon to surgeon, but must use the 30 minutes before, 30 minutes after restriction. Follow your surgeon's specific directions.) In addition there should be no liquid consumed while eating. Following these liquid restrictions allows the pouch to feel tight sooner and stay tight longer, thus leaving the patient feeling satiated for longer periods of time without experiencing the urge to snack.

One exception to the mealtime liquid restriction is an alcoholic beverage. Due to the rapid absorption of alcohol after a gastric stomach reducing surgery patients should not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Patients who elect to include an alcoholic beverage in their regular food plan should drink it only with meals. Alcoholic beverages should be limited to one serving per day or less

Why do I need to take only 15 minutes for meals? My center told me to take 30 minutes for each meal.
Many bariatric centers recommend patients take 30 minutes for meals. Some even instruct patients to use a stop watch and time 3 minutes between bites of food. The reason is to slow down the eating habits of the recovering morbidly obese person. After some time patients who comply with the 30 minute meal rule tend to be able to eat more and often linger over the meal, even though satiation has resulted. Consequently they eat more food, particularly if they are not following liquid restriction and using liquid to wash the food through the pouch.

During the pouch test a person is following the liquid restriction and eating a high protein diet. By limiting the time to eat to 15 minutes one will enjoy the satisfaction feeling that is the desired result of a gastric pouch.

More Questions and Answers
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