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The 5 Day Pouch Test Website.
Fix your weight loss surgery tool and take control in 5 easy days.
For You: The 5 Day Pouch Test Website
The response to Kaye's 5 Day Pouch Test has been amazing! Around the world people are taking control of their weight loss surgery tool to lose regained weight, to take control of their eating habits to succeed with weight loss surgery. The test works.

Now you have a one-stop destination for all things related to the
5 Day Pouch Test.


--Learn the Plan
--Get the Recipes
--Be inspired
--Take Control!

You can succeed with surgical weight loss, no matter what.

"During the past five days my pouch and I renewed our friendship. My body rewarded us with a 10 lb weight loss."
--Kressy, LivingAfterWLS Neighbor

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Kaye Bailey
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