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More Helpful Hints for SA Users
Our last newsletter gave you a few SpatialAnalyzer® (SA) hints and from what we heard, you want more!  Here are a few more that we hope you'll find useful:
  1. Do you have a job that has all the measurements sitting in one single group, but it would make your life easier to separate the points into different groups for reporting and analysis?  Click here to read on.
  2. Do you have a CAD model that you've imported and you want to create centerlines for a hole or group of holes? Click here to learn how.
  3. Do you need to inspect a long, thin part that you suspect is warped?  Click here for advice.
Customer Spotlight: Electroimpact
Electroimpact is a key supplier of major aerospace companies around the world.  Focused on building large machines and tooling, Electroimpact specializes in integrating factory automation and tooling to deliver custom production solutions to their clients.  Electroimpact adopted SA seven years ago because they liked its analytical capabilities--most notably, SA's sophisticated uncertainty analysis tools and the flexibility it offers in bundling instruments and networks. 


Today they use many of SA's analytical tools to model complex uncertainty interactions and prepare for measuring needs before they are on a customer's site.  They also use SA to model and present different metrology solutions, which allows them to predict measurement performance and validate recommended solutions during the proposal process.  Click here to read more.

Metrology & Proton Therapy for Cancer Treatment
Proton therapy is a type of particle treatment that uses a beam of protons to treat cancer.  East Coast Metrology (ECM) recently undertook the challenge of aligning a proton therapy system for McLaren Proton Therapy Center in Flint, Michigan.  The key to the accurate installation of the system was high accuracy metrology.  Click here to learn how ECM used SA with their comprehensive alignment plan. 
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Latest SA Release
Click here to see What's New in the 2012.03.13 SA Release.
SA Training Courses
The NRK Metrology Institute offers a variety of classes around the US.  Click here for the complete 2012 schedule.
Regional User's Seminars
Can't wait until our next User's Conference?  Click here for dates of upcoming Regional SA User's Seminars.
CMSC 2012 in New Orleans
Come by and see us at our CMSC  Booth # 200, 201, & 202.  We hope to see you there in July!
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