NRK Today eNewsFebruary 2012
Save Time!  Helpful Hints...
Looking to save time and be more productive? Below are a few functional commands in SpatialAnalyzer® (SA) that are extremely helpful, but often overlooked:


1. Want to avoid renaming multiple points? SA allows you to rename points by auto-proximity or inter-point distance. Simply look under the Edit command, near the bottom.


2. Need help organizing your point groups and making sure your measured point names match up with the nominal points you are inspecting? Click here to read more.
Customer Spotlight: Perceptron
Perceptron provides automated metrology systems around the world to manufacturers of complex assembled products for in-process and near-line dimensional inspection. Perceptron sells automated robotic metrology systems primarily to major automobile manufacturers and suppliers.
In early 2010, Perceptron adopted SpatialAnalyzer® (SA), specifically the SA Machine product, to cost effectively calibrate and compensate industrial robots to achieve the repeatability and accuracy necessary for inspection operations. Click here to read more.
VMT GmbH: Supplying the Tunneling Industry Worldwide
VMT GmbH, a survey technology company, was founded in 1994 to supply a wide range of custom solutions, services, and surveying systems to the tunneling industry. Headquartered in Germany, VMT undertakes tunneling projects all over the world, including current projects in the UK, China, Hong Kong, and Australia.
VMT uses SpatialAnalyzer® (SA) with Laser interferometer systems to measure both moulds and segments. Click here to read more.
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SA Training Courses
Get the most out of SA!  The NRK Metrology Institute has a variety of classes around the US.  Click here for the complete 2012 schedule.
SA Remote
Looking to save time and effort?  Click here to read what a few SA Users have to say about the SA Remote app.  Click here to download SA Remote.
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