Boring Middle School
Not So Boring News 

Upcoming Events


Oct. 27th...Final Picture Retakes

Nov. 4th...Student of the Month Assembly-8:20am

Nov. 7th...Progress Reports sent home with students

Nov.11th...No School-Veterans' Day

Nov. 16th...Site Council-2:35pm

Nov. 21st...PTC Meeting-5:30pm

Nov. 22nd...End of First Trimester

Nov. 23rd...No School for Students-Grading Day for Teachers

Nov. 24-25th...Thanksgiving Break

Queridos Padres de Familia:

Esta información de la Escuela Secundaria de Boring será enviadas en español y serán enviadas dentro de una semana. Atentamente:

Jody Roshak, ELL Teacher, 503-668-9393 ext 133 or at 503-668-4454



We are also participating in an Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program. The recycle bin for cartridges is by the conference room in the main entrance. "CASH FOR TRASH", this program helps both our environment and our school.  This year in addition to Ink Cartridges we will be accepting old cell phones, ipods, digital camera's, video games and consoles, pda's, dvd's, laptops, and GPS devices.



Please don't forget to recycle all your paper (newsprint, Magazines, phonebooks, junk mail, etc) at BMS!

Just drive up and drop it in the Green Recycle Dumpster outside the old gym. (A cardboard only recycle dumpster is through the breezeway on the right side against the building.)




If your student arrives late to school, please call, write a note, or come in and sign the student in. Your student will not be excused unless we hear from you! We should receive notification no later than 48 hours from the time of the tardy, otherwise it will not be accepted. Unexcused tardies result in your student receiving a strike. After receiving 3 strikes, a referral is given and students get assigned Wednesday school (after school detention).


Box Tops For Education

BMS participates in the Box Tops for Education program. It is a great way to earn money for our school. Simply clip the Box Tops for Education coupons from participating brands and put them into the collection box across from the office.

Magazine Sale Fundraiser

Boring Middle School students attended a Magazine Sale Kickoff assembly Tuesday, Oct. 17th, and will receive packets of order forms and information about the fundraiser at this time. This is our main fundraiser for the year. Last year's funds helped pay for 8th grade promotion, field trip money, library books and classroom materials.

Your support for this fundraiser will benefit all our BMS students. Thank you in advance!!!



Library News
This year the Boring Middle School library will be open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  It willbe closed on Tuesday and Thursday for this school year.  We also want to welcome Sheri Zaugg to BMS.  She is a librarian at Kelso school and she will be the Library Technician at Boring Middle School on Fridays this school year.

If you have any questions, please contact Melody Bush, Library Technician, 503-668-9393 or

email Melody.

BMS Band and Choir Concerts
On Dec. 2nd at 8:20am the Boring Middle School Band will be having their first performance of the year, in the BMS new gym.  On Dec. 15th at 8:20am the Boring Middle School Choir will be having their first concert of the year.  Please come and enjoy a morning filled with music and talent.

Volunteering at BMS


Last year we had a very successful school year, due in large part to our many volunteers. We are looking forward to another successful year, enhancing our students' lives and making a difference in their education! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kaylynn Walker Ramsburg at 503-975-6075 if you are interested in donating your time. You will need to turn in volunteer registration forms as soon as possible to the BMS office.


A big thank you to Candice Moore for helping out at our PBIS dance!

Firwood Community Bazaar
On Saturday, Nov. 19th, Firwood Elementary School will be holding a Community Bazaar.  The event runs from 9:00am to 4:00pm at the Firwood Elementary School.  If you need information or have any questions please contact Michele Hetrick at 503-668-8005.
Mt. Hood Theater Tickets


Mount Hood Movie Ticket sales will end THURSDAY, OCTOBER, 27TH.  You can still enjoy 8 movies for $7 dollars so please either email Tami McAra or call her at 503-504-0584 if you wish to purchase tickets or have questions.

bear paw


Illness/Fever: Parents, please remember that students MUST be fever-free for 24 hours before they return to school after an illness.

Homework Policy: Homework may only be requested when a student is absent for at least two consecutive days. Teachers have 24 hours to prepare homework once they receive the request. Homework may NOT be requested for one day absences. Students will have the same amount of time to make up their work as the amount of time that they were absent.

Principal's Letter

Dear Parents, Students, and Community,

The 2011-2012 school year is off to a GREAT start! Our students and staff have done a fantastic job beginning the new school year. I am very grateful to be at BMS in my new position as Principal and I look forward to a fantastic year. I hope you will all take an opportunity to visit or to volunteer, not only to get to know me better, but an opportunity to see some of the amazing educational experiences your children are having here at BMS.

     I want to thank the BMS staff for organizing another smooth start to the school year. I also want to thank all the parents who have already volunteered their time helping out at Open House, assisting with activities, and assisting in our BMS classrooms. Your time and effort was greatly appreciated. Kaylynn Walker-Ramberg is again serving as our Volunteer Coordinator and she will be contacting you to help at the school throughout the year.

     On Friday, October 21st we conducted our Bus Evacuation Drill and Emergency Lockout drill at school. We do this each year to review our emergency procedures with staff and students.

     I look forward to working with you as we continue to strive to make BMS an even better school. This is a great school because of the fantastic efforts made by our staff, students, and families. There will be many opportunities to get involved throughout the year, and I encourage you to please do so.

     We will be communicating a lot of important information through our new web based newsletters and website. Please take a little time to go through them each month. Go to and pick Boring Middle School from the "select a school" drop down menu to access our school site. Be sure to update your email address if any changes are made so we can send you direct emails of upcoming events as they unfold.


Looking forward to a great year,


Courtney Murphy



Student of the Month-Respect

Students were asked to vote for their fellow students who demonstrate the qualities of respect. Those qualities include:

*Being Courteous and polite to others.

*Having good manners.

*Caring for other living things and the earth.

*Obeying the rules, laws and customs of your family, school and community.

*Valuing others' opinions.

*Accepting differences in others.

*Not putting others down or talking behind their backs.


Our student winners for September are:

 6th Grade 
Ethan Wright & Letty Deker
7th Grade
Magi Allen & Kyler Kim
Som 7
8th Grade
Cody Anderson & Kristin Wilson

 Safeguarding students during a crisis situation


During times of crisis, it is the Oregon Trail School District's intent to safeguard our students and staff while managing the safety and security of our schools. The District has in place an Emergency Operations Plan that was developed in cooperation with local emergency response agencies. The plan includes staff training requirements, practice drills, and guidelines for responding to specific incidents.


In the event of a crisis, we will work in tandem with our emergency response partners to care for our students and to secure and manage the crisis. Of course during any crisis situation, we will need cooperation and help with the following:

  • Do not call the school. We must keep phone lines open for emergency responders.
  • Do not immediately drive to the school. The school access route and street entrance areas must remain clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Information will be disseminated to parents and the community through local news media, the district web site, FlashAlert, Twitter, and email.

Whenever possible during a crisis, it is preferred that students remain in their classrooms under their teacher's supervision. However, there may be times when students and staff will need to evacuate the building or relocate to another site.


When it is determined that a potentially dangerous situation is outside/near the building, the school will go into lockdown until the situation is resolved. 


  • When it is determined that a potentially dangerous situation is inside the building, the school may go into partial lockdown, evacuate to a large-group area on the school site, or evacuate to an off-site location.
  • If necessary, parents will be notified as soon as possible with directions for picking up their child.
    • No student will be dismissed unless a parent (or designee) comes for him or her.
    • All parents or designees who may come for students will need to show photo ID.
    • No child will be allowed to leave with another person, even a relative or babysitter, unless we have written permission or that person is listed on the student's emergency card.

 For more information about the District Emergency Response Plan, contact Julia Monteith at 503-668-0679 or 


On Friday, October 28th, students will be allowed to wear costumes to school, but they may not wear masks of any kind. They may wear face paint, but it must be the kind that does not rub off onto desks, books, computers, etc. Face painting needs to be completed at home. All costumes need to be put on at home, not at school. Also, aerosol cans (such as spray on hair color) are NOT to be brought to school. No props of any kind are allowed (swords, brooms etc...)


eScrip is a hassle-free way for schools and groups that support children's programs to raise funds through everyday purchases made at eScrip merchants. (In our area its Safeway.)

Simple registration:

  •  Log on to and go to "sign up".
  •  Designate Boring Middle School to receive contributions.
  •  Register your Safeway card and your debit/credit cards.

Be sure to use: Oregon Trail SD-Boring Middle School for the Group Name and 8560586 for the Group ID# when registering.


Register for emergency text messages

The Oregon Trail School District uses an internet-based system for delivering emergency messages, such as weather closures, to parents and the media. Message delivery has now been extended directly to the public through a system called FlashAlert. You may self-register and manage up to three e-mail and/or Twitter addresses, or cell phone text message numbers, and receive emergency information just minutes after we post it, at no cost to you.

To get started, go to and follow the registration instructions. All addresses registered on FlashAlert will remain confidential and shall not be released to any person or organization. Once a year, you will receive an e-mail at your registered e-mail address asking if you wish to continue your subscription.

Important: Please be aware that with the proliferation of spam and the resulting spam filters, it is impossible to guarantee message delivery. After registering at FlashAlert, have a test message sent to verify it will pass through your mail server's filters. However, be aware that while a single message may make it through a filter, a whole group of messages at the same time might not, appearing to be spam. Also note that if you are using a "challenge/response" system (where a person must type in a number or word), there is no way to respond to your mail server's e-mail challenge.

If you have any questions, contact Julia Monteith at or 503-668-0679.


Students and cell phones - Phones are to be left in lockers 7:40AM-2:20PM (6th graders' in teacher designated areas).  Cell phones that are outside of a locker will be confiscated. Caution to parents- Cell phone communication and texting is common practice with adolescents. Be sure to supervise and view their communication to adequately safeguard your child from any harassment or bullying.

Students and IPods/music devices- may be used while riding on school buses. However, these items MUST be placed in student lockers 7:40 AM-2:20PM (6th graders in teacher designated areas). Students will only be allowed to use these devices during school hours on designated reward days. IPods/music devices that are outside of a locker will be confiscated.

Students and other technology- Pagers, laser pointers, cameras, electronic gaming devices, or any other non-school related device will not be permitted at school or on buses and will be confiscated. Cameras will be allowed during lunch recess on the last Friday of every month, but must be put away at all other times during the school day or bus time.

Technology items that are confiscated are held by the office and students are issued a "Strike" for not responsibly following the BMS technology policy. All violations after the 2nd violation will result in the technology item being held by the office until a parent or guardian is able to pick them up. As a condition of your child bringing technology devices to school, be aware it is not the school's responsibility to safeguard these items. If these items are lost or stolen, the school can not be held responsible.


Dear Parents,


Welcome back to the beginning of a great new year!  The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports Team (otherwise known as PBIS) has been busy planning new stratagies to encourage positive acedemic and social behavior within our school community.  With the changing of the guard, Principal Murphy, and due to a reduction in staff, it was imparative that we continue to reteach the BMS expectations.  BMS stands by three main values, Respect, Responsiblity, and Being Safe.  If respect is given openly to others then respect is usually returned to the giver.  Being responsible goes so far beyond just our school day.  We must be vigilant to the rights of those around us, as well as being fair to ourselves.  To fulfill the first two we must be safe about it.  In action, deed, and speech.  Then we can instill an environment that can be secure for the entire atmosphere of the school.


This year we have revised the school agenda.  Students now have more space to write down their daily assignments.  They also have a box that they need to circle if it is homework, class work, or project work, and when the assignment should be complete.  Teachers are making this a point of emphasis and buillding time into every day of class lessons.


The second part that has been renovated in this year's agenda is the, out of class, bathroom passes in order to avoid the mass exodus of students to the restroom during classroom instruction time.  Each student has thirty passes for each trimester.  This allows the students to go when they wish, but it also teaches them to portion them out sparingly.  Helping students to use the opportunities they have rather than missing important classroom experiences. 


By enlarge our planning and concern about our students, has made for a better transition back to school.  It has been a great start to a new year of learning.



Your BMS PBIS Team

Get to know Boring Middle Schools Newest Teachers 
Mandy Peterson 
Hello my name is Mandy Peterson and I am the new Health and Leadership teacher.  For the past three years I have worked as both a coach and substitute teacher for Boring, so I was fortunate to already know how wonderful the students at Boring were before beginning my post. I am a native Portlander, and a graduate of Corban University in Salem, Oregon where I spent three years serving on ASB and four years playing basketball. In recent news, I will be getting married this winter to the love of my life and will return after winter break as Mrs. Vance. I am thoroughly enjoying the school year so far and look forward to many more years of service at Boring Middle School.
Doug Lewis
I'm Doug Lewis and I am the new sixth grade teacher at BMS. I can't tell you how excited and grateful I am to be at this school. I really believe we have a wonderful community of students, parents, and teachers who work together in order to make a brighter future for the kids in our area. After working at various schools in east county, I jumped at the chance to be a part of BMS.
    I grew up in Gresham and, after extensive traveling and working an assortment of jobs, wanted to be a part of something greater than myself, and Boring turned out to be a perfect fit. I married last year and live with my wife, who is also a teacher, although not in the Oregon Trail District.
    I will be coaching the seventh grade boys basketball team, as I did last year while working as a long term substitute at Boring. If we have not met yet, please come up and introduce yourself to me if you see me at the school, or elsewhere. I look forward to meeting you and also enjoying a long tenure with the Oregon Trail District while working with and for your kids. 


What to Do if Your Child is Being Bullied


What is bullying?

Bullying happens when someone hurts or intimidates another person on purpose and the person being bullied has a hard time defending himself or herself.

Bullying can also happened online or electronically. This is called "cyberbullying," when

children bully each other using the Internet, cell phones or other cyber technology.


Effect of bullying:

  • Children and youth who are bullied are more likely than other children to:
  • Be depressed, lonely, anxious
  • Have low self-esteem
  • Be absent from school
  • Feel sick or have physical complaints



If your child tells you about being bullied, it has taken a lot of courage to do so. Here are some helpful tips when a child reports bullying to you (parent/guardian):


1. Focus on your child. Be supportive and gather information about the bullying.

Never tell your child to ignore the bullying.

2. Empathize with your child. Ask your child what he or she thinks can be done to help.

3. Contact your child's counselor, teacher, or principal. Parents can be reluctant to report bullying, but it is very important for school personnel to be in the know.

Help your child become more resilient to bullying. Encourage and support your

child to make friends. One of the most important bullying prevention tools is

helping each child to have a good friend to be with and talk to.




contact Ms. Smith (school counselor) with any questions or for more resources


Boring Middle School staff and students are committed to making our school a safe and caring place for all. We will treat each other with respect, and we will refuse to tolerate bullying in any form at our school.


Definition: ANY action that can be interpreted to make someone else feel

threatened, belittled, afraid, ashamed, angry, hurt or in any

other way upset.


Examples of bullying may include:


- Hurting someone physically by hitting, kicking, tripping, pushing, and so on.

-Stealing or damaging another person's things.

-Ganging up on someone.

-Teasing someone in a hurtful way.

-Using put-downs, such as making fun of the person's name, race, gender.

-Spreading rumors about someone.

-Leaving someone out on purpose or trying to get other kids not to play with someone.




The following additional consequences will be applied when a student has been bullied:


First Incident




The offender will:

-Meet with counselor, set clear boundaries and guidelines

-Teach student strategies to avoid bullying behavior


Second Incident

The offender will:

-Review Anti-Bullying practices with Counselor

-Complete and return letter of apology

-Lunch Detention for 2 days

Third Incident


The offender will:

-Review Anti-Bully practices w/ Administrator

-Review Harassment Contract w/ Administrator

-Write a 2 page paper on Bullying and its consequences

-Serve after school detention

Fourth Incident


The offender will:

-File a Harassment Contract w/ Administrator w/ clear consequences

-In-School suspension ½ day to 5 days


Fifth Incident

(or more)

-To be determined by Administrator, probably to include Out of School Suspension with a reinstatement hearing required.


Boring Middle School 503-668-9393, 27801 S.E. Dee Street, Boring, Oregon, 97009

OTSD Special Needs Contact Statement: Persons having questions about or requests for special needs and accommodation should contact Courtney Murphy at the BMS office at 503-668-9393. Contact should be made 72 hours in advance of the event.

Discrimination Statement: It's the policy of the Oregon Trail School District Board that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex(gender), marital status, sexual orientation, religion, natural origin, age or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment.