It's not too late to make a HUGE difference in the life of a shelter animal this winter...   


City of Crowley LA

Just $15.00 (or whatever you can afford) will get them up off the freezing cold, hard (often wet!)concrete floor ... 

They need YOU - please donate today!

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in December 2011

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October's Prize Winner:

Juliet E, Lake Charles LA

November's Prize Winner:

Phyllis T, New York NY




Pet Bed Photo


It's FREE to register your rescue group or shelter to receive Pet Bed donations, so if you'd like to join our program, please email us and we'll get you added immediately!


For more information -

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To order Pet Beds for your rescue group or shelter, click here to download the Order Form PDF.


"I can't think

of anything

that brings me closer to tears than when

my old dog -- completely exhausted

after a hard

day in

the field

-- limps away

from her

nice spot

in front

of the fire

and comes

over to where

I'm sitting and

puts her head

in my lap,

a paw over

my knee,

and closes

her eyes

and goes

back to sleep.

I don't know

what I've done

to deserve

that kind

of friend."

~ Gene Hill


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'Thrown Away' Dog Saves Little Girl's Life
'Thrown Away' Dog
Saves Little Girl's Life




This month we have a very special appeal for Pet Beds from Anna S - volunteer at the City of Crowley Animal Shelter  ... 



Anna wrote: "My city shelter has NO beds and the dogs lie on wet cement.  Some dogs are there for MONTHS in these conditions.  ICity of Crowley LA was there on 11/1 when the temperatures were in the 50's and the worker was spraying the dog area with water and bleach, the dogs were getting soaked and then had to lay on the cold wet cement floors.  It broke my heart".




City of Crowley LA

Anna tells us this shelter has 18 dog kennels - Margaret K of Sharpsburg, GA has already generously donated 6 Pet Beds - so we need just 12 more ...
Could you donate one
(just $15.00) for them, please? 





Pepsi Cans
Pepsi Refresh Project


With a generous grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project, we were able to ship 665 Pet Beds to 35 different shelters/rescue groups!  We've been receiving photographs and thanks from around the country and wanted to share some with you ... 


Pepsi Grant Shipment



Shipments on their way to the Shelters/Rescue Groups ...


Animal Care Sanctuary (PA) volunteers assemble their new pet beds ... 











Great article written by Wendy Post (Daily Review) - also featured on CNN iReport!

Julie at Animal Care Sanctuary


"Here's Julia, all comfy on her new bed which was donated to ACS through Animal Rescue Aid. Animal Rescue Aid provided uswith 50 -- yes FIFTY -- beds through a Pepsi Refresh grant.  We cannot thank them enough"  ~ Kellie Roberts/Animal Care Sanctuary

Two Ascension Parishpups share a bed at Ascension Parish Animal Shelter (LA) ~ 
Megan Choate tells us "the dogs are very grateful for their new beds".
Another Ascension Parish pup (below) curls up comfortably to sleep.

Sky Dancing


Sky dances for joy on her new pet bed ~ Dr. Lynne Swanson / Safe Harbor Farm (SC) tells us "the dogs didn't waste any time checking them out.  Here's a good one of Sky dancing on her new bed (I think she likes it - grin!)".



La Grange Recipient



Happy little guys at La Grange Animal Shelter (IN) ~ Photo by Debbie Bontrager / President  / Animal Welfare Association



Each and every day we give thanks for good hearted folks like you who love animals and try to make their lives better.


Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.


Tracey Robinson ~ Founder / Animal Rescue Aid