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Confused Dog 

For more information about our

 National Pet Bed Donation Program, please download these

.PDF documents: 

Pet Bed Program Overview &

Pet Bed Order Form

Pet Bed Photo 
Just $15.00

will provide a deserving shelter/rescue animal with a comfy Pet Bed. 


Donations are fully tax-deductible!



"Ever wonder where you'd end up

if you


your dog

for a walk


never once pulled back


the leash?"


~Robert Brault


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We're celebrating the very best Valentine's Day ever, as we continue to receive photographs from shelters showing their animals resting easy on their new Pet Beds!  Here's "Weeble", a special needs kitty, at the Save Our Strays Rescue in Pinellas County, Florida.   


LA Animal Services


And here's a photo from the West LA Animal Services Shelter (CA) ... Notice how the run is just concrete, concrete and more concrete!  The only refuge for this little guy is his new Pet Bed.  


Please follow us on Facebook:  We've begun to feature photographs from the various shelters/rescue groups installing their comfy, new Pet Beds for the animals in their care.  

Brrrrr ...  


The winter of 2010/2011 has been the coldest on record for most of the United States!  Every winter PETA runs their "be an angel for a cold, lonely dog" program where they provide a dog house and straw bedding for dogs who spend all of their lives outside, on the end of a chain.  Click here if you'd like to support that very worthy program! 


You can also give a shelter/rescued animal a "hint of home while they wait for theirs" by donating a $15.00 Pet Bed to keep them up off the cold floor.


Cold Temperature Tip: Stray cats, your neighbor's cat or other critters, looking for protection from the harsh winter elements, will often choose to crawl up under the hood to keep warm - so always bang on the hood of your car before you start it!




ARA Pet Bed Program LogoOur  National Pet Bed Donation Program makes it possible for shelters/ rescue groups to purchase quality Pet Beds at cost (only $15.00 each for small, medium and even large sizes!) - delivered free of charge anywhere in the contiguous USA! 


37 shelters/rescue groups are now registered:  Some already have Pet Beds donated and are needing a few more to take care of all the animals in their care, while others are still waiting, in hopeful anticipation, for their first Pet Bed donation.  All these groups are non-profit and rely solely on the generosity of people like you. 


Please visit our 'donate' page and make your $15.00 donation today! 




Lady's Hope Animal Rescue, lead by founder, Yvonne Devereaux, has already raised funds for 103 Pet Beds!  Best part is, they're giving these Pet Beds to rescue groups in remote areas of Washington State, who would otherwise never be able to offer their animals this simple comfort. 


Yvonne shared that one of the shelter managers she spoke with was brought to tears when she heard Lady's Hope was sending them 14 Pet Beds - they were overwhelmed with gratitude! 


If you've ever made a donation and wondered what your donation dollars were actually used for ... there's no doubt when it comes to the National Pet Bed Donation Program ... just look at these BEFORE and AFTER pictures taken at Benton Franklin & Wenatchee Valley Humane Societies!

Lady's Hope Before 1 Lady's Hope After 1

Lady's Hope Animal Rescue has already provided a Pet Bed for EVERY run in FOUR different shelters.  Their goal is to provide Pet Beds to every rescue group in Washington State - Let's help them make that goal a reality!  



On this Valentine's Day, PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) asks that we 'please, have a heart' and click to send a message to NIH Director, Francis Collins, requesting that she send the 14 chimpanzees, unfortunately already sent to TX for continued invasive and painful experimentation, back to their companions in Alamagordo, NM for Valentine's Day.


Tracey Robinson ~ Founder / Animal Rescue Aid