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Welcome To Our New Clients!

Featured Case Study: Signature Healthcare

Signature Healthcare needed to:


Radically improve response rates for patient feedback


They wanted to generate this feedback from patients while in the hospital


Utilize the Management Alert feature to address any service issues in the moment


Reduce costs associated with collecting patient feedback

How Survey On The Spot helped:

The surveys are being used in the Transitional Care Unit of Brockton Hospital.

When a patient is ready to go home they are given an iPad running Survey On The Spot.


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Survey On The Spot Announces New Features!


It's been a very exciting couple of months here at Survey On The Spot and we're ready to tell you about all the new features we've rolled out to make our system even easier to use for both you and your customers. Here are the highlights:


Mobile Web: With the evolution of HTML5, we can now emulate app functionality and UI without the need for an app, which means customers no longer have to download the Survey On The Spot app to take a survey. Instead, surveys can be accessed easily with a link or a QR code, and updates can be implemented instantly, making survey administering easier for you and survey taking more convenient to your customers.    

New Survey Features: We've also added several new features to individual surveys, allowing you to customize them to your needs. These include:
  • Ranking questions Survey-takers can now rank their answers
  • Multiple questions on one page With multiple questions allowed on one page, you can easily collect customer data all at once (name, email address, etc.)



  • Telephone formatting Polished keypad entry   
  • No birth year requirement There's no longer a need for survey-takers to enter their birth year for birthday rewards 
  • Conditional comments You can now permit a comment box to pop up based on specific responses, allowing you to take the question a step further


Reporting Enhancements: In an effort to help you more easily access and get more out of reports generated from survey data, we've added reporting enhancements. 

  • Scheduled reports Reports can be automatically emailed to you, which means you don't have to log on to get the previous day's data.
  • New types of reports Including company score report, employee report, and trend report  
Downloadable Data: In addition to Excel, you can now download CSV files.      
Offline Surveys: With our new offline survey feature, you can now collect data without the need for an internet connection and then can easily sync the surveys when you have connectivity.
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surveying and marketing, and most importantly, using the information you gain to create

the best service experience possible.


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