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Featured Case Study: Regional Medical Center

When a patient is ready to leave the emergency department a volunteer gives them an iPod touch running Survey On The Spot. The survey, which is confidentially assigned to the care giver, can then be completed by the patient before leaving. The easy-to-use consumer interface allows the surveys to be completed in a minute or two. As soon as it's completed the results are compiled for reporting and available thru the secure web portal. Staff is also alerted when anything is reported as "poor" which allows immediate action if required.


Management Alerts:

Delivered within 10 seconds of survey submission. These have proven very effective for staff coaching and easy assessment of current procedures for improvement. 


Cost savings:

The ability to make quick decision based on real-time data reduces costs associated with repetitive issues.

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Happy Holidays From Survey On The Spot!
Happy Holidays
We wish you, your family and friends all the best this holiday season. 

We have made a contribution to the Greater Boston Food Bank in honor of our customers and friends that have helped make this a great year for us.
The Cost of An Unhappy Customer

Unhappy Customer

When was the last time you heard a friend or colleague complain about service at a business? How often do you find yourself listing off what you disliked about your last hotel stay or lunch meeting? 


What many businesses don't realize is that an unhappy customer is more than just one bad experience. Statistics show that 91% of dissatisfied customers will never again purchase goods or services from your business.  


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Taking Your Restaurant Online 101
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You have a venue and a menu, waiters and waitresses, customers and critic's approval, but do you have an online presence? Putting your restaurant on the map is no longer just about good food and ambiance; it is crucial to build a relationship with your customers after they have paid their bills and gone home.


Make it easy for your clients to find you online. Customers want to know if you have reservations available, what your hours are, what is on your current menu, if you deliver, if orders can be placed online, and what tonight's specials are. 


Download Our Ebook: 'Making The Most of Your Mobile Survey' for free!
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This guide is meant to help you learn more from your customers, be more effective at 

surveying and marketing, and most importantly, using the information you gain to create

the best service experience possible.


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