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Featured Case Study: Finale Restaurant

 Finale receives two major benefits from using the system. First, they receive feedback that allows them to provide excellent coaching to their servers and management team aimed at improving guest experience. Secondly, in addition to the incredibly tasty desserts that lure customers to the desserterie, the discount on a future visit gives customers tangible incentive to return.


The restaurant has found the system to perform so well at their Boston locations that they have implemented Survey On The Spot in a restaurant they manage in Rhode Island - Red Stripe.


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This guide is meant to help you learn more from your customers, be more effective at 

surveying and marketing, and most importantly, using the information you gain to create

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Geoff Palmer, CEO, On The Spot Systems, Inc.


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Translating customer Feedback Into Action Items For Your Staff

Customer Feedback

As the old saying goes, the customer is always right. It may make perfect sense to you as a business owner, but how can you explain that concept to your employees when sharing negative feedback? Further, how can you translate that into an appropriate response by your employees? 


First, being able to obtain candid, prompt feedback from your clients is only as valuable as your ability to respond. Of course, expressing clients' complaints with staff can be the hardest task. Failing to share the feedback will hamper change but addressing the issue can offend your staff members.  


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Trend Report - Is Your Customer Satisfaction Score Moving In The Right Direction?
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Customer experience is important to you. You make that clear by how you run your operations. Are you moving your customer satisfaction scores in the right direction?


At your business, complaints are handled quickly and professionally. You offer your customers ample opportunity to express their concerns through customer experience surveys. You have a means of logging that information, following up quickly, and making changes where necessary, with a near-immediacy thanks to real-time survey tools. But what do you do with surveys in the long run?