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Thank you for subscribing to SURVEY ON THE SPOT's first ever newsletter. In this issue, as well as the weekly editions going forward, we are going to highlight recent blog posts, relevant news, and happenings within SURVEY ON THE SPOT. 


Pitfalls of Traditional Customer Satisfaction Survey Forms Part 1

Pitfalls Part 1

Many restaurants and other guest-service oriented businesses use customer comment cards to gain feedback and insights into how well they are performing and how satisfied their customers are. Printed guest satisfaction surveys are costly, time consuming to compile, and a relatively archaic method of learning how well your restaurant is serving guests. With the advancement of survey technology and mobile apps, as well as the proficient use and availability of smartphones, there are better and cheaper ways of gaining more comprehensive insights about guest satisfaction and restaurant performance.


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Pitfalls of Traditional Customer Satisfaction Survey Forms Part 2

Pitfalls Part 2

As discussed in the first part of this post - traditional surveys create a number of challenges, logistically and strategically. Highlighted below are more issues business often face when collecting data in regards to customer satisfaction.


Difficult to respond to service issues

The results are often not read and noted until the forms are compiled, which for many restaurants happens once a week or once a month, well after the customer has left the restaurant.


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Issue: 1 - May 6, 2011


Featured Case Study 

451 Marketing

"At the Pacesetters event in April, we used three iPads and an iPod loaded with SURVEY ON THE SPOT at our booth. In order to incentivize participation, we offered bottles of company-branded hot sauce to everyone who completed the survey. All participants were also entered into a raffle to win a new iPad 2 when they finished."


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Ken Kimmel 'Office Hours' 

Constant Contact Office Hours

Don't miss our own Ken Kimmel's featured discussion on Constant Contact's 'Office Hours' - a discussion board within their user community. Ken's discussion  centers around how 'Customer Satisfaction is a Powerful List Builder'

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