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Miss our first Online Class? It's back!

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Our first online class on Innovation Games Online was such a success, we're offering it again on July 30 & 31. This time with West Coast friendly timing (3 PM - 6 PM Pacific each day). The brainchild of Enthiosys President and IGQI Jason Tanner, this 6-hour interactive class will teach you how to facilitate, create and post-process results for online games via Innovation Games« Online. The $195 registration includes a 3-month Professional subscription (normally $477).


July 30 & 31, 2012

3 PM - 6 PM Pacific

Location: Virtual

Register here

Cost: $195*  


*Includes a 3-month Pro Subscription to Innovation Games« Online.

Innovation Games« in SV

On July 19-20, we're offering an Innovation Games« for Customer Understanding class in Mountain View, CA. Originally scheduled for our office, we've moved the venue due to demand--but are keeping the same special price. Taught by Luke Hohmann, this interactive course includes instruction on in-person and online games, Knowsy and game facilitation and post-processing. 


19-20 July 2012

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn

City: Mountain View, CA

Cost: $895 General Admission

More Info & Register


Sharepoint & Serious Games

On July 24, 2012, 21apps is offering a one-day course called "Effective SharePoint Requirements with Serious Games." The interactive class gives participants a practical, hands-on experience in using serious games to improve the quality of Business requirements & facilitate deep user/stakeholder engagement. Participants will learn how to apply: 

Innovation Games, Gamestorming and 21app-developed techniques.


24 July 2012

Venue: The Custard Factory

City: Birmingham, UK

Cost: ú350 (Excluding VAT)


More Info & Register


Agile 2012 

The Agile Alliance's annual conference stampedes into Dallas on Aug. 13, and a herd of Innovation Games Trained Facilitators and Qualified Instructors will be speaking during the week-long conference (20+ at last count). We'll be there in force, so be sure and check out the program.  But don't miss talks by Luke Hohmann, Michael Sahota, Brian Bozzuto, Jeff Sutherland, Maria Matarelli and more.



13-17 August 2012

City: Dallas, TX

More Info & Register


Innovation Games Training in Silicon Valley

If you can't make our July class in Mountain View, CA, we're offering another one on August 23-24. Like all our classes, this in-depth and interactive course includes instruction on all phases of both online and in-person games, including facilitation, game design and select and post-processing. 


Date: 23-24 Aug 2012 

City: Mountain View, CA 

More Info & Registration here.


Innovation Games for Agile Teams: Private Class 

IGQI Jeff Brantley will be teaching a one-day Innovation Games for Agile Teams class for Sabre in Dallas, TX on August 10.


The class focuses on applying Innovation Games to classic Agile Practices like Roadmapping, Backlog Prioritization, Team retrospectives and more. If you'd like to bring the one-day course to your company, contact us at info@innovationgames.com.

Innovation Games for Customer Understanding: Private Class 

Luke Hohmann is teaching dedicated two-day class for Sabre in Dallas, TX August 14-15.


The interactive class prepares participants to plan, facilitate and post-process both online and in-person games. Based on case studies and rooted in our "Learn by Doing" philosophy, attendees will gain the skills to put Innovation Games to work the moment they are back in the office. 


If you'd like to bring the Customer Understanding course to your company, contact us at info@innovationgames.com.

Hohmann Keynotes
SDEC 2012 

Luke Hohmann has joined the faculty of SDEC 2012 conference in Winnipeg Canada, which is scheduled for Oct. 15-17, 2012.


In addition to a one-day workshop on Innovation Games for Agile Teams, Luke will also keynote. His talk will focus on how serious games and collaborative play are natural complements to agile methods. 


Date: 15-17 Oct 2012

City: Winnipeg, Canada

Venue: SDEC 2012, Victoria Inn


Innovation Games Comes to Winnipeg! 

Luke Hohmann will be teaching a one-day Innovation Games for Agile Teams class as part of the SDEC 2012 conference in Winnipeg Canada on Oct. 17, 2012.


The one-day interactive class focuses on applying Innovation Games to classic Agile Practices like Roadmapping, Backlog Prioritization, Team retrospectives and more. 


Date: 17 Oct 2012

City: Winnipeg, Canada

Venue: SDEC 2012, Victoria Inn

Cost: $495 Early Bird; $695 General Admission




Welcome to latest issue of Your Next Move!, our monthly newsletter covering the latest news, events and announcements from the Innovation Games«


Knowsy Knows Sales  

What Do Games Have to do with Sales Enablement? Everything. 


Understanding customer's priorities. It's at the forefront of everything we do at Innovation Games«. And it's the key element in our newest game platform,  Knowsy for Sales, the Sales Enablement Game.

How we use Knowsy for Sales with our customers.


What is Knowsy for Sales? In business speak, it's a SaaS-based platform that brings the power of game mechanics and real-time data collection to enable marketing and sales teams to better understand their customers' priorities to drive revenue and reduce sales cycles. 


In plain English? It's a really fun, online game that sales teams can play with their customers to find out what they really want and uncover who are the true influencers in an organization--while passing along that valuable real-time information to marketing, sales management, and the rest of the organization.


Want to learn more? Find and play your Knowsy for Sales here (or let us know you want one of your own!) Not ready to play? Watch the short video above that details how we use Knowsy for Sales with our customers.


From the Blog

Are you a Kingpin, Shark or Collaborationist?

Luke Hohmann
Luke photo 

In this post, Luke wraps up his analysis of the differences between playing online and in-person games, focusing on our Virtual Market game Buy a Feature. Read on for an excerpt or find the complete post here



Player Archetypes

For a number of years, I had suspected that there were distinct negotiating strategies that players were using in Buy a Feature. I wasn't sure, however, because the in-person games played too fast, and our facilitators were not always able to keep up with the patterns of bids and arguments.


The online games, however, have allowed us to more deeply analyze player behavior. This is an emerging science, but preliminary results have already identified three distinct player negotiation strategies that may be represented as archetypes.

  • The Collaborationist is a player who makes a number of small bids to "get the game going" and to identify, or create, support for a number of items within the game.
  • The Kingpin is nearly the opposite of a collaborationist, in that he delays making any bids until the end of the game, spending most of the game negotiating. At the end of the game, when all of the other players have spent their money, the Kingpin comes in and exercises his power over the final purchases.
  • The Shark: Unlike the Kingpin, the Shark places a bid on an item, gets others to join her in purchasing the item, and then pulls her bid and uses negotiation to try and convince others to back-fill the required bid amount. We find Sharks fascinating, as they're often quite convincing in their negotiations, but easily frustrated when no one back-fills their bids to purchase the item.

As we've explored these archetypes, we've identified several related and quite exciting outcomes:

  • People exhibit the archtypes described in both online and in-person games.
  • People who have played multiple games tend to exhibit the same kind of behaviors across these games, suggesting that negotiating strategies may be a durable psychological trait.


Click here to read the entire post. 

Read Post One, on the differences between online and in-person visual collaboration games.

Every Voice Engaged 

How We're Transforming Government Through Games


It's no secret that we at Innovation Games are passionate about using games for good. For the past two years, we've been fortunate to work with the City of San JosÚ, CA, to incorporate Budget Games into the city's budgeting

Kip Harkness talks with Every Voice Engaged about Budget Games
Kip Harkness talks with Every Voice Engaged about Budget Games

process, engaging 100s of community leaders and citizens about their priorities. Now with the launch of the Every Voice Engaged Foundation, we look forward to seeing games for good take hold in communities around the world.


Kip Harkness, assistant to the city manager for San JosÚ, CA, reveals in this interview with Every Voice Engaged, how the city decided to give Innovation Games a try and the success they've had so far. 


Support Every Voice Engaged 

Since we've long known that Innovation Games can bring about results across the enterprise, we're thrilled to support an organization that's purpose is to bring that success to nonprofits and governments. And we want you to support this worthy cause as well. 


Until August 1, We're offering new or upgraded Professional subscriptions to Innovation Games« Online for just $495 and donating $250 of every purchase to the Every Voice Engaged Foundation


Simply register for the Pro Subscription using the discount code EveryVoiceEngaged

Go Pro & Save--and We'll give back
For a limited time, we're offering a one-year Professional Subscription to Innovation Games« Online for just $495 (Savings of $1000) and donating $250 of the cost to the Every Voice Engaged foundation. Just sign up with the code EveryVoiceEngaged or just click here to go Pro and give back.


Offer Expires: 30 Aug 2012


IG at Work

Data + Agile + Innovation Games 


I shouldn't be surprised by how adaptable Innovation Games are--or the creativity of the folks who use them--but almost every month I find a gem buried in my Google Alerts. This month's star is Terry Bunio's thoughtful post on how he combined Agile Methods and Innovation Games in his work on Data Warehouses. Read on for more details--and stay tuned. Next month, we'll feature his in-person Innovation Games as an Instant Play game.  


The Problem

"We are still not implementing a data warehouse in an iterative fashion, only incrementally," writes Terry. "While this is a step in the right direction, it is still falling short of being able to implement a data warehouse iteratively and get even quicker feedback."


The Solution

"I'm a fan of Innovation Games and any lightweight process that can help to visualize data and engage the clients better. I was searching for a way to use a variant of the Prune the Product Tree game, but I didn't feel that just placing data requirements on the Product Tree would truly help the client engage and provide the visibility required. What we really needed was a variant of Prune the Product Tree that helped the clients 'see' their data requirements to confirm that we got it right and that showed the requirements for the entire corporation on one wall.

Prune the Product Tree plus Spiderweb equals DataWarehouse Web
Terry Bunio's Innovation Game Mashup

An Innovation Games Mashup 

The Product Tree is the wrong metaphor for our data requirements. We need something that visualizes the data requirements themselves. We iterated through a Spider Web metaphor, to a 3 dimensional axis metaphor, until we ended up on a hexagon. (I'd recommend you find the shape that best fits your data domain. The hex and its six dimensions fit our data domain nicely.)


Click here to read more.

Cyberspace Roundup 

CIPO Games, Buy a Feature Down Under, Job vs. Joy and more!


The best part of putting together this newsletter is seeing how Innovation Games« being put to work around the globe, in every industry imaginable. This month we have reports from Lisbon to Sydney, touching on topics like Lean Startups, team development, Intellectual Property and more. Cheers to the Innovation Games community for helping people all over the world get real work done through games.  

C-Levels Do Play Games

For the past four years, Chief Intellectual Property Officers from around the world have been playing

Butterfly Loops game
Results of the Butterfly Loops game at IPBC

Innovation Games prior to the Intellectual Property Business Congress (IPBC), and this year's event in Lisbon was no different. Designed and facilitated by Innovation Games CEO and founder Luke Hohmann, this year's event featured three new and specially-designed Innovation Games: Butterfly Loops, Innovation Evolution and Level 3 Reflexes


The 30 participants (executives from both IP-owning organizations and IP service providers) used the games to examine questions around IP transactions. Details results for all four years of events are available here, along with more details on the new games.


Innovation Games Down Under

IGTF Rowan Bunning (founder of Scrum WithStyle) and Stuart Bargon recently organized an Innovation Games Meetup in Sydney, Australia.  The 17 participants (including another IGTF Jay Conne) played Buy a Feature and Speed Boat, among other

Innovation Games Meetup in Sidney
IGTF Jay Conne facilitates at the Innovation Games meetup in Sydney, Australia
games. "The games are a great way to get participation and generate discussions amongst the group," remarked one participant. Check out the event photos and comments on their meetup page. We're looking forward to hearing more about how the games are going over down under. 


'Job or Joy' for Team Development 

One of the first things our awesome summer intern Jessica Aronson worked on was transforming an ima
Job or Joy Inperson
Job or Joy as an in-person game.
ge we use in our classes into an Instant Play game. The Job or Joy image is really handy for uncovering what you do or don't like about work. We knew Jessica had done a bang up job, but it was confirmed when we saw Pete Roessler's blog post "Job or Joy & the Five Dysfunctions of a Team" only a few days later. Roessler put Job or Joy to work as warmup for a management offsite. 
Roessler writes, "We think we that we already know colleagues [that] we've been working with for a long time. Often we reduce them to a coworker and forget about the fact that there's more to life than work. With Job or Joy, you learn more about your colleagues and recognize (again) more the person than her/his job activities." 
You can find Roessler's complete post here, or try out Job or Joy as an instant play game here

Innovation Games for Lean Startups 

We've always known that Innovation Games work for companies and organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Still, the big companies get most of the focus. We were really excited when Michael Sahota shared his thoughts on the alignment between Innovation Games and Lean Startups a few weeks back, detailing how each game works with each phase. Check out Michael's complete post here, and let us know how you think Innovation Games can be used to supercharge organizations. 


Innovation Games, Requirements & Hybrid Orgs

Antony Clay, IGQI and Sharepoint Guru, talked to

Antony Clay on the Anywhere Organization, Collaboration, SharePoint Social Media, and Requirements Gathering
Antony Clay on the Anywhere Organization, Collaboration, SharePoint Social Media, and Requirements Gathering

SPTV at Sharepoint 2012 about the Hybrid organization, collaboration and how Innovation Games can help in requirements gathering for Sharepoint projects. 


Short takes

  • Check out Grahmn Odd's write-up on UX London, which features Speed Boat.
  • Maarten Volders brought Innovation Games to Vienna -- and checked out the sites.
  • Games for serious work get a mention, along with a quote from our CEO Luke Hohmann in this article on Dice.com. 
  • Speed Boat and Remember the Future make an appearance in Pierre Fauvel's post about recent business analyst training he co-organized in France.
  • Sallee Petersen and her colleagues at Art-eAtion offer Ideation and Facilitation workshops combining art and Innovation Games.

Have any news about the Innovation Games« community?  Email us at info@innovationgames.com.


Can't wait for the next newsletter? Do you have to know what's new with Innovation Games«, right now? Find out what's happening with us at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and our blog.    



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