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Innovation Games® ONLINE Facilitation Class

Changecamp tree
Jason Tanner is teaching the first-ever online Innovation Games® class on May 30, 2012. (Read more about the class here). The one-day online class will teach participants the ins and outs of facilitating, creating and playing online games via Innovation Games® Online. The $499 registration includes a 3-month Professional subscription ($477 value).


30 May 2012

12 PM - 6 PM Eastern

Location: Virtual

Register here

Cost: $499*  


*Includes a 3-month Pro Subscription to Innovation Games® Online.

Innovation Games® Training in Oslo

Innovation Games® Qualified Instructor Maarten Volders has teamed up with Leverage51 to offer a two-day Innovation Games® + Gamestorming class on May 29-30, 2012 in Oslo, Norway. 


29-30 May 2012

MESH, Oslo, Norway 

Cost: 5000 K

More Info & Reg here

Effective Sharepoint Requirements with Serious Games

Our partners 21apps is offering a great one-day workshop on how game mechanics can help you get better requirements. Both Qualified Instructors, Ant Clay and Andrew Woodward incorporate Innovation Games®, Gamestorming and 21app's designed technique to help their clients get the most out of Sharepoint. The 31st May class will teach participants to leverage these techniques and more.


31 May 2012

Venue: The Custard Factory

City: Birmingham, UK

Cost: Ł350

More Info & Reg here.

IG Course comes to Paris

Qualified Instructor Maarten Volders returns to Paris, teaching a two-day Innovation Games® class on June 5-6, 2012. Hosted by Palo IT, an innovation consultancy, the in-depth course will prepare participants to plan, facilitate and play Innovation Games®.


Date: 5-6 June 2012

Venue: Centre de Conférences Etoile Saint Honoré

Paris, France

Cost: 1750 Euros

More information & Registration here.

Innovation Games® @ ITSMA 

Luke Hohmann has joined the faculty for the 2012 Marketing Leadership Forum, organized by ITSMA. This year's theme is "Marketing Transformation: rethinking, reskilling and reinventing the organization", and we're thrilled to bring our Sales Enablement Game, Knowsy Knows to the event. 


Date:12 June 2012; 1:15 PM 

Venue: Westin Verasa

Napa, CA

More information & Registration here.

Innovation Games® Tweetup in Barcelona 

Join Luke Hohmann for our first Innovation Games® Tweetup in Europe. 

Held at the BG Bar on the waterfront in Barcelona, Spain, this event is for anyone who wants to learn more about Innovation Games and how they can help you improve collaboration, team communication and better understand what your customers really want.


Date & Time: 23 June 2012; 5:00 PM 

Venue: BG Bar

Barcelona, Spain

More information & Registration here.

Innovation Games® in Tel Aviv

Qualified Instructor Maarten Volders and AgileSparks, the leading agile training and consultancy in Israel, have teamed up to bring the first Innovation Games® + Gamestorming class to Israel. The in-depth 2-day course will be offered in English on June 25-26. 


25-26 June 2012

Venue: Dan Panorama

City: Tel Aviv, Israel

Info & Registration 


Innovation Games® @ the HQ

In July, we're offering a limited-seat Innovation Games® for Customer Understanding class in our offices in Mountain View, CA. Because we don't have the added cost of a venue, we're able to offer this course for only $495 Early Bird. Taught by Luke Hohmann, this interactive course includes instruction on in-person and online games, Knowsy and game facilitation and post-processing. 


19-20 July 2012

Venue: TIGC HQ

City: Mountain View, CA

Cost: $495 Early Bird; $895 General Admission

More Info & Register




Agile 2012 

The Agile Alliance's annual conference stampedes into Dallas on Aug. 13, and a herd of Innovation Games Trained Facilitators and Qualified Instructors will be speaking during the week-long conference (20+ at last count). We'll be there in force, so be sure and check out the program.  But don't miss talks by Luke Hohmann, Michael Sahota, Brian Bozzuto, Jeff Sutherland, Maria Matarelli and more.



13-17 August 2012

City: Dallas, TX

More Info & Register


Innovation Games Training in Silicon Valley

If you can't make Luke's July class, we're offering another one on August 23-24 in the Bay Area. Like all our classes, this in-depth and interactive course includes instruction on all phases of both online and in-person games, including facilitation, game design and select and post-processing. 


Date: 23-24 Aug 2012 

City: Mountain View, CA 

More Info & Registration here.




Welcome to latest issue of Your Next Move!, our monthly newsletter covering the latest news, events and announcements from the Innovation Games®



Fixing Broke(n) Governments 

Budget Games at Agile 2012 & the Launch of Every Voice Engaged


It's no secret that we're committed to bringing Innovation Games® to the public sector. In just the past

Innovation Games Trained Facilitators
Facilitation Team for 2011 Budget Games
two years alone, the Innovation Games community has donated more than $200,000 worth of billable time to the City of San José, CA, to design, organize and facilitate the specialized version of Buy a Feature, Budget Games. But we're not satisfied with two Budget Games events and 100+ San José residents playing games for good. Our goal is to see the power of Innovation Games change communities around the world for the better. 


Part of this is accomplished by teaching others how to hold Budget Games in their communities. We take every opportunity to speak about Budget Games and are thrilled that Luke Hohmann's talk, Fixing Broke(n) Governments through Serious Games was accepted for Agile 2012. His presentation outlines the past two implementations of Budget Games, along with providing attendees with a toolkit that they can use to bring Budget Games to their community. 


Another way that we're spreading the word that games can do good is by supporting the launch of the Every Voice Engaged foundation. Lead by Executive Director Steven Dodds, Every Voice Engaged is working to support nonprofits and governments in using game mechanics to understand their members, community, employees and/or citizens, so that they can be better stewards. 


Since we've long known that Innovation Games can bring about results across the enterprise, we're thrilled to support an organization that's purpose is to bring that success to nonprofits and governments. And we want you to support this worthy cause as well. 


Go Pro and Give Back

For the next 30 days, we're offering new or upgraded Professional subscriptions to  Innovation Games® Online for just $495 and donating $250 of every purchase to the Every Voice Engaged Foundation


Simply register for the Pro Subscription using the discount code EveryVoiceEngaged


Go Pro & Save--and We'll give back
For a limited time, we're offering a one-year Professional Subscription to Innovation Games® Online for just $495 (Savings of $1000) and donating $250 of the cost to the Every Voice Engaged foundation. Just sign up with the code EveryVoiceEngaged or just click here to go Pro and give back.


Offer Expires: 30 June 2012

From the Blog

How We Play Online Games Differs from In-Person Games    

Luke Hohmann
Luke photo 

We get a lot of inquiries about the differences between online and in-person games. Quite often, these inquires have some not-so-secret agenda, as when advocates of one or the other forms of play try to convince me that one is clearly superior than the other. Ha! Those questions may be cleverly worded, but they forget that we've been playing games for more than 10 years. 


After writing the book -- and then writing the software platforms that powers in-person and online games -- I'm far too crafty to be fooled by these questions.  However, there are indeed differences between online and in-person games. 


I've come to think of game production as a small system of three interlocked phases of planning. The first is situating yourself in the Ideas Into Action™ framework so that you can be clear on the broad kinds of question you're going to ask, the goals you're trying to achieve, or the kinds of puzzles you're trying to solve. This phase is independent of whether or not you will play online or in-person games. If you're in the  Discover phase, you're going to choose open-ended games, and if you're in the  Prioritize phase, it is pretty certain you will choose a prioritization game.


Click here to


IG at Work

UVA Leadership Program Puts Buy a Feature to Work 


Earlier this year, I got a call from a friend who works as a Learning and Development specialist at the University of Virginia. JoEllen had heard me rattle on endlessly about the Budget Games we had produced for the City of San José, CA earlier this year, and that story got her thinking. 

JoEllen Wilikins
JoEllen Wilkins, University of Virginia


The  University of Virginia (UVA), like nearly every public university in the U.S., is facing budget constraints thanks to the current economic climate, and similar to other organizations, would like more of its employees to have a broader understanding of how those budget cuts affect the university as whole. JoEllen wondered if there was a way to use Innovation Games® in one of her training sessions to help the current crop of University of Virginia executives to shift their perspective from the departmental level to the University as a whole--particularly around budgeting. 


What did you want to accomplish by using Innovation Games®?

We wanted the new executives to participate in an exercise that would illustrate the challenges of thinking about budgets at the university level, rather than at a departmental level. So, we asked them to identify budget cuts based on a fictitious directive to reduce the university budget by 3%.

Our ultimate goal was to get people thinking about budgeting decisions before our guest speaker from the Budget Office talked to them about budget processes, funding sources, and so on. We used the game to "prime the pump" and played the online game ahead of our in-person meeting. It gave them some context for really absorbing the budget information that followed.


Click here to read more.

Vote Early, Vote Often 

WattzOn In DOE App for Energy Contest


Like lots of other Silicon Valley startups, we share office spaceWattzOn with another company, and our office mates WattzOn doing great things in the green energy field, helping folks save money and save energy. 


WattzOn entered and is competing for the People's Choice Award in the Department of Energy Apps for Energy contest. Voting runs through May 31, 2012, and we're urging the Innovation Games community to support this worthy cause. 


You can vote once a day, so vote early, vote often, and help WattzOn win! Voting just takes to clicks; just go here.


As the World Turns 

Spider Web for career makeovers, Speed Plane takes off and more.


The best part of putting together this newsletter is seeing how Innovation Games® being put to work around the globe, in every industry imaginable. This month we have reports from London, and San Francisco, touching on Sharepoint, Career Development, Public Health and more. Cheers to the Innovation Games community for helping people all over the world get real work done through games.  

Spider Web for Career Makeovers

One of the best things about Innovation Games® is their incredible adaptability. Case in point is my favorite adaption of Spider Web: Instead of mapping the connections between products or offerings, it's a great tool for finding connections between people. 


Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to be part of

Gap's Pat Reed discussing Spider Web
Pat Reed, Sr. Director for for IT Talent and Career Development at Gap Inc. coaches a Career Day participant on playing Spider Web.

the Career Development Day at Gap Inc.'s headquarters in San Francisco. We came prepared to play several games with the hundreds of IT employees invited to the event, but our Spider Web, adapted to focus on career development (and titled "What's Your Passion?") was the most popular. We asked participants to use the game to find connections with their co-workers. Their posts were made up of:

  1. Their name and contact info
  2. Something about themselves
  3. What they "know" (Work expertise/experience)
  4. What they need to grow their careers.

The game required very little facilitation and before long we had a great Spider Web spreading across the wall, bringing participants together to find not only resources for training, mentoring and career growth, but connections in their life outside the office as well. 


See more photos of the event on our Flickr stream.


Exploring the Right-Side of the Brain

Management Consultant Symon Garfield recently attended our London Innovation Games® class in search of "developing [his] right-brained skills, such as  visual meetings, user centred-design, and serious games" and wrote this excellent post about his experience and how he sees serious games incorporated into the work world.

Speed Boat at London Class
Playing Speed Boat in the May class in London.


Over the past ten years," Symon writes, "I've run hundreds of workshops ... to identify business and user challenges and define and prioritise requirements for software solutions ... I've had a lot of practice and think I am pretty good at it, but these workshops are difficult at the best of times. Some participants are hesitant about expressing opinions, the meetings can become dominated by one or two people, and to be honest the sessions can be too long and just plain dull." 


"Games offer a fresh approach to these types of workshops," Symon continues. "The 'rules' of the games provide a new basis for interaction. Props such as posters, sticky tape, marker pens and cardboard boxes enable participants to express themselves in new ways and stimulate creativity. Visual metaphors such as speed boats, trees and structured diagrams enable new ways of thinking about a problem. And perhaps, most importantly of all, they are a fun alternative to the usual meeting format." We couldn't agree more. 

Click here to read the complete post.


Speed Plane Takes Flight  

Spider Web isn't the only Innovation Game® we adapted this
Speed Plane
Speed Plane takes flight at AGTE annual conference.
month. Speed Boat was transformed 
into Speed Plane, as as our VP of Sales Laura Richardson facilitated a workshop for the Association of Global Travel Executives annual conference in San Francisco. Titled "Where in the World Are Your Travelers" the session prompted the 70+ participants to use the metaphor of a plane (along with luggage carts and turbo jets) to explore what challenges and successes the executives experience managing their companies global travel initiatives. 


Check out our Flickr stream for more photos of the event, and download a PDF of the Speed Plane poster from our Tools & Templates page to try it for yourself.


Games for Improving Public Health

While Innovation Games® were born from our work with companies like Qualcomm and SAP, the games are being put to work in every industry imaginable. Take the recent Innovation Games® workshop facilitated by Innovation Games® Trained Facilitator Sue Cook for

CALPACT Speed Boat
Speed Boat in progress at CALPACT workshop

CALPACT on April 5.


The day-long event introduced the concept of serious play to public health professionals from around the San Francisco Bay Area. Participants played games like Speed Boat (to discover what prevents organizations from being effective), Prune the Product Tree to generate potential opportunities, and 20/20 Vision to gain input on priorities. 


Check out the complete details on CALPACT's blog.


Meet the Team
Jason Tanner, IGQI & Enthiosys President

This month Enthiosys President and Innovation
Jason Turner
Games® Qualified Instructor Jason Tanner is in the hot seat to tell us about a brand new online Innovation Games® course that he'll be teaching at the end of this month. It's our first online course and we're really excited that Jason has put it together.


Jason has 18+ years experience, working for software companies, a telecomm and the Marine Corps. A skilled instructor, his expertise spans agile software product management, product marketing, business planning, partner management, project management and leadership, in addition to deep experience in teaching and using Innovation Games® in his work.


You are offering the first online Innovation Games® course. (Hurray!) What was your inspiration? 

I had several inspirations for this class. First, in promoting previous in-person Innovation Games® classes, I received a lot of interest from people who couldn't attend because of a location conflict. Second, I have been meeting more and more people who struggle with how to engage distributed teams in meaningful, productive ways. IGO really addresses this dilemma. Finally, I wanted to build something new and interesting to sharpen my own skills. 


When is the class? 
It's Wednesday, May 30 from 12 PM - 6 PM Eastern time.

How is this class different from the regular in-person Innovation Games class?

Obviously, this class is shorter. More importantly, it goes deep with Innovation Games® Online to equip facilitators with the skills and knowledge to start designing and facilitating online games the next day. 


What can attendees expect?
Attendees can expect to play a lot of games and to do a lot of their own work 'playing' with the IGO platform to design their own games. My goal is to give people an opportunity to plow through some of the design mechanics that I figured out on my own over the past few years. This class challenges attendees and me as the facilitator to cover a lot of material in an engaging format to keep everyone involved. My intent is for people to finish the class with a feeling that the time flew by.


How do they sign up?  
Easy. Just sign up here


Click here to read more. 

Have any news about the Innovation Games® community?  Email us at info@innovationgames.com.


Can't wait for the next newsletter? Do you have to know what's new with Innovation Games®, right now? Find out what's happening with us at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and our blog.    



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Tami Carter
VP, Marketing
The Innovation Games® Company
Go Pro & Save--and We'll give back
For a limited time, we're offering a one-year Professional Subscription to Innovation Games Online for just $495 (Savings of $1000) and donating $250 of the cost to the Every Voice Engaged foundation. Just sign up with the code EveryVoiceEngaged or just click here to go Pro and give back.
Offer Expires: 30 June 2012