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Innovation Games in London  

IG Book
Join us for a  two-day Innovation Games class in London, UK. The class will teach your how to plan, play & post-process the games, in addition to covering facilitation skills.


Register here

Cost: £1,122 (25% off general admission)* 


*New registrants only.  

 Innovation Games for Customer Understanding: Texas

Join IGQI Jeff Brantley for a 2-day Innovation Games for Customer Understanding class in Austin, TX on Nov. 2-3, 2011.  

Cost: $1,195  More information and registration here.  


 Innovation Games + Agile: Texas

Join IGQI Jeff Brantley for a one-day intensive Innovation Games for Agile Teams class in Austin, TX on Nov. 4, 2011.  


Cost: $545.   

More information and registration here.  


Innovation Games + IT-Agile bring Training to Hamburg

Join us for  a 2-day Innovation Games class  designed for consultants, in partnership with IT-Agile, in Hamburg, Germany on Nov. 10-11, 2011. Attendees will learn how to plan, play and post- process the games, in addition to advice on structuring & planning client engagements.


Register here.

Cost: 1400 Eur* 


*Special discounts for groups; contact IT-Agile. 


Innovation Games at IAP2 NorCal Event 

On Nov. 17th in San Francisco, We'll be at IAP2's NorCal Event, talking about the work we did with the City of San Jose earlier this year to help the city get actionable feedback on the city budget via Innovation Games. We won't just be talking about the San Jose Budget Games, but giving attendees a chance to try out the game and see how serious games can be an effective tool for increasing public participation in government.  


More details and registration
info is here.


Innovation Games Training in Amsterdam

Join Innovation Games Qualified Instructor Jonathan Clark for a 2-day Innovation Games for Customer Understanding course in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on Dec. 6-7, 2011. Attendees will learn how to plan, play and post- process the games, in addition to advice on structuring & planning client engagements.


Register here.

Cost: 895 Eur* 


*Special discounts for Innovation Games Online Subscribers; contact instructor.

Innovation Games Comes to Brazil

Adaptworks and The Innovation Games Company have partnered to bring our first Innovation Games for Customer Understanding Course to Brazil. Taught by Michael Gaines, the 2-day course will include instruction on all phases of both online and in-person games. 


Date: Dec. 9-10

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

More information & Registration here.




Welcome to latest issue of Your Next Move!, our monthly newsletter covering the latest news, events and announcements from the Innovation Games®


Same Great IGO; Lower Price

Put Innovation Games to Work -- for Less  

It's been a great year for Innovation Games®
Online, with a 300% increase in new subscribers in just the past 6 months. Click Invite Play 3To celebrate, and express our gratitude to our loyal users, we're pleased to announce that we've lowered the cost of Innovation Games® Online Professional and Standard subscriptions and have simplified our offerings.  

Professional subscriptions for Innovation Games® Online,
offering unlimited use, are now just $149 per month, $1,490 annually. Standard subscriptions, offering 100 private games, are $49 per month, $495 annually.  
IGO Subscriptions New Pricing

"This rapid growth has given us insight into how Innovation Games® Online is being put used by organizations large and small in market research, customer insight and collaboration," said Luke Hohmann, founder and CEO.
"Our streamlined offerings and lower cost means that it's
even more cost-effective to ideate, collaborate, prioritize and make decisions with your peers and customers -- whether they are in the next cube or on the other side of the world."

To sign up or find complete details on Innovation Games Online's new pricing, click here.

From the Blog

(Em)powering Technonomy Workers through Innovation Games  

Luke Hohmann
Luke photo 

The lead story in the Sept. 26, 2011 issue of Forbes is David Kirkpatrick's "Social Power and the Coming Corporate Revolution: Why Employees and Customers will be Calling the Shots". Despite some of the negative sensationalism that Mr. Kirkpatrick uses to introduce the topic, he got quite a lot right. Unfortunately, he left out the most important thing -- how, exactly, will corporations engage their employees and customers?


Root Causes of the 'Corporate Spring'

Early in the article, Kirkpatrick quotes Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com, in comparing the empowerment of employees to the Arab Spring, in which employers will be forced, through social technology, to show authenticity, fairness, transparency and good faith. Sadly, Kirkpatrick spends the vast majority of his article extolling the virtues of social media to enable embattled workers to rise up against corporate oppressors. While social media can (and should!) help correct for some of the most egregious corporate offenses, and while reporting about it can help sell magazines, it's more productive to examine some of the root causes behind this "Corporate Spring", and then explore how serious games can productively tap a corporation's 

employee power.


Click here to

Innovation Games @ Work
StockTwits: You've probably shipped a Product, but did she like it? 

David Putnam, VP of Products at StockTwits, writes about how he has used Innovation Games to narrow down possible directions/priorities for product development. 

Have you ever shipped a product?  Before you say "no", I would probably say "yes". Couple


Think about that music compilation cassette tape, CD, or playlist you made for a special someone, friend or party. Remember now? Did he/she/they like it?


If she did like it, it was probably because you thought about her listening to it as you poured your heart into the song selection, the play-list order, and the fade between songs.


You thought...what are her favorite songs that she heard playing in your car? What songs has she told you that she loves -- maybe via a smile, perhaps during a movie, or maybe via a thumbs up on Pandora. Likely you placed a song into the mix that was new to her, one that you thought she would like because what you know about her. If you've done this, then you've built a product. If she/he liked it, and still listens to it today (years later), then you built a really successful product.


When you built this product you were only successful because you listened to what he/she wanted, and you added in what you knew about them when you built it. You cared about her liking it. If you hadn't taken her into account then your friend who enjoys 80s couples-skate music will have received your Judas Priest/Ratt compilation and lied to you about how she liked it.


Click here to read more.

Better Software 2011

The #Innovgames Flickr Photo Contest is Back!  

We've had a great year at Innovation Games®, with tremendous growth in our subscriber base and hundreds more trained facilitators, and it's time to celebrate -- by giving
Maria Matarelli
IGTF Maria Matarelli with Alistair Cockburn at Agile 2011
away some cold hard cash. Our photo contest at
Agile 2011 -- trading photo opportunities with Innovation Games®  Trained Facilitators for a chance to win $500 cash -- was so much fun, we're back with a contest for Better Software East 2011.

It's easy to play and win. Grab a camera, snap your photo with as many Innovation Games® Trained Facilitators
as can be found and upload those photos to
Flickr. (Click here for a list of IGTFs who are speaking at the event.) Trained Facilitators can play as well. 

Click here to get complete details on how to play to win. See you on Flickr!

Cyberspace Roundup
Innovation Games takes France by storm; UX at the Heart of the Games; Speed Boat or Nothing; New Instant Play; More Top 10s & more ...

It's been a busy month in cyberspace for Innovation Games, from multiple events in France, to new Instant Play games, to making top 10s. Read on for a few of this month's gems.

Innovation Games en Francais
Claude Aubry writes about the one-day Innovation Games event, he and and Innovation Games Trained Facilitator
Alexandre Boutin led between the Agile events  in Toulouse and Bordeaux, earlier this month (www.aubryconseil.com).  Aubry reports that the all-day event included five Innovation Games, introducing the games to 16 participants from Toulouse, Grenoble, Paris, Valencia and Bordeaux. It was a great time of sharing and good humor, he writes. The "players" were highly motivated and interested in knowing how to use these games to improve their own products. Read Alexandre's take on Agile Toulouse and the one-day Innovation Games event in Bordeaux, here.
Agile Bordeaux
Attendees at Agile Toulouse and Agile Bordeaux being introduced to Innovation Games
Innovation Games in 60 minutes or less
Innovation Games Trained Facilitator Fabrice Aimetti reports that Jean-Michel Delehaye and Guillaume Collic held a good hour long session on Innovation Games at Agile Tour 2011 Rennes. "It isn't easy an easy topic to present in only an hour, but Fabrice writes that they met the challenge. "
Ils ont réussi le pari!"

U/X at the Heart of the Game
Our trip through France continues with Agile Coach/UX consultant Jean Claude Grosjean's recent post about how Remember the Future and Me and My Shadow are useful tools for User Experience professionals. Grossjean writes about how the essence of the two games should be familiar--data collection via interviews, observation and surveys, but goes on to relate how each Innovation Games "minimize bias", "better interpret behavior" and "anticipate user needs". Remember the Future

A Speed Boat or nothing
Grosjean also profiles Speed Boat over at Agile-UX.com, as part of his regular series on agile UX issues. Grosjean writes that the "advantage of Speed Boat is that it can be used in Speed Boat Grosjeanmany contexts. Grosjean demonstrates this by posting an image from one his own Speed Boat games, where his boat represents his development project, which isn't advancing for some reason. The game details, according to Grosjean, "our product, subject to criticisms and comments of its users or the team in charge to bring agility to the organization." To read the complete post, go here.

Short Takes

Have any news about the Innovation Games® community?  Email us at info@innovationgames.com.


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