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Innovation Games for Consultants

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Join Luke Hohmann on Oct. 11-12, 2011 in Mountain View, CA, for our two-day Innovation Games class, designed especially for consultants. You'll learn how to plan, play & post-process the games, in addition to advice on structuring & planning client engagements. 


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Cost: $500*  

 50% off Refresher Discount available for Trained Facilitators. 


*Courtesy pricing for Consultants only.  

Innovgames Training in Texas  

Qualified Instructor Jeff Brantley will be holding several Innovation Games classes in various locations in Texas this summer. Click on each session for complete details.  


Dallas, Aug. 16-17

Austin, Aug. 23 (Agile Teams) 

Bevill Edge®:  Innovation Games Training  

Qualified Instructor Scotty Bevill will be teaching several Innovation Games classes in the Midwest & Northwest this summer and fall. Click on each session for complete details.  


 Seattle, Aug. 8-9

 Columbus, Ohio, Aug 18-19

 Boulder, CO, Aug. 25-26   

 September 2011: Innovation Games Class in Stockholm

Join Qualified Instructor Maarten Volders, for a 2-day Innovation Games class in Stockholhm, Sweden on Sept. 8-9, 2011. Early Bird rate ends August 8;

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 September 2011: Innovation Games Class in Helsinki, Finland

Join Maarten Volders, an Innovation Games Qualified Instructor, for a 2-day Innovation Games class in Helsinki, Finland

on September 13-14, 2011. Early Bird rate ends August 12;

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Oct. 2011: Innovation Games Class in Belgium

Join Maarten Volders, an Innovation Games Qualified Instructor, for a 2-day Innovation Games class in Mechelen, Belgium

on Oct. 6-7, 2011.  

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Innovation Games for Consultants 

Join CEO and Founder Luke Hohmann for a

2-day Innovation Games class 

designed for consultants in Mountain View, CA

on October 10-11, 2011. You'll learn how to plan, play & post-process the games, in addition to advice on structuring & planning client engagements.


Register here.

Cost: $500*


50% off Refresher Discount available for Trained Facilitators. 


*Courtesy pricing for Consultants only.


Innovation Games + Gamestorming:

Join CEO & Founder Luke Hohmann & Qualified Instructor Michael Sahota for a 2-day Innovation Games class in Toronto, Canada 

on November 21-22, 2011. The class includes instruction on all phases of both in-person and online games.   


Cost: $895 (early bird; ends Oct. 21) 


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Welcome to latest issue of Your Next Move!, our monthly newsletter covering the latest news, events and announcements from the Innovation Games®


On January 29, 2011, The Innovation Games® Company designed and produced an in-person serious game to help more than 100 citizens, community leaders and city officials in San Jose, CA, collaboratively prioritize possible cuts to the city San Jose Budget Games in action budget. Instead of polling residents individually, our specially designed Innovation Game®, the San Jose Budget Games, created an opportunity for ordinary citizens to negotiate and listen to their neighbors' viewpoints. Civic leaders left the San Jose Budget Games with both a clear and actionable list of the proposals citizens could compromise on and also a record of why they had found common ground -- and the game results have impacted the actual city budget  


From 100s to 100,000s of Citizen Voices

Our experience with the city of San Jose has convinced us that games are a powerful tool for civic engagement. We've launched a campaign on the crowd-funding site IndieGoGo to fund the extension of our existing in-person version of Budget Games into an online version. Instead of engaging hundreds of citizens, we want to powerfully connect tens of thousands or even millions of motivated citizens with their elected officials -- and we need your help to get this done.

Help us help citizens get to work on the budget crisis. Contribute and spread the word via our IndieGoGo campaign.

From the Blog

Intellectual Ventures, Software Patents, NPR & Innovation Games

Luke Hohmann
Luke photo 

On July 26, 2011, National Public Radio ran a story on software patents titled When Patents Attack. Featured prominently in this piece was Intellectual Ventures, a company that has amassed a significant patent portfolio.The report raises some very thought-provoking questions about software patents and whether or not these patents are realizing the original goals of the patent system in promoting innovation. I won't deny that the patent system, especially as it relates to software patents, could be improved. Unfortunately, the NPR article focuses only on software patents, and the real situation is considerably more complex. In this post I will explain how the global IP community has been using Innovation Games® to more deeply understand ever-changing patent landscape, with a hopefully more comprehensive perspective than that offered by NPR. 


Three Years of Innovation Games Exploring IP & Patents
For the past three years, Joff Wild, Managing editor at the IP Media Group, has hired The Innovation Games® Company to design and produce Innovation Games sessions in conjunction with the IP Business Congress. We started in 2009, with Rob Sterne and Ron Laurie helping co-produce our first event that was focused on the emerging role of the Chief Intellectual Property Officer. These games, which were attended by some of the world's most prominent IP experts, allowed us to clarify the full scope and impact of the CIPO  (see the full report here).   


Click here to

Agile 2011

Innovation Games and Agile. Just like Peanut Butter & Jelly.  

It's no secret that Innovation Games pair extremely well with Agile. The games have been used by the Scrum Alliance, the APLN and the Agile Alliance (not to mention countless agile companies), and CEO and founder Luke Hohmann is a long time member of the Agile community. Each month this newsletter is filled with stories about how the community is using Innovation Games for discovering customer requirements, running project retrospectives, prioritizing backlogs and much more.

IGTFs at Agile 2011

With this long history, it's not surprising that more than 100 agile leaders are Innovation Games Trained Facilitators 

(IGTFs), and we're thrilled that 30 of the 200+ sessions at Agile 2011 will be taught by IGTFs. Click on their names to see their sessions and schedule:

David Chilcot, Julie Chickering, Ellen Gottesdiener, Carlton Nettleton, Israel Gat, Michele Sliger, Chris Sims, Chet Hendrickson, Kenny Rubin, Lyssa Adkins, Michael Sahota, Diana Larsen, Skip Angel, Derek Wade, Michael DePaoli, Roger Brown, Alan Shalloway, Gerry Kirk, Patti Mandarino, Jeff Patton, Elena Yatzeck, Jason Tanner and William Krebs.

Innovation Games Trained Facilitators

Some of the 300+ Innovation Games Trained Facilitators

Meet IGTFs at Agile 2011; Win Cash
If you're attending Agile 2011, don't miss out on our Innovation Games Photo Contest running during the conference. Find out how to play here.

Cyberspace Roundup
Better Retrospectives, Triple Helix Trilicious, From Russia with InnovGames Love & more...

It's been a busy month in cyberspace for Innovation Games, from Speed Boat for Retrospectives, to reports on our custom-designed game for the Triple Helix Conference, Trilicious. Read on for a few of this month's gems.

Reinvigorated RetrospectivesSail Boat
"It's not uncommon for agile development teams to reach the point where their retrospectives become ineffective or the team members stop seeing value in the meeting," writes VersionOne's Matt Badgely in his post on reinvigorating retrospectives. As an antidote, Matt suggests Sail Boat, an adaption of the Innovation Game Speed Boat. The game helps circumvent three of the anchors that drag down the effectiveness of retrospectives: monotony, lack of action and the quiet majority. Read more here.

Trilicious: The Triple Helix Game

More than 50 government, academic and industry leaders played Trilicious.

On July 14, 2011 at the Triple Helix IX International Conference at Stanford University, we debuted Trilicious, a custom-designed game to help people learn about -- and more importantly, apply -- the Triple Helix model to solve complex problems. Designed by CEO Luke Hohmann, and based on the work of Professors Henry Etzkowitz and Dr. Marina Ranga, with contributions from Mei Lin Fung and several Innovation Games® Trained Facilitators, the game motivates players to work collaboratively to create innovative solutions to complex problems through university-industry-government interactions. You can see results from the game and download the game materials here.

Mei Lin Fung wrote about her experience playing Trilicious and the insights her team received as a result here.

Innovation Games in the Russian HouseLego Man
Innovation Games is truly an international phenomenon, with trained facilitators on 5 continents, speaking more than 20 languages. This month we saw the launch of Innovation Games Russia, a community site where Russian Innovation Gamers can explore, learn and debate the merits of using games to do real work.
Meet the Team
Andrea Dinneen, Civic Engagement Outreach

Andrea DiAndrea Dinneennneen left sunny Los Angeles to join us this summer to work on our Civic Engagement projects, focusing primarily on our Budget Games initiative. She's a PhD student in Sociology at UCLA and originally hails from Washington D.C., where she developed her interest in all things government. When Andrea isn't working on our games for civic engagement, she likes to spend her free time playing soccer and enjoying the amazing Bay Area outdoors.   


What is your favorite Innovation Game?

Buy a Feature, of course, because it's the foundation of our specially designed Budget Games which everyone should check out here. (Shameless self-promotion is just one of the many things I've learned as an intern). 


What makes you smile?  Smart, efficient government and Keyboard Cat! ... but that makes everyone smile.

What is your favorite place in the world? 
My hometown of Washington D.C., although San Francisco is putting up a good fight.

If you could meet any famous historical person, who would it be?

Queen Elizabeth I, but I'd go to her. They don't make roasted pig like they used to


What's your favorite piece of clothing?

Scarves, a completely underrated accessory in my opinion.

What did you have for breakfast?           

Peanut butter & Banana


Who do you want to play Knowsy with?

President Obama. Topic: Jobs he'd rather have right now.    

Have any news about the Innovation Games® community?  Email us at info@innovationgames.com.


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