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Dispatches from Three Weekend Events
Lydia, in the arms of a
potential new guardian
Lydia with gal
There's no better way to rebound from last week's 'travel' issue than to dive into closer-to-home happenings. These proved to be as calming as the waters of Indiana Beach, beginning with the cuddly dogs and cats who descended upon north Damen this past Sunday from noon to 4 PM. 

The pets, all residents of various no-kill shelters, were congregated on the sidewalks and, in the cases of the cats, in swanky, air-conditioned boutiques, in hopes of finding permanent homes. Over 50 businesses on Damen, from Six Corners to the expressway, hosted pets in conjunction with PAWS Chicago's Angels with Tails Bucktown Drive. The community-wide event attracted animal lovers from other neighborhoods, like the proud couple in today's masthead photo, who were sitting at a table on the sidewalk alongside Marc Jacobs, 1714 N. Damen, completing an adoption application for Lydia, a long-haired Daschund, above, spotted in the arms of another would-be guardian during The Pipeline's walk down Damen.  

Ladies of the Tree House Animal Foundation's Bucktown Branch, in front of Riley Boutique
Ladies of Tree House
Volunteers from Alive Rescue, Bully Breed Rescue, the Tree House Humane Society for Cats and others, were in attendance. Click here to see more friendly faces from the drive, hosted on the Street of Wicker blog, and there's this recap story posted on Let's Talk About Lauren, by Bucktowner Lauren Kleiman.

39th District State Representative
Toni Berrios
20th District State Representative, Toni Berrios
Another event involved that seasonal passage known as 'back to school,' when CPS navy blue-and-white uniform ensembles hang from the windows of area shops, and it's time to purchase new supplies, which can be a source of excitement or financial stress, or both, particularly for families with multiple children and in challenging economic times.

With that in mind, 39th District State Representative Toni Berrios, right, and First Ward Alderman Proco 'Joe' Moreno sponsored the seventh-annual Back to School Health Fair Friday, Aug. 20, at the Congress Theatre, 2135 N. Milwaukee.

En route to the fair, The Pipeline passed soon-to-be-sixth grader Odaliz, age 11, already putting her new yellow backpack to good use. She'd chosen yellow because it's her favorite color, though, like most of us, she was unable to elaborate much on why. She then shyly spoke of all of the colors of backpacks which had been available to her: purple, gray, black, green, and red. 

Odaliz, age 11, with yellow backpack
Odaliz with backpack
Odaliz was one of 2,000 school children who received a backpack, all of which were full of basic supplies like notebooks, writing utensils, and erasers. 
An optician offers free vision screenings
vision screening
Held at Haas Park for its first six years,
Josephina, headed into her junior year of high school, gets some new layers from Jamie of Twisted Scissors.
layer cut in congress
the event was moved to the Congress Theatre this year due to construction at the park. Though the park reportedly had kid-friendly teepee-style tents for each of the vendor booths on its lawn, the Congress was also pretty sweet, considering that I found myself looking at these kids getting layered cuts by hair stylists inside one of the hippest music venues in the city. Gypsy-punk master Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello had played there just a few weeks earlier, and I wondered if the kids knew how cool it was to be getting a haircut inside such a historic place.

Alderman Moreno was on his cell-phone near the haircut station when The Pipeline approached, though it would be misleading for me to report only this, as the newish alderman was also was
Jamie of Twisted Scissors styles a student's hair.
haircut n congress
spotted hanging out at the various booths. I initially saw him as I was standing in line to get my blood sugar and cholesterol checked by Nurse Melissa of Resurrection Health Care. She gently advised that I don't consume coffee for breakfast and a sugar-free Red Bull and Payday candy bar for lunch, because it could sway results--or a least I hope that's the reason behind my high numbers, and not the stress of trying to be a 'community journalist'!

The event was made possible by many contributing sponsors who volunteered time and services. Near the final leg of the fair, I popped back by the haircuts station and learned that the four stylists, two from Twisted Scissors and two from M.GO, each estimated that they'd given 15 haircuts in just a few hours. For more photos snapped (and with permission from parents), click here.
Irazu Block Party, photo by Joe Popa
Block Party photo by Joe Popa
And finally, because I'm trying to get into 'travel issue' mode more often these days, even if I'm not going anywhere, the crown jewel of this past weekend's festivities was, at least in my opinion, the 20th-Anniversary Block Party at Irazu, which took place at Oakley and Milw., alongside the neighborhood restaurant. The place is a favorite among anyone who's ever been there, or at least anyone I've ever asked, perhaps for its no-nonsense style and plantains and shakes to die for, or maybe to just think about dying for because if you die you can't eat another meal at Irazu, and that's all one needs to know about this always packed hot spot.

Mike Hartnett of Newcity, with Hope Popa/
 Photo by Joe Popa
mike at irazu block party
Many familiar faces were present at the block party, including Monica Brown, an artist and former Chicago Reader receptionist; Brad Flora, founder of the Windy Citizen; and Mike Hartnett, associate publisher of Newcity. Mike, who The Pipeline runs into quite often at some of our same favorite local spots, noted, "Irazu's party feels a lot like Silver Room's annual Block Party.... Both great events put on by awesome business owners who obviously care about their customers a great deal and the entire neighborhood."

Irazu's neighbor, Red & White Wines, had lines nearly out the door as folks realized it was a BYO block party. Nate, who was working the front counter at Red & White and stocking the cooler during breaks in the line of customers, said he could barely
The delayed recollection that my key chain might also serve as a bottle opener was something along the lines of the biggest epiphany I've had all summer--heck, make that my life!
bottle opener
keep up with the demand for Imperial, a popular Costa Rican beer that was only available in cans by the time my friend Mindy and I got to the head of the line. We'd had a few goes at various craft beers, such as an ale from Lakeland Brewing, but that meant we had to search for a bottle opener. It was not until round three of hijacking other people's bottle openers, that I suddenly recalled that my 'Van De Kamps key chain of the past FIVE-plus years can also double as bottle opener, and that I've maybe used it as such just once or twice. This prompted Mindy to say, "You know, I was thinking that Alisa would have a bottle opener. You have everything in your purse. I was kind of shocked you didn't have one [a bottle opener]"  Apparently it was a night full of surprises, as Mindy was also amused that I did not have a battery in my camera, either, as I'd inadvertently left it in its charger back home. She said, "I was actually thinking, this is the one time I might want Alisa to take my picture." Indeed, Mindy, one of my faithful event-hopping buddies, was rocking a brand-new haircut (not from the back-to-school fair) and a tan. But alas, it is undocumented.

Irazu block party, photo by Joe Popa
irazu block party by joe popa
What will
be documented, at least in words, is that soon we were drinking Imperials and listening to music, admiring the dancing, all reminiscent of how block parties used to be, "Back in the day when the DJ spun all night." The evening's headliner Blah, Blah, Blah, was a very far cry from "blah,"and thus we found ourselves standing there when the last song ended, quietly wishing for more. But it was time to leave  one of the best block parties of the summer.
Sponsored News:
Bucktown Arts Fest Celebrates 25th Year
bucktown arts fest logo To think about the fact that the Bucktown Arts Fest has not just survived, but thrived, with an all volunteer task force, and no corporate sponsorship, over the course of 25 years, is to think about the infrastructure that this two-day weekend festival in the heart of Bucktown has created, all for the purpose of strengthening community and fostering awareness of and participation in the Arts.

Poster design by Jill Lanza
New this year will be the inception of a scholarship award, and a Best in Show: Theater & Dance prize, both of which will be dedicated in memory of Effie Mihopoulos, who passed away this past January. Effie was a five time Pushcart Prize nominee, a prolific writer, and creator of a grant-funded poetry and performance art series known as "Babel." She'd also served for many years as the Theater & Dance Coordinator for the Bucktown Arts Fest.  Per the terms of the scholarship, a total of $3500 total will be distributed over a five year period. Each year, $200 will go to a theater troupe who wins 'Best of Show' based on a committee vote during the fest, and $500 will be given to a working artist within the disciplines of theater and dance.

Another new change this year, albeit behind-the-scenes, involved online applications for artists to complete. Amy Waldon, Chair of the Fest Committee, noted in a telephone conversation this past Friday that the online process did not run as smoothly as hoped, though she added it's something for the committee to improve upon next year.  As for the changes which will be noticed by fest fans, there will be merchandise for sale featuring the fest's winning logo, selected from a pool of 50 entries. T-shirts and tote bags bearing the new logo will be for sale, along with posters featuring a design by artist Jill Lanza.

The amphitheater in Senior Citizen's Park at night it'll look much friendlier and populated during the
 weekend's festivities
senior park at dark
Waldon said she likes the fest because the artists are diverse and eclectic, working within a wide range of mediums, from textiles to painting and sculpture. The added advantage of the fest being juried means that care was taken to select 180 participants from an applicant pool of 300. The serene setting of Senior Citizen's Park, nestled among trees, at Oakley and Lyndale, and with the amphitheater feeling almost like a sunken conversation pit, albeit a cement one, brings out the communal spirit. In addition to the art and performances and live music, free activities for young ones including storytelling, cooking classes, and ballet and baf mapdance will take place in the Kid's Tent, located just north of the Holstein Park Pool and near the entrance to the playground. Click here to view the Fest's Master Schedule.

In related news, tomorrow, Thurs.,  there will be a Fest Kickoff Party at the Jackson Junge Gallery, 1389 N. Milw., from 6 to 9PM. Along with appetizers and libations, the gathering is a great way to meet the volunteer organizers and participating artists who've donated their work for the silent-auction portion of the evening. Tickets are available by clicking here.

* Headed to the fest? Receive a complimentary 16-oz oatmeal shake with any min. purchase over $15 at Irazu, 1865 N. Milw.

Sponsored News: SPACES:
Residential Closings, Soft O
penings, Expansions, Anniversaries, Merchant Mainstays & More!

Marna Bucktown picThis section Is sponsored
by Marna Spizz, an independent residential real estate broker helping locals find or sell the spiciest and hippest
of 'spaces'
since 1998!

News just in...Not a bad week in "Bucktown" residential real estate.  "Bucktown" defined as between North Ave and the 90/94 Expwy and Ashland and Western.  7 properties changed owners this past week.  3 "attached" of which 2 were condos and 1 was a townhouse. 3 "detached" single families of which 1 was a SHORT sale and 1 "multi-unit" 3 flat with a coach house.

The lowest closing of the week was a 2 bed/1.1 bath condo at Clocktower Lofts - 2300 West Wabansia Unit 209. It sold in 49 days for $322,000 and close to 97% of its list price of $334,000. The sellers bought this property in Sept. 2005 for $324,500.

The highest closing was a 4 bed/4.1 bath end unit townhouse at 2149 Churchill.  It finally sold after 376 days on the market for $700,000 - which is 85% of it's original list price of $825,000.  These sellers paid $670,000 in 2003.

To finish out last week I decided to take a spontaneous drive to Springfield and experience our State Fair.  In keeping with Alisa's trip to Indiana Beach, much fun was had with plenty of meat on a stick, potato "chips" with special cheese sauces, frozen milk shakes, original rib eye sandwiches, cinnamon sugar coated elephant ears, chocolate bacon...and of course the ever present corndog. When we weren't eating or playing bingo, the horse shows and fantastic wine tastings from Illinois vineyards were among our event packed day.  If you have never experienced our State Fair, I would strongly recommend you go...and while you're in Springfield check out the Lincoln Museum.  It is an incredibly fantastic tribute to one of our greatest presidents offering a highly engaging way to learn about Lincoln's life.

And...as usual if you have any additional questions about this week's closings or anything else real estate related or would like a
Photo courtesy of Marna
elephant ears
CMA of your property, or just want to chat about real estate, please contact Marna Spizz, our residential closings columnist, via email, or 312-543-2259.  She'd be happy to meet with you in Real Space!

*** Info. sourced from MRED; closed properties from 8/16/2010 - 8/22/2010. Cross property residential Bucktown as defined above.

(Do you have a lead regarding an opening? Is there a commercial space you are curious about? Send an email and we'll do our best to follow up. To see last week's featured Spaces, click here.)

Gamma Player is closed through Sept 7.  In other boutique news, Helen Yi relocated a block north into an former dry cleaner's space at 1725 N. Damen, next to Stitch.  HY's former storefront, 1645 N. Damen, appears to be vacant and for rent. Division Street Watch Co. is coming soon, per this sign.

cafe laguardia signThis past Thursday, while taking a photo of the still vacant Doc Smoothie storefront on Armitage,
I met a few women on the street and learned that there will be a third location for Cafe La Guardia opening soon in Logan Square, at 3706 W. Armitage, with a soft opening slated for this week. This new outpost of the 15-year-old Bucktown standby will be a bistro, with Cuban skirt steak sandwiches, soups, and more.

Photo by Corey R. Lewis, lifted from Irzau Facebook Page (Pipeline was happy to be
camera free!!)
irazu block party by corey r. lewis
In anniversary news, as reported last week (and in today's main story), Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant celebrated its 20th-Anniversary with a block party this past Saturday. The following is from the restaurant's Facebook page: "A big thank you to Omar Cadena & the entire Irazu staff who helped make this party a success. A shout out to Rick Cruz, TACA Airlines, Uprise, Easel, Kid's Table, Fire Chief Tim Gibbons, all of our volunteers, friends, & customers. And to Mom & Dad who founded Irazu, GRACIAS for showing your children that through hard work, the American dream is still alive. PURA VIDA!"
is Proudly Sponsored by Doggy Style Pet Shop,
2023 W. Division

News just in...  Buy Fromm at Doggy Style, Save a Stray!

Food so good you'll want to sleep with it before
your dog eats it... 
sleeping with fromms
For the month of August, Fromm Family Foods will be donating 10% of the cost of every Fromm item purchased at Doggy Style Pet Shop to Alive Rescue. Alive is a no-kill dog and cat rescue organization that has helped place hundreds of pets in their forever homes. Doggy Style has worked on a number of fund-raising events with Alive and love all of the hard work they do to help homeless cats and dogs.
You can do your part just by shopping for your Fromm products at Doggy Style Pet Shop, 2023 W. Division.

Got dog(s)? Sign up for Doggy Style's e-newsletter here!

18 core items, GCFD
Though out of the neighborhood, a visit to the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) this past Thursday served as a reminder that there are a growing number of people in Cook County who are hungry and need our help. With assistance from leading 2009 prized partners--Kraft Foods, Chicago White Sox, Futures Industry Association of America, The Citadel Foundation, and GE--the depository delivered 66 million pounds of food in 2009, much of it to public school children. Joining The
A small sliver of the mammoth Greater Chicago Food Depository Warehouse
GCFD Warehouse
at the awards ceremony and on a tour of the facility was Brad Flora of the Windy Citizen, who was the real reason we were there to 'informally report.' Brad had received an invite after he helped organize a fund-raising drive for the depository this past winter. Though there were many takeaways from the tour, we found the 18 core items that the depository pledges to always have in stock, above, interesting. For more images, click here.

Polish Triangle, Division/Ashland/Milw., Winter 2010
Polish triangle/Winter 2010
For those who recall attending one of the Special Service Area #33 or WPB Open Houses, a much anticipated report, titled 'Placemaking at the Polish Triangle,' by the Metropolitan Planning Council, is now complete! The 21MB, 29-page color file is available for downloading.

Doug Wood of the Wicker Park Garden Club,
planting beds earlier in the season
doug of garden club
As noted in last week's 'Travel' issue, we came back from Indiana refreshed yet way behind on email, and neglected to include news of two Wicker Park Garden Club butterfly workshops which took place this past weekend with Julie Siegel, a garden club member. We regret the omission. This weekend Julie will be back, with one catch: Readers can find her in Wisconsin, and not Wicker Park! "Being Present in Your Garden: Connecting Plants, People & Process" is a free lecture, to be given by Julie, at 10:30 AM in the fields of the Northwest Perennial Farm in Burlington, WI.

A 51-year-old man accused of robbing a local bank this past Friday is in custody, per this Aug. 23 Chicago Breaking News story.

32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack, at an SSA#33 Commissioners Mtg, July 2009
32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack, at an SSA#33, or WPB, Commissioners Mtg, July 2009/Pipeline file photo
The Latest 32nd Ward news from Alderman Scott Waguespack (Aug 19) is here, too. In other news, Alderman Waguespack was featured in a column by John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, headlined Potential Challenger Has Some Frightening Words for Daley.

The 14th District CAPS sent out an Updated Safety Alert on Aug. 18 in regards to a deceptive practice scam affecting businesses owners. Please be advised to report suspicious activity to 311, or 911 in the event of an emergency.

Is yours one of the 14,693 First Ward homes that has a blue bin? Here is an Important Recycling Update from 1st Ward Alderman Proco 'Joe' Moreno.

First Ward Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno, near the close of the Back-to-School Health Fair
moreno at congress theater
In other First Ward news, Lauri Apple of the Chicago Reader interviewed Alderman Moreno in a Q&A story,
'Even Banksy Has to Follow the Rules in Proco Joe's Ward.' 
ccm logoTweets & Links is Sponsored by
Cat & Mouse Game Store,
2212 W. Armitage,

p: 773-384-4454

"Get Your Game On!"
Do you have a link from traditional or social media that we should include in this section? Should we be attempting to follow you on Twitter? Links must be recent or timely, and pertain to the neighborhood. Send us your links and handles!

Neil Patrick Harris and The Guy Who Works with Neil at Doggy Style
neil patrick harris
Various local shops were featured in Time Out Chicago's First Annual Shopping Awards. To read all about who is on this list and why, click here. Among the standouts we noticed was a lil' guy named Neil Patrick Harris, who happens to be the resident feline at Pipeline Community News Sponsor, Doggy Style Pet Shop, 2023 W. Division. Neil Patrick won the award for 'Best Store Mascot.'  Reportedly in close second for the honor was Maude of Paper Doll, 2048 W. Division, another furry friend just up the street. Maybe next year, Maude. ;)

An enthusiastic review for Folklore was posted to the Wicker Park Chicago blog, created by real estate agent Thyra DiCiccio. The new blog offers daily news and lots of updates. It is added to the Links section of this e-newsletter, at right.

A custom cake spotted on Bake's Facebook page
lion king cake at baked
Via Baked on Facebook: Just an FYI we make all of our cakes to order. We don't have any of our cakes pre-made in our display case because we want you to get the freshest cakes possible. We will do our best to accommodate any last minute orders but we ask for 24 hour advance notice for all cake orders.

Urban Daddy popped by the soft opening of Makisu Sushi, 1725 W. Division.

Six new single family homes are planned for Paulina and Hermitage, per this YoChicago.com story.
Job of the Week: "Why Yes, We Are Hiring!'"
Carolyn, left, and Jessica of
 Francesca's Collections
team at francescas
Curious to learn more about the friendly 'for hire' sign on the door to Francesca's Collections, 1920 W. North, this past Thursday, I popped in for a bit of shopping as well as to find out which of the two seemingly ever present workers would be bidding adieu to the shop that was big news round these parts for those of us who used to have to make a special pilgrimage to Francesca's Old Town location.

After five years with Francesca's, Jessica will be leaving her post as assistant general manager soon, and is headed back to her native Ohio. When asked what qualities they are most looking for in a candidate, the women unanimously agreed that "reliability" is at the top of the list, as well as a love of fashion, retail experience, and the ability to not just work, but to enjoy working, too. "We're such a small staff here, that we all have to work to make the store better and to pull our weight," noted Carolyn, who has worked at Francesca's for nearly three years, the bulk of it alongside Jessica. Of the impending loss of her coworker, Carolyn reflected, "They will be tough shoes to fill." 
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Up Close:  "What Surprised You Most About Summer BestSellers?"
Kathryn of Riley making jeggings look fine
outside riley
With the summer season coming to an end, it seems like a good time to poll area shops about which items surprised them this season by racking up more sales than expected. (Also, if you like this kind of coverage, let us know and  and we'll try to do more of it!)

@Riley, 1659 N. Damen, there was nary a pause before owner Stephanie replied, "Jeggings!" "Really, even in summer?!" The Pipeline asked. "Yes, that's what was surprising," Stephanie said. We then recruited Riley newbie Kathryn to model said jeggings, of a brand called Hudson. Kathryn threw on a glorious top by Ark @Co and cinched it with a thin gold belt. On her arm hangs a grayish blue leather purse by Melie Bianco, all of which are on the fall lineup over at Riley. After the ensemble was complete, we headed to the next best thing we have for a runway: Damen Avenue on a Friday afternoon in summer, so yeah, a fun time was had--albeit a quick one. As for the end-of-season deals at Riley, there are two racks remaining; look for them in the men's section. (Per Stephanie, the usual
Next Stop: Handbag Heaven at Shebang. An angel named Clearance (AKA Theresa),
will guide you...
fun at shebang
clearance area in the back was needed to hold new fall items.)

@Shebang, 1616 N. Damen, there was quite a shebang happening just outside the handbag and accessories boutique, due to the PAWS Angels with Tails Sidewalk Adoption drive, so we dived into the remaining clearance items, about a half dozen handbags of bright summer colors, a few resting inside a round wicker basket on the floor. Though a puppy might look better to some folks curled up inside one of Shebang's baskets, a purse look quite nice there, too.

@Mulberry & Me, 2019 W. Division, owner Jana was well versed on all of the designers showcased on her two remaining clearance racks, full of whimsical colors and a lot of 'modern vintage'--in fact there was a dress just my size marked down 50%. I suspected it would be dangerous to my pocketbook if I tried it on, so instead I just circled it for a bit wearing New York and Co. capris from summer of 2006 and a top from an area thrift store, where the community journalists shop. I then wandered over to the counter where Jana, a transplant from NYC, said that she was most surprised by the popularity of patterns this season, which seemed to sell better than solid prints.

Jana of Mulberry & Me. Did you know that polka dots bring good luck?
jana polkados
@Francesca's Collection's, because everything is so affordable--it's like the Forever 21 equivalent for the 35 set who just aren't rockin' the Ann Taylor Loft--I bypassed  chatting up the clerks about trends and got down to business, as I needed a new outfit for an event which was to take place less than two hours later. Within the span of 30 or so minutes, and as my laundry turned over and over at Spincycle up the street, I purchased two tops, a pair of earrings, a shawl, and a jacket for less than the amount of the dress at Mulberry & Me that I might go back to eye again just for the fun of it. There was something newsworthy happening at Francesca's, too. See our new 'Featured Jobs' section, above. 

@Larkspur, 2123 N. Damen, Beth noted that she was at the start of another busy fall wedding season. The summer was especially hot and wet, making zinneas the hands down star flower of the season. "They seemed to really like the heat," Beth reflected, adding that the cosmos flowers did not fare as well as the zinneas did. On tap for the fall season at Larskpur will be traditional Polish pottery and vases and new containers sourced at a flower show in New York. In 'blast from the past news,' in our Sept 21,
Beth of Larkspur, with a few of the summer's best-selling zinneas
beth zinneas
2009 edition of The Pipeline we'd taken to the streets to visit Beth of Larkspur and a few of Beth's neighbors in this story, Six Women (and a Man) on North Damen, posted to Streets of Wicker as we do not have access to many of our past issues.

@Clothes Minded, 1735 N. Damen, we perused the racks and
Sandy of Clothes Minded, in front of
a Summer Clearance Rack
Sandy of clothesminded
then got around to talking with owner Sandy, who said that the season was a good one and there were no particular bestselling standouts that come to mind. From the amount of times regulars came in to catch up with the proprietress of the 38-year-old business (which relocated to Bucktown seven years ago after many years in Lincoln Park) during my brief visit, it seemed like busy times, or at least the fashion equivalent of the bar Cheers.  In fact, I was so inspired that I randomly asked Sandy if she'd like to be "Judge Sandy" and curate a yet-to-exist 'Hidden Gem Cocktail Dress Party." It would involve Sandy curating a group of independent dress designers, each of whom would be invited to bring a rack of their best ready-to-wear holiday cocktail dresses to Jackson Junge Gallery on a Tuesday or Thursday evening in mid-to-late October. Admission would be free. There might be Pipeline T-shirts for sale to benefit this e-newsletter (which would be reporting on the event, ranging from profiles of the participating designers to pictures of 'citizen-reader' models wearing the dresses). Months back, Chris of Jackson Junge had suggested that The Pipeline consider a fund-raiser, though being one of those introverted-extroverted sorts (I know I give the allusion of being more of an extrovert, but deep down I'm just a writer), well, we'll see. . . . In the meanwhile, local designers interested in participating in this event which does not exist yet can email 'Judge Sandy' directly to sign up and make it happen.

Inspired to get your shop on? The Wicker Park Bucktown Chambe of Commerce is sponsoring a Last Call Sidewalk Sale this weekend. Click here to view the poster and its sale participants! The latest Chamber of Commerce News (Aug. 24 edition), including upcoming networking events, can be viewed by clicking here.
Neighbor-to-the-West Spotlight:  Mimi Damrauer
by MM
Artist Mimi Damrauer, with 'Sebastian' rug/
Photo Courtesy of Mimi
Mimi with 'Sebastian' rug
The proprietress of a renovated domain on picturesque Logan Blvd., Mimi Damrauer is a well-respected textile designer whose talents stretch far beyond Chicago. Crate & Barrel featured Mimi's rug design, "Sebastian," which quickly turned into one of the company's bestselling rugs, which speaks well of Mimi's abilities to understand the desires of the public in a fast-paced world where simple patterns and elemental delights bring us back to the days of the hearth.

In her newest work, Mimi begins with a natural yard of muslin. Drawing inspiration from such things as bricks, rural telephone lines, pebbles, even the colors of the ocean, she creates a vibe as natural as the piece's inspirations.

Though she has an established clientele, and can oft be found crafting a one-of-a-kind piece, Mimi would like to share her work with others, and welcomes all to her new gallery space. In addition to the textiles, home-baked appetizers made by Mimi will be present, too.

Open House is Sat,. Aug. 28, 4-9 PM, and Sun., Aug 29, 10 AM-4 PM, 2943 W. Logan. Email Mimi to RSVP, or call 773-486-0668.

About the author: Margo is a visual artist who has adapted to many careers, but along the way has remained a neighborhood devotee to Wicker Park, Logan Square and most recently, Humboldt Park, which she adores. The Pipeline met Margo near a bus stop this past winter while attempting to affix a 'Holiday Diaper Drive' poster onto a pole, a task which was made easier with Margo's
help, leading to many questions and conversation.

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Edd Fairman, center, with audience participants/Pipeline file photo
Did you miss our review of Edd Fairman's magic show in the Aug. 20 Pipeline? Have no "fair," Mr. Fairman is still hanging around GTT Theatre on Thursday nights. In other show news, the September 2010 GTT listings are available by clicking here. We couldn't help but notice 'Improv(e) Humanity," a $12 benefit show hosted by Cameron Esposito on Thurs., Sept. 2, which among other things, like improv, will include, "a raffle for your chance to win original art work by animation artists collective, Ridiculously Sophisticated Concept Artists!"

The Flat Iron Artists' Association has a new tenant: Collaboraction. More on this in our Beyond the Coyote coverage slated for Sept. 7, but great news and congrats to all who brought the theater company, which just signed a five-year lease, per this press release, on board to become tenants at 1579 N. Milw.

In other theater news, the goal is to get this e-newsletter out, or at least proofread, by the time of the next installment of Tony Rusniak's Dedicated Ears show in the Chopin Theatre's European salon-style basement. After checking out this video of Brendon Losch, one of the names on Rusniak's roster, and having had a great time at a previous Dedicated Ears show, I am trying hard to get my work proofread by tonight (Tuesday!) and over to Chopin for music therapy!  

Sandwich at Birchwood Kitchen
/Pipeline file photo
sandwich from birchwood/file photo 2009
News just in from contributor Catherine Steinmetz:  A five course vegetarian monthly farm dinner at Birchwood Kitchen will take place Mon., Aug. 30, featuring produce provided by St. Anne, IL-based Genesis Growers. Carrie Rubinas of Genesis Growers will be present at the meal. Grilled pizzas with summer squash, chilled corn soup, summer salad, four eggplant lasagna, fresh fruit sorbets, and more are on the menu. Daniel of Birchwood states that this dinner is "a great way for people to connect with where their food is coming from" while enjoying two hours of good company in a peaceful setting. Call or stop by Birchwood Kitchen, 2211 W. North, for reservations or questions about the BYO dinner-  CS.

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Charlie Rees of the Flat Iron Artists' Association
charlie of fiaa in studio
Moving on to the next awesome event in town, Beyond the Coyote is making history this year, having decided to pick up where former longtime Flat Iron tenant Around the Coyote Arts Organization left off. Also in keeping with the tradition of the festival, they'll hold it on the second weekend in September, as it was done for the bulk of its existence, save for the final year when it moved to October to coincide with Chicago Artist Month. This past week we sat down with Charlie Rees, director of marketing at the Flat Iron, right, and chatted him up about the building's history as well as what's in store for 'Beyond the Coyote.' Stay tuned!

 Art By Stefanie Greisbach 
goddam batman by Stefanie Greisbach
Artist (and caffe employee) Stefanie Greisbach
Stefanie in polkadots
A fun time was had by all at caffe De Luca's,  Employee Showcase this past Sunday evening. Oddly enough, we'd all been working different shifts for a long time, with nary a chance to meet, and as luck would have it, we were the only ones that mainly turned up for the event, which turned into less of a showcase and more of a meet and greet. From comedians to writers, painters, quasi tarot card readers/e-newsletter writers, and DJs, there was lots of mutual admiration brewing among the caffe's employees. Stephanie Greisbach, left, just graduated from Columbia College.
For more photos from the gathering, including lots of art, click here.

beyond the coyote
The Week Ahead is Sponsored by Jackson Junge Gallery
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Another Amazing Poster by Brian Fitzgerald
Tues. Aug. 24, 7 to 10 PM
Dedicated Ears Presents: Singer Songwriter Showcase
1543 W. Division (Chopin Theatre)

Wed. Aug. 25, 6-9 PM
Free Tarot Readings: Tips benefit
Community Journalistic Endeavors
1721 N. Damen (caffe De Luca)

Wed, Aug. 25, 6-8PM
Veggie Bingo: Proceeds benefit NeighborSpace
1354 W. Wabansia (the Hideout) 
bucktown arts fest logo
Thurs. Aug. 26, 6 to 9PM
Kickoff Party - The 25th Annual Bucktown Arts Fest
1389 N. Milw. (Jackson Junge)

Thurs., Aug. 26, 7 to 10PM
Atomic Sketch 
1551 W. Division (evilOlive)

Fri. Aug. 27- Sunday Aug. 29, various hours
Sixth Annual St. Helen's Festival and Carnival
Augusta Boulevard Between Western and Oakley

Fri., Aug 27, 6 to 9 PM
Opening Reception:
Storm Chaser- Photography by David Mayhew
1389 N. Milw. (Jackson Junge)

Fri. Aug. 27, 10:30 and 11:30PM
The Daytonics: A Benefit Concert for Friends of Holstein Park
2401 N. Western (Quencher's Saloon)

Sat. Aug. 28, 9AM-1PM
Community Farmer's Market & Recycling Drop Off
2200 W. Rice (S. Nicolas Cathedral School)

Sat. Aug. 28, 4to 9PM, Sun. Aug. 28, 10-4Pm
Mimi Designs Studio Open House
2943 W. Logan Blvd (Mimi Designs)

Sat. Aug. 28, Sun Aug. 29, 11AM to 7 PM
The 25th Annual Bucktown Arts Fest!!!!!!!!!
2300 N. Oakley (Senior Citizens Memorial Park)

Sat. Aug. 28 (11AM-6PM), Sun. Aug 29 (Noon-5PM)
WPB Chamber Last Call Summer Sidewalk Sale

Jacob of Brunkow Cheese, who started work at 4AM, is holding the last bit of bestselling Avondale cheese around 1:30PM this past Sunday when The Pipeline popped by the WP Farmer's Market and felt for a moment like a slacker
blessed are cheesemakers
Sun. Aug. 29, 8 AM to 2 PM
Wicker Park Farmer's Market
1425 N. Damen (Park Grounds)

Fri. Sept. 3, 7-10PM
Opening: Nature VS. Machine: a Group Show
1323 N. Milw. (Three Birds Gallery)

Fri. Sept 10, Sat. Sept. 11, Sun. Sept. 12
Beyond the Coyote Arts Festival
1579 N.Milw. (The Flat Iron Arts Building)

Sat. Sept. 11, 11 AM-8PM
"We Will Survive" ACS 'Fun'd-Raiser
5224 E. Indiana Beach Road
(Indiana Beach State Park)

Closing Aug. 28: Shawnimals Monster Match (OhNo!Doom)
Closing Sept. 1: Revisionists' Realities (Eyeporium Gallery)
Closing Sept. 3: WHO'S YR SHAMAN? (Johalla Projects)
Closing Oct. 29: A Year in Humboldt Park (Humboldt Park Boathouse)
Closing Oct. 29: WPB Make Believe installations (10 neighborhood storefronts)

Save-the-Date, Oct. 7: The Franciscan Outreach Association Open House and Art show.

Do you have an event, news tip, inquiry, or fund-raiser taking place in the 'hoodEmail us!

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