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Another Rainy Weekend Did Not Deter
Fun Seekers, Musicians, or Local Social Scene
Margo & the Nuclear So and So's
Margo and Nuclear So
It's beginning to sound like a broken record--intrepid folks traversed  puddled streets this past weekend, forgoing a bit of rain in favor of a lot of fun. At the 2nd Annual Metronome Celebration in Logan Square, a little girl, in today's masthead photo, encountered Elmer, a dog owned by a couple from Old Irving Park who told me that they came out to see Margaret and the Nuclear So So's, above.
Kim, far left, with Zoe and Griffin
kim, zoe, griffin

No fest is complete without street food, and youngsters like Griffin and sister Zoe dined curbside with their mother, Kim, who was volunteering for Friends of Goethe School, one of the five area groups benefiting from Metronome's $5 donation. That's
Jeff Eaton of Split Lip Rayfield
jeff eaton
one of the season's best bargains for music lovers, considering that four stages offered Latin, folk, punk, and indie music all weekend long. Saturday night's headliner, Kansas-based Split Lip Rayfield, took to the south indie stage just after 8 PM, and was one of the reasons I was determined to brave the intermittent rain. I enjoyed the music and ended up snapping a few pics of SLR, as well as a few of friends and random fest-goers.

The show represented Split Lip Rayfield's second-to-last stop at the end of a long touring day that had begun in Texas. If bass player Jeff Eaton was feeling any roadlag, he wasn't showing it, and appeared to 'become one' with his one-string bass, built from the gas tank of a 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis, and he and his band mates performed a rocking show.
A Tired Mike Tyranski of Janus, and a Happy Kelly D. Pelka of
 Right-Brained Studio
kelly mike
The hillbilly-folk-punk-rock trio then announced that they were heading off to the Empty Bottle for another show. By then a few friends had joined me, including a very tired Mike, right, who'd had a long day on tour himself, having  played a 10 AM show at a Best Buy in South Dakota with his band, Janus. After many hours on the road, he made it home just in time to (perhaps somewhat ironically) hear Split Lip Rayfield play its song "Never Make it Home." Here he is with his girlfriend, artist Kelly D. Pelka of Right-Brained Studio,

... The following day, en route home from from the Wells Street/Old Town Arts Fest, I was walking down North Avenue and ran into 'Flip Bike Travis,' who I'd photographed on Division Street around this time last year. Travis, who can always be seen in action on YouTube, reported among other things that he was
Michelle Mazda
michelle mazda
going to the art fair to perform a few flips but waiting for the pavement to dry up first. I then continued on my way and met Loren, of Lincoln Park, who was waiting for the bus and looking fashionable in Burberry rainboots.

At the last stop of the  weekend, I met Bucktown resident Michelle Mazda at the first Bucktown/Wicker Park Social Gathering, held at Louie's Pub, 1648 W. North. Read more about the event, which was organized by Michelle,
Up Close:  A Fast Thinking Retail Manager
Collaborates with Others, Police, to Arrest a Shoplifter

This past week a reader from a store in Bucktown sent us an email with a subject header of "Local Hero? I Think So!" 

Dear Pipeline,
Last Wednesday my manager K., at XXX XXXX on Damen recognized two men who had been stealing from our store for over three years. They came in attempting to perform their usual tricks, but K. was not about to let them come too far into the store by letting them know she recognized them. Once they trotted out (in quite a hurry), she called the police and every retail business north of our location. Because of the diligence of K. as well as the local police, they were able to make an arrest about an hour and a half later. 

I certainly think she deserves recognition for creating a one person phone tree in the heat of the moment. It was a pretty cool thing to witness. Thank you, Alicia C.

Editor's note: Alicia, we agree! I popped by K's shop, where K. deflected any sort of heroism and emphasized that it was because of everyone pitching in that the shoplifter was nabbed. Per K., a clerk from a nearby store had hopped on his bicycle and tracked the suspect down long enough for the police to come and make the arrest, after discovering stolen merchandise from another area boutique on Damen in the shoplifter's bag.
A rare Pipeline Stock Image Moment, representing shopping 

"I don't think it's right that in all the training books it says you shouldn't confront shoplifters. Are we just supposed to let them walk off with our clothing?" K. asked, adding that she's worked in retail for 15 years. Shifting gears, I asked K. what she likes best about the job. "I love people. I love making them happy and seeing them getting excited about a new outfit or feeling good when they're in the store. There's a psychology to it."

Coming next week:
Up Close gets close to Rich Seng, founder of the Miss Wicker Park Pageant, where 10 finalists from a pool of 123 candidates will advance to the the Double Door, Monday July 12th. Due to the timeliness of K's news and the fact it might be relevant to readers who work in retail, we bumped up Rich's story again. Do you have a lead for someone local and uber-unique that we should feature in future Up Closes? We've got a growing list of leads from readers and would love to hear from you too!
summer!Sponsored News:
he Summertime Adventures of 'Buck Lily' and 'Wicker Tim' and related pals are sponsored by the local advertisers woven into this 11-week serial adventure, lasting now through Labor Day. Email us if you'd like to join the story; we'll always find room to fit you in and are looking forward to the (creative) challenge!
Part 1-  What's Cooking?!, Name this Smoker, In the name of ART

"Wicker Tim" and "Buck Lily"
wicker tim and buck lily
When we last caught up with Wicker Tim and Buck Lily, the locally based couple were bickering in their newly repainted kitchen, which on the plus- side contains walls colored by Mythic paint from Colori, ensuring that any possible future children or visiting nieces and nephews will not ever become ill from exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VoC). On the down-side they'd reached a somewhat bleak compromise by going separate ways with entertaining their respective mothers on Mother's Day.
Here they are again... 

Wicker Tim left his new job with a smile on his face--he'd inadvertently dropped his Blackberry into the toilet and the IT desk was unable to replace the PDA until Monday. His sure-to-last-the-weekend grin continued when he found a rare seat on the El train.

"Wicker!" exclaimed Buck Lily from the stove the moment she heard her live-in boyfriend's keys in the front door.

MacAweenie & Cheese, from Batteries Not Included, 1439 N. Milw. 
"Buck Lily, my baby, my love, what's cooking?" Wicker T. asked nonchalantly, sauntering into the kitchen and peering over Buck Lil's delectably freckled shoulder. "Are you making pasta?! I thought you said you weren't eating any carbs anymore because your favorite capri pants from last summer are too tight?"

"Silly, I am making pasta for Strong Sally's bachlorette party tonight! We're having a comfort-food pajama party here with all of our friends from college who were lesbians until graduation instead of getting too rowdy at a club," Buck Lily replied. "Remember I told you about it last week during the Hawks game and I showed you that bag of party goods I picked up at Batteries Not Included?"

"Uh, yeah, now I remember. What time is this party?"

"8 o'clock," Buck Lily replied. "You can always go hangout at Filter and do work, can't you? Or better yet, I just heard about a cool contest that you can enter! Go over to the kitchen table and look at that photo of a smoker I printed off the Internet.

"A smoker? You know we don't have room for one on our patio!"

"I know silly, that's why we can head over to Smoke Daddy, 1804 W. Division, anytime and eat meat from their smoker. The owners just purchased an all new smoker to replace their old trusty one, and they are trying to figure out a name for it!

"No kidding, that's a pretty cool contest. What's the prize?"

"The winner will receive a BBQ for 20 of their friends!"

"But we don't have 20 friends!" Wicker Tim wailed.

pig roast"Yes, we do, stop thinking the world hates you. In fact, just leave me to this yummy pasta, and put your energies into trying to think of a name! The deadline is June 30th and we can drop your entries off at Smoke Daddy this Saturday because they're holding a pre-Father's Day Pig Roast from Noon to 3 PM!"

Wicker Tim wrote "Sat, Noon, Pig!" on the top of his palm because his Blackberry was AWOL and began fleshing out ideas for the smoker's name on a napkin, like all the people with brilliant concepts for new companies and bestselling books always seem to do. He was brainstorming so intently that he did not hear the phone ring.

"Frugal Fran!" Buck Lilly said happily. "Did you pick up the air mattresses for our party yet?"

There was a long pause. And then another pause. And then an "uh huh" and "So sorry to hear that. Let me know if I can go garage sale-ing and find some old typewriters for you....  No, no, it's totally okay you can't make it to the comfort food party for Strong Sally tonight. Your son is more important."

Buck Lily hung up the phone and shook her stirring spoon in rage, flecks of processed cheese sauce flying into her hair as her brown eyes welled up. 

"The Chicago Public Schools are cutting more programs, and they are eliminating teachers and entire programs from their budget which is kind of a secret as to how it even works. ART at Frugal Fran son's magnet school will likely be eliminated," Buck Lily wailed, visions of her favorite teacher from childhood who seemed to have been everyone's favorite teacher flashing through her mind.  Miss Parker had helped Buck Lilly-- who was then just named Lilly and hadn't yet moved to Bucktown-- to calm down and be at peace through giving her all the tools needed to sit through recess and lunch and mold endless clay ashtrays for her mother who smoked endlessly and greatly appreciated the ashtrays, for which she had one in almost every room in the house by the time Lilly entered fifth grade.

"Oh no, that's horrible," Wicker Tim said. "What is Frugal Fran going to do?!"
"Frugal Fran," with a Vintage Remington Typewriter she will part with,
in the name of ART
frugalfran typewriter

"Fran said she can't come to the slumber party tonight because she's taking pictures of her vintage typewriter collection. She's been hoarding typewriters for a long time, and she's going to partner up with Lenny & Me and Three Birds Gallery to host a silent auction, with all proceeds helping to fund a young art teacher's salary, who will then hopefully be able to 'continue to continue' and influence an untold number of young lives
in her classroom."

To Be Continued.
penings, Closings, Expansions, Anniversaries Etc

Marna Bucktown picThis section Is sponsored by Marna Spizz, an independent residential real estate broker helping locals find or sell the spiciest and hippest of 'spaces'
since 1998!

Email Marna at mspizz@sbcglobal.net, or call 312-543-2259. Readers can learn more about Marna in the April 20 Pipeline.

(Do you have a lead regarding a new opening, or a space you are curious about? Send us an email and we will do our best to follow up. To see which spots we highlighted in 'Spaces' last week, click here)
st. alfred robin
The city's al fresco dining scene is heating up fast, with sidewalk tables in the front or back or alongside most establishments and food cart vendors are still working on getting licensing. Initially I thought this Nike representative, Robin, spotted near the Six Corners Intersection this past Friday, was handing out warm burritos to passersby, but they turned out to be washcloths wrapped in foil advertising the new Nike/St. Alfred store, called Six Points.

Sweet Cakes Bakery has relocated to new digs, one half block south, to 901 N. Damen, per reader Christine Olson, who tipped me off to this news. 

Jill of Forte
jill of forte
As reported last week, in promising quick-turnover news, the former Carlos Jimenez spot, 2301 W. North, which has always struck me as inviting and cozy, will soon be home to Forte, a framing space and gallery, per this sign on its window. Pictured is Jill, a Bucktown resident who will be operating Forte with her husband, Jude. Per Jill, Forte is scheduled to open for business early next month and will initially exhibit the work of her mother, Judy Cooper, who is a textile artist based in Newfoundland.

Tea cups at Tea Essence
tea essence
Tea Essence at 1913 N. Milw. is closing for business soon, and offering 40% off all merchandise, like these teacups, right.

The former Fuel space, 1725 W. Division, is for sale, per this sign. Also still for sale is the Miller Lumber building at 1815 W. Division. It was featured in this East Village Association news story by writer Scott A. Rappe.

Future home of Kriser's
future home krisers
In longtime-coming turnover news, a new tenant is finally coming to 1658 N. Milw, the space formerly occupied by a secondhand musical instrument shop. Ken of Kriser's All Natural Pet Food said that the store will be opening the weekend of June 26-27. It will be Kriser's seventh Chicagoland location.

The former Beta Boutique space, 2016 W. Concord, another cozy space, will soon be home to The Color Wheel, an art studio for children slated to open today, June 15. 

Forever Yogurt's opening, previously set for ths past Thurs. at 1924 W. North (where Cold Stone Creamery was), has been postponed while waiting 'on 'the city health peeps," per a sign in its window.

Liz, left and manager ---?
Benefit Cosmetics
is now open at 1660 N. Damen, where Todd's Wine used to be, and Life's a Cabernet is now open at 1937 W. North, where La Casa Del Tobacco used to be. I popped by and met makeup artist Liz, at close left in the adjacent photo, who most recently worked as an office assistant downtown. With a degree in art and experience as a makeup artist, Liz looked understandably happy when she confided that her new job is close to a perfect one. "I like the transformation aspect of makeup, and making people feel good about themselves. It's cathartic," she said.

Sponsored News: Gary's Art

gary in studio In stopping by this week on a day that was threatening rain, I found Gary humming along with the Salsa music playing in the background while painting one of his "Towers Series" works. He said, "They just look like buildings, but it's really rectangles of color that I love to paint and people seem to like them!"

Gary is among the 20 artists with over 400 works of art that can be viewed and even purchased at Sapere Art.  The works can be seen HERE or six days a week (closed Tuesdays) at Sapere Art, Studio 341 in the Flat Iron Arts Bldg, 1579 N. Milw.

Sponsored News: Jackson Junge at the Wells Street Art Fest; Mark Calendars for No U-Turn

jj at old townIn addition to hosting events like the upcoming free blues concert on June 24 (see The Week Ahead) and offering custom framing services, The Jackson Junge Gallery, 1389 N. Milw., is owned by Chris Jackson and features the work of co-owner and partner Laura Lee Junge--who was spotted this past weekend at the Old Town Art Fair along with Chris' mother, Allison, above, who was wearing a raincoat while working the booth because rain was pouring just outside the booth!

The gallery also showcases other contemporary Chicago artists like Bruce Holwerda, whose show, No U-Turn, opens on Tues., June 29. The gallery is open six days a week:  Tuesday-Friday, 10 AM-7 PM, Saturday 10 AM-6 PM, Sunday noon-5 PM. It is closed on Monday.  Ph: 773-227-7900

On Summer Fashion, French Dining

Jasmine with a dress by Alice + Olivia
jasmine of scoop
With summer fashion and dining in full swing, I popped by a few places and met new and friendly people, like Jasmine of Scoop NYC, 1702 N. Milw., who shared her take on trends:

"There's a lot of stripes this season as well as nautical prints and the color green, which is my favorite. 
Green is good, especially this darker Army green because it can also be transferred into the fall too. But I don't want to think about fall yet!" 

Charlie of Cafe Matou
Up the street from Scoop NYC, Cafe Matou, 1846 N. Milw., is celebrating 13-and-a-half years in the neighborhood. Chef Charlie took a break to chat as well as clear up a few common misconceptions about French food and specifically about eating it in the summertime.

Per Charlie, many people think French food is heavy and cream-based, with butter. "Two of the 20 dishes on our summer menu have cream sauces," Charlie explained, adding that the French must eat seven days a week too. One of Charlie's favorite  sauces is a relish derived from raw tomatoes, with a dash of garlic and a hint of a secret spice steeped in olive oil for a few hours.

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Here are a few of some of the folks who joined us on the caffe's serene back patio...

  Many thanks again to all! You provided the inspiration for us to keep on going as did others who wrote in with words of encouragement but expressed they'd be unable to attend.


chris j.


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Do you think everyone sitting around the dinner table this Sunady would be happier and would like you more if you ditched the tie and instead presented your dad with something like this?

Thanks to Matt, a young blogger who wrote in to us during the heat of today's deadline time and offered up a link to his post on Tiepedia!
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Sterling Goss, 1845 N. Oakley, (773) 342-7100: Prime cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Cheeses, sandwiches, catering, etc.

Pot Pan Thai, 1362 N. Milw., 773-862-6990: Dine-in & delivery, recipient of the National Food Institute's "The Pride of Thailand" Certificate of Excellence.

CopyMax, 1321 N. Milw, 773-252-6200: Self, and full-service copying, computer rental & repair, mailbox service, business cards.

Piano Lessons with Gary Marks, 773-208-3636

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The subject header of the C&M's latest e-newsletter, "Our Summer Events are Heating Up!" piqued our attention, so click here to read the store's summertime news as we did, as well as to get the scoop on an upcoming Rubik's Cube Competition, slated for Sat. July 17th at the WPB Library!

Sports leagues, music, hands-on gardening classes, and lectures--it's all happening at the park, 1425 N. Damen. The June Edition of Wicker Park's Park News is now available: here is Page 1, as well as Page 2, also added to Community Links along with this 16-Inch Softball League Blog. Many thanks to Doug Wood for mentioning The Pipeline in the park publication... we appreciate it!

Tee Ball at Dean Park is nearing capacity, but there are a few spaces remaining in the league, which is organized by parent-coach Doug. Please email him for the full scoop or to sign up. 

In other park news, the Sunday Farmer's Market season is underway! It takes place on Sundays from 8 AM to 2 PM. The market is located on park grounds, 1425 N. Damen, and runs through October 24th.

Bucktown's Holstein Park is a happening park, too, so click here to read the latest news from Friends of Holstein, including its outdoor swimming pool schedule!

Learnapalooza is coming this Sat., June 19, to Wicker Park! The daylong community learning festival will feature 80 free classes taught by 15 area businesses; click here to see the topics as well as to RSVP. The St. Paul Cultural Arts Center, 2215 W. North, recently renamed the Wicker Park Art Center, will serve as the festival's home base, so check there on the day of the event for maps and information. If any folk would like to join The Pipeline, we just registered for self hypnosis in hopes of kicking various bad habits, along with a Mexican cooking class so we can create healthier burritos at home rather than the ones we eat on the street in the middle of the night.

Buckton GardenWalk, 2009
bco garden walk, 09
The Bucktown Community Organization's Annual Tree and GardenWalk is July 10-11. The 100 garden cut-off is fast approaching; residents can sign up their gardens here and learn more about volunteering on the day of the event
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Still looking for a preschool for the fall? Pulaski Academy, 2230 W. McClean, has a new pre-K program; send an email, or check out this info packet.

STREET SWEEPING is here to stay until Nov 30, 2010
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Hey, cyclists with jobs...  This week, June 12-19, is Bike to Work Week.

Hey, people with cars...  has it really been another calendar year? Believe it or not, it is time again to purchase a City Parking Sticker for your car, whether a beater or a Benz. Deadline is June 30; enforcement begins July 15.

Image Courtesy of Porto
image courtesy of designer Porto
Local fashionistas and bargain hunters might be interested in an upcoming sample sale at Clever Alice, 1920 N. Damen. The sale runs June 24-27 and features
samples from MC Planet, Eva Kayan, Sathia and Porto. Clever Alice owner Tammy is quite the concise copywriter, thus here is her take on the three designers, lifted in its entirety off her marketing email...   MC Planet: French styling with a focus on innovative details. Sought out for its wonderful stretch fabrics. Eva Kayan: A French brand, urban, very creative, with extreme feminine value.
Sathia: Beautiful mixture between unusual texture knitwear and total look. Porto: Made in San Francisco. Stretch fabrics sculpted into fun, wearable shapes.

Do you have a dog? Do you have stuff? Doggy Style, 2023 W. Division, is wondering if you'd like to put stuff on your dog for its fourth annual photo contest. Check out a few of the contestants!

Joe of Odd Obsession was unable to submit a movie review this week, but he did share a video rental recommendation, by video.

Attention Artists, DJs, Visual Performers, Volunteers, Sponsors and more...  The Silver Room's 8th Annual Soundsystem Block Party is less than two months away.

Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. Division, is now showing Sketchbook X, through June 27th.

Flowers near Wicker Park, June 2010
The upcoming BCO Tree and GardenWalk will also include a guided tree walk, led by naturalist Janet Mrowka. To view images from a guided tree walk last year, click here. (If you know some of the names of unidentified trees, send an email and I will update the captions.) Many thanks to Doug Wood of the Wicker Park Garden Club for identifying the fuzzy pink tree pictured in last week's issue. Of the tree, Doug wrote:
"We have one in the Park near the Damen Fence and one by the west side of building - it is called Purple Smoke Bush or Latin Name - Cotinus coggygria 'Purple Cloak'- They vary in how much smoke - fuzz - they produce - each plant is different - the one on Damen is really rare in that it makes tons of smoke."- DW

Assuming you don't make tons of smoke come out of your nostrils or have a pet, a Bucktown-based reader and Pipeline contributor is looking for a roommate.
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Thurs. June 17th, 7:30 to 10 PM
Grown Folks Stories with Cara Brigandi
1442 N. Milw. (The Silver Room)

Fri. June 18th, 5:30 to 8:30 PM
Urban Eyes- Opening
2010 W. Pierce (Coalition Gallery)

Sat. June 19th- 10 AM to 5PM
2215 W. North (St. Paul Cultural Arts Center) & Various Locations

A patriotic dumpster near Smoke Daddy,
1804 W. Division. The New Unnamed Smoker was being used at Ribfest this past weekend and thus I was unable to photograph it in all its glory. Check back next week or just join 'Wicker Tim' and 'Buck Lily' at the pig roast!
patriotic dumpster
Sat. June 19th, Noon to 3 PM
Pre-Father's Day Pig Roast on a To-Be-Named Smoker
1804 W. Division (Smoke Daddy)

Sat. June 19th, Noon to 5 PM
Drawing Attention
2416 W. North, (Tom Robinson Gallery)

Sat. June 19th, 8:30 PM (or dusk)
Movies in the Park: "The Blind Side"
2200 N. Oakley (Holstein Park)

Sat. June 19th, 8 to 11 PM
Ladies and Gentlemonsters
2221 N. Western (Revolution Tattoo)

Sat. June 19th, 8 to 11:30 PM
Music: Dedicated Ears Presents Welcome to Ashley & The Juliets
1543 W. Division (Chopin Theatre)

Sun. June 20th, 8AM- 2PM
Wicker Park Farmer's Market
1425 N. Damen (Park Grounds)

Hot Diggitty Dog- 30% off all clothing for Local Workers and their friends at American Apparel, next Tues. and Wed. 7-10 PM, 1563 N. Milw.
hot diggity dog
Tues. June 22nd and Wed, June 23rd, 7-10 PM
Industry Night/30%off Clothing for All Local Workers
1563 N. Milw. (American Apparel)

Thurs. June 24th, 7 to 9PM
The Association House Junior Board Presents: Summer Groove
2011 W. North (Subterranean)

Thurs. June 24th, 7:30PM, 8:30PM
Free Performance: Chicago Bleau & Guitarist Peter Crawford
1389 N. Milw. (Jackson Junge Gallery)

Thurs. June 24th, 8 PM
Poetry Open Mic
1373 N. Milw. (Filter Cafe)

Thurs. June 24th- Sun. June 27th
Designer Sample Sale; call for hours
1920 N Damen (Clever Alice)

Fri. June 25, 7 PM
Around the World in 36 Frames
984 N. Milw. (Polish Museum of America)

Wooden Box Theater/
photo by Anthony Michael Parks
Wooden Box Theater, photo by Anthony Michael Parks
Sun. June 27th
Performance: Wooden Box
1919 N. Milw. (Gorilla Tango Theatre)

Closing June 19
Paradise: paintings by Robert Barnes
1120 N. Ashland, 3rd fl (Corbett vs Dempsey)

Closing June 27
Animal Menagerie
1389 N. Milw. (Jackson Junge Gallery)

Closing June 30
Jason Brammer: Soundscapes
1431 N. Milw. (Eyeporium Gallery)

Closing July 7
Painted Ladies
1800 N. Milw. (OhNo!Doom Gallery)

Present through July 31
Less: work by Jason Middlebrook
2154 W. Division (Monique Meloche Gallery)

WPB (SSA #33)
Community Shredding & Recycling Day
(Sat. July 10th)
Bucktown Tree and GardenWalk
(July 10th and 11th)
Miss Wicker Park Pageant (Mon., July 12th),
Wicker Park Fest (July 31st to August 1st)

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