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5 Mistakes to Avoid
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Small Business Accelerator
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5 Mistakes Successful
Business Owners Avoid
By Travis Snider, EvCC Small Business Accelerator Lead Instructor & Business Coach
In the last year, I talked with many business owners about staying afloat in this economy.  Everyone has horror stories, but few have answers.  "Successful business owners", those who have created resilient businesses and survived previous recessions, tell me that by avoiding a few mistakes, it's much easier to weather the storm. 
Topping the list of mistakes they avoid:
1.       Operating without a plan
Most small businesses do very little planning. Working hard and taking what the economy gives is considered a key to success.  But not knowing where you're going and what to expect leaves a business owner without perspective. If you have no idea of outcomes, how will you know when you're off track?  Read more...
EvCC Announces New                        Small Business Accelerator Program
Accelerate Your Company's Growth & Profit!
The Small Business Accelerator Program equips established business owners with knowledge, tools, and one-on-one expert guidance to: People jumping
  • Apply the latest strategies to grow and improve their business                                   
  • Increase market share and customer loyalty                                                                      
  • Maximize their return on investment of time and money                                                                 
  • Design their business to grow faster while working less                                                                        
Who Should Attend?
Established business owners who:      
  • Have been in business at least 3 years
  • Want to learn how to take their business to the next level of profitability
  • Are committed to grow their business
Registration is now open for the 2010 Small Business Accelerator, which begins in September. Learn more about the program and how to secure a spot at

Success Story: Maris & Associates, CPA Proven Business Acceleration Principles Help Firm Grow

By Travis Snider, EvCC Small Business Accelerator Lead Instructor and Business Coach
Charlotte Maris, Owner Marlis & Associates
Charlotte Maris
Maris & Associates is a local CPA firm providing quality accounting and tax services to small businesses and individuals in Snohomish and King Counties.  About five years ago, owner Charlotte Maris approached me seeking help to grow her practice. She had spent about 20 years building a successful company, but was facing challenges in recruiting and retaining professional staff and accelerating the growth of her firm. Read more...
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