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June 28, 2012                                                                                                                     Editor - Matthew Schwartz
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Greg Brown
Greg Brown

B2B marketers need to get out of their comfort zone if they want to demonstrate that they can play a more strategic role for their organizations. That was the key message from Greg Brown, CEO of Motorola Solutions, during his presentation at the BMA's annual conference. "Great CMOs do more than what's required," said Brown. "They're helping colleagues, they're stepping beyond the chalk line of their respective job and contributing accordingly." Brown shared some of his other insights with BMA Buzz about how B2B marketers can change their modus operandi.

Neil Rackham
Neil Rackham

The Montagues and Capulets. The Hatfield-McCoy feud. The Yankees and Red Sox. They're among the most enduring rivalries. You could probably include sales and marketing in that mix. But you don't have to, according to Neil Rackham, professor of professional selling at the University of Cincinnati. "Sales and marketing are the only two functions in an organization which have exactly the same mission," said Rackham, who spoke at the BMA's 2012 International Conference. "How can two functions with identical missions pass by like ships in the night or even fight like cats and dogs?"



Sandra Zoratti
Sandra Zoratti

By Sandra Zoratti 

B2B Marketing is an art. It is a beautiful art. That art can be made more beautiful, engaging and fruitful when a little science is used as the foundation. As customers disengage in a flash and marketers are pressured to produce better customer engagement, the blending of art and science may be the perfect answer at the perfect time. "Precision Marketing" is my term for using rich, databased insights based on science as the foundation of doing better marketing.


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Matt Heindl
Matt Heindl

Heindl: Finding the link between social media and content marketing 


Half the battle in capitalizing on social channels is convincing marketers to distribute their content in small, bitable snacks, according to Matt Heindl, director of social media at digital ad agency Razorfish. "You need to make sure that things aren't giant, chunks of text or the content isn't mobile-ly optimized," said Heindl, whose clients include Citibank and T. Rowe Price. Heindl spoke with BMA Buzz about some of the other ways that B2B marketers can effectively use social media.


Social media is starting catch up to online display advertising as the top choice for digital planning and buying, according to a recent survey by media management company Strata Marketing. The Strata report, which took the pulse of 90 advertising agencies processing $50 billion in media buys, found that social media (69%) is in a dead heat with online display advertising (71%) for the top choice for digital spending. In the next one to three years, 21% of ad agencies feel they will have greater spending in digital than traditional media (although 46% say digital spending will never overtake traditional spending).

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