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January 19, 2012                                                                                                              Editor -  Matthew Schwartz

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Eduardo Conrado
Eduardo Conrado

The overall message of the BMA's annual conference this year will be the increasingly strategic role that B2B marketers must play in order to help grow their companies, according to Eduardo Conrado, senior VP and CMO of Motorola Solutions Inc. and vice chairman of the BMA national board. "We have to do demand generation well, but we also have to lead in the creation of purpose driven brands and live the values of the company to sustain that long-term growth," said Conrado, who during the conference will take charge as 2012-2013 BMA Chairman. "B2B marketers can play a bigger role than they have traditionally played in the past, which has been mostly a role of communication."

Top Level Domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) last week started accepting applications for an infinite number of new Web addresses, known as top-level domain names, e.g. .com, .org and .net. For a fee of $185,000 Icann will let marketers to create whatever Web suffixes they like, which will be reviewed and go live next year. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA), which has been leading the fight against ICANN's proposal, estimated the 10-year cost at $2 million per brand. B2B marketers continue to debate the controversial proposal. Will your company be applying for a new top-level domain?


Robert Richardson
Robert Richardson

By Robert Richardson

You have heard it dozens of times before from your sales director or sales manager that 'Sales is a numbers game.' Now think about your company's last quarter and analyze the sales numbers compiled, as well as the sales pipeline of the sales force. Ultimately, the revenue that is generated for a company hinges on sales lead generation. But a steady pipeline first requires that B2B marketers capture the right leads.  


BMA Carolinas Chapter January Roundtable: Successful Digital Production  

1/24/2012 | Charlotte, NC


BMA Atlanta Chapter January 2012 Sunset Keynote Event
1/24/2012 | Atlanta, GA


BMA Chicago Chapter January Member Dinner
1/25/2012 | Chicago, IL


BMA NorCal Chapter Monthly Meeting: Lessons From EMC: Super-Charging Your Channel Partners
1/25/2012 | Santa Clara, CA


BMA Philadelphia Chapter Event - Integrating Social Media into the Marketing Mix

1/25/2012 | Philadelphia, PA





Christina Kerley
Christina Kerley

Christina "CK" Kerley: Mobile set to be the 'first screen' for customers 


This year may or may not be the "Year of Mobile." The media mavens have been making the prediction every year for, well, we forget. But does the annual decree really matter, anymore? Mobile marketing is on a steady trajectory upward and, however gradually, is fundamentally changing consumer behavior. In 2011 mobile usage grew 30%, compared with 2010, to more than an hour-per-day compared with just 44 minutes for magazine and newspaper reading, which fell a combined 12%, according to eMarketer. Christina "CK" Kerley, who specializes in B2B mobile marketing, spoke with BMA Buzz about where mobile goes from here.  



Target-By the Numbers

Email marketing and social media are the biggest targets for increased marketing spending in 2012, according a new study. The study, which was released by StrongMail, took the pulse of 939 business executives across a wide variety of industries. It found that 60% of the respondents plan to boost spending on email marketing and 55% plan to increase their marketing spending on social media.


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