VOL 1  |  ISSUE 9
September 15, 2011                                                                                                              Editor -  Matthew Schwartz

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BMA Mobile

There's a significant gap between marketers' recognition of the importance of mobile tactics and marketers' ability to execute mobile programs. While 62% of B2B marketers considered mobile websites and mobile apps to be the most important mobile tools, 47% of marketers don't have their own mobile website or app, according to a study conducted by the BMA and the Mobile Marketing Association.

BMA Chapters prep Marketing

As the fourth quarter kicks into high gear BMA's local chapters are rolling out new programs and events to increase their visibility and demonstrate the benefits of joining the BMA. We get a preview of some of the chapters' marketing efforts from Ned Clausen, executive director or BMA New York, Myla Dixon, president of BMA Houston, and Martine Hunter, president of BMA Atlanta.

Power of B2B Connections

The BMA has debuted a new brochure, touting the many benefits of joining the B2B marketing organization. The brochure, called The Power of B2B Connections, includes an extensive list of B2B marketing resources offered by the BMA as well as testimonials from existing members. The BMA this summer introduced a Corporate Membership Program, which offers companies a group rate option. Starting with this issue, BMA Buzz will periodically list the names of new BMA members and the names of their companies. Among the B2B marketing executives who have recently come aboard: Nicholas Caffentzis, CMO of GE Healthcare; Emily Church, marketing manager at Wells Fargo, and Carrie Doyle, marketing manager at Accenture.


Steve McKee
Steve McKee

By Steve McKee

It's amazing how many people in the B2B C-suite underappreciate the power of marketing. In their minds, sales fills the pipeline, engineering and production make things happen, and finance collects the dough. Marketing? Well, marketing designs the brochures and schedules the trade shows. It's a formula that can work (to an extent) despite its flaws - as long as times are good. But times haven't been so good lately, and there's no telling when they're going to get better.  


BMA Minnesota Chapter Event: Reaching the C-Suite
09/20/2011 | Minneapolis, MN   


BMA Chicago Chapter Breakfast Seminar: Go for the Gold - Learn the Tips and Advice for Winning Creative Competition Awards
09/21/2011 | Chicago, IL 


BMA Kansas City Chapter Event: Your Brand Starts in the C-Suite
09/21/2011 | Kansas City, MO  


BMA Colorado Chapter Roundtable: Tools for Managing Multiple Vendor Partners
9/22/2011 | Denver, CO


BMA SoCal Chapter Career Connection Presents..."Ready... Aim... Hired!"
9/22/2011 | Newport Beach, CA 





Jeff Hayzlett
Jeffrey Hayzlett

Hayzlett: Amid massive change, B2B marketers must 'adapt or die'  


Jeffrey Hayzlett is a familiar face on the B2B marketing circuit. Hayzlett, the former CMO of Eastman Kodak Co., speaks frequently throughout the world on the challenges facing marketers and is also the co-author of the best-selling book, "The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing?" BMA Buzz spoke with Hayzlett about the growing benefits of using social media and how B2B marketers ignore mobile marketing at their own peril.  



Lead Gen

Integrated marketing automation goes beyond just enabling better use of metrics: 22% of B2B marketers with integrated marketing automation are more likely to have highly effective and efficient marketing, compared with 13% of marketers with automation that is not integrated, according to The 2011 Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study. The study, which was conducted by The Lenskold Group and sponsored by The Pedowitz Group, garnered responses from 263 B2B companies whose marketing group generates leads for a sales organization or channel partners.


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