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Happy Summer!
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"Quick Fix" Tips
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The Beauty Temple proudly carries Uspa, the natural, botanical range from the pure Australian environment.

Hair - Skin - Body

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What happens to all of the hair clippings?

It all gets donated to help clean up oils spills! CLICK HERE to read more.

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  Hi ,

Have you ever heard the term "June Gloom"? I've heard it before in previous years and apparently we are experiencing it here in Olympia once again. While it is rather gloomy weather and I'd much prefer sunshine and warmth, there is plenty evidence of Summer all around that brightens my day....flowers, fresh scents, mint water, open windows, growing gardens.....the taste of fresh local produce - YUM!

Speaking of which, Shawn and I are in the process of freezing organic strawberries and our house has all the tell-tale signs....cookie sheets of berries, freezers bags, straws, pink splotches on the floor, stems here and there, and a big pile of empty strawberry boxes to return to the farm. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...and a belly full of strawberries! I believe a strawberry facial is in the works for this evening. Hmmmm......I wonder if I can convince Shawn to join me? ;-)

Summer can be a busy time for trips and vacations and I thought I'd give you a heads up when I will be away on adventures for planning purposes.

July 29 - August1st   (river rafting/dance trip)
August 26th - September 7th   (Burning Man!)

I look forward to swapping summer adventure stories!
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classroom Mo
These are photos of my friend Maureen and I goofing off in the Uspa education classroom up in Seattle. I've been going up there almost once a month for awhile now to learn more about Uspa products, ingredients, and techniques. It's been so amazing getting connected with folks in my field who have the same values and philosophies as me. It's been equally fabulous to learn more and more about the products, their benefits, and about each specific ingredient. Fascinating, really. For those of you who are curious, I try to include some 'educational' info about each featured product of the month. I personally find it empowering to know just what I'm absorbing through my skin and hair. I hope you find it interesting and helpful!ucolour
Why do I look so nerdy in Maureen's glasses but she looks totally cute in them?!? ;-)

Eyes A few Random 'Quick Fix' Tips...

Super dry ends?

Quick Fix: Olive Oil.
If the ends of your hair are felling, well, crispy, try a small drop of olive, jojoba, or coconut oil. Yup, super easy - even on vacation! Be careful...a very little goes a long way.....you don't want to end up looking like a grease ball. If too much comes out just use it for a quick body moisturizer. I keep a little squeeze bottle of oil in my bathroom for convienence.

Crazy bed head?

Quick Fix: A spray bottle of water
Having a spray bottle of water is super handy in the bathroom. Use it to refresh curls, get rid of the 'wave' that wearing a ponytail can leave, or redirect a part. Sometimes it's helpful to mist your hair and then use the blowdryer a bit to reshape the hair.

Argh, a pimple!

Quick Fix: Mud mask
If you've got an unwelcome 'little friend' show up on your face, try putting a dab of mud mask onto the pimple before you go to bed. The clay in the mask will help draw out impurities and start to dry up the lil' bugger.

(Let me know if you have a topic you'd like me to include in upcoming newsletters. I am always open to your ideas, questions and feedback!)

featuredproducts20% Off
July Featured Products.....

Damask Rose Hydrosol

Skin Type: Normal to Dry and Sensitive

A soothing facial mist designed to refresh, enhance hydration, reduce irritation, and set make-up. This hydrosol will provides a burst of moisture to stressed and tired skin. Rose essential oil assists in diminishing redness and irritation. A warm, slightly spicy and immensely rich, red rose aroma.

Key Ingredients:

Organic Gota Kola: Known as the elixir of life in India. Calms stressed and sensitive skin. Wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Affects various stages of tissue development necessary for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Allatoin: A healing anti-irritant and skin softener. A valuable cell proliferating healing agent that stimulates healthy tissue formation.

Organic Rose Water (hydrosol): Hydrosol is the distillate collected after passing steam through fresh plant material and cooling the vapor that contains the plant extract. This semi-solid colloidal solution is comprised of condensed steam, essential oils, and other plant materials. It is not further manufactured, enhanced, or diluted. Standard 'rose water' is actually the run off or bi-product of this process and will not have the same therapeutic benefits as true hydrosol.

rose hydrosol
(1.7oz reg $30.00... SALE PRICE $24.00)   (4.1oz reg $42...SALE PRICE $33.66)

Aloe Hydrant Gel       oil-free with green tea

For Oily skin as an oil-free moisturizer

For Normal to Dry skin as a hydration booster

For Aging skin as skin firming, anti-oxidant gel

A remarkable, soothing triple action hydrant gel. The aloe vera firms and nourishes, infusing the skin with humectants, allowing the skin to hold more moisture. Green tea provides antioxidants to help your skin fight the signs of aging. This soothing formula also reduces redness and irritation and is an after-sun essential.

Key ingredients:

Aloe Vera: Renowned for it's healing properties and it's anti-inflammatory abilities to soothe. Aloe's active constituents actually speed healing by accelerating tissue repair and encouraging normal cell growth, thus it's being hailed for powerful anti-aging effects.

Green Tea Extract: Provides antioxidants to assist your skin fight the signs of aging. Contains potent compounds that protect the skin from harmful effects of UV radiation, environmental stress, and pollution.  Green tea is recommended for use prior to sunscreens to further their effectiveness.

Lavender Essential Oil: Soothes skin, reduces redness, regulates sebum, increases cellular activity and prevents cell death.

Boronia Absolute: An exotic extract from the flower grown in Tasmania near Australia. This extract is normally prized for it's value to the perfume industry for providing it's unique exquisite aroma. Here it is harmonized with lavender to create a lush blend for the psyche while providing calming benefits for the skin. Boronia has been studied for possibilities in skin cancer prevention.

Aloe Hydrant

(1.7oz reg $48.00... SALE PRICE $38.40)   (4.1oz reg $72...SALE PRICE $57.60)

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