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Spring has SPRUNG!
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20% off This Month's Featured Products
Article: Vitamin C for the skin
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  Hi ,
Well, Spring has officially sprung and I'm about to spring out of an airplane to celebrate my birthday! Yup, I'm going skydiving! We're in CA with my sister, her guy Toni, and my mom - I'm so excited! And no........I'm not scared - yet!  ;-)

So, now that the days are longer (yay!), and there are some really amazing days (in between the  rain), we start spending more time outside! Are you wearing sunscreen? Okay, I don't want to nag but 'technically' sunscreen should be worn during the day all year long (min SPF 15). Even when it's a cloudy day the harmful rays are still present.

I decided to feature Uspa's Sun Defense SPF20 & the Pure C Complex Serum this month to help you get your skin protected and nourished. Personally, I use them both every morning all year round to protect my face and prevent premature aging.
Love 'em.

Also, great savings continue this month, while supplies last. I have been having so much fun with the 40% off Spring Duo Sale. It always feels so satisfying to get awesome deals.....and I find it equally as  satisfying to give awesome deals to you!

PS: I'll post some fun pictures from my trip on the Beauty Temple Facebook page.
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Happy Happy Spring!!!
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featuredproducts20% Off
April Featured Products

organic sun defense spf20: Aloe Hydrant Cream with Green Tea

I use this sunscreen everyday, all year round to protect my face from premature aging and skin cancers. An important staple in my skin care regimen......

This unique moisturizer created by Uspa from the ground up provides sun protection as well as offering anti-oxidant benefits and soothing hydrating properties. The Green Tea extract provides powerful antioxidants to assist in the fight against signs of aging and sun damage. The Aloe Vera nourishes and hydrates by infusing the skin with humectants. Uspa Organic Sun Defense also contains light Rose Oil, Lavender Oil, and Vitamin E to help soothe and nourish the skin. This is the perfect combination for your defense against the sun. Screens harmful UVA and UVB rays. PABA free. Regular use of sunscreens can aid in the prevention of some skin cancers and premature aging of the skin. Highly hydrating without leaving a residue or white tint.

Recommended for:

All Skin Types (including highly sensitive skin)

Featured Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera Gel - infuses the skin with humectants, allowing the skin to hold more water. Aloe contains mucopolysacchharides, a natural moisturizing and healing factor. Aloe is renowned for its healing properties and its anti-inflammatory abilities to soothe.
  • Green Tea Extract - Green Tea provides antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E) to assist your skin fight the signs of aging. This aids in the reduction of fine lines and cellular breakdown.
  • Glycerin - a natural water attractor that helps skin function better by encouraging cells to mature properly; may augment wound healing by allowing proper channeling to cells.
  • Lavender Oil - soothes, reduces redness, increases cellular activity and prevents cell death, regulates sebum.

Sun Defense SPF(reg $54.00  SALE PRICE $43.20)   2.55 oz

pure c complex serum

A light fluid incorporating Uspa's powerful encapsulated Vitamin C. This citrus miracle fluid will revitalize and boost the radiance in your skin. I love this stuff! It's SUPER silky going on and makes my skin look and feel amazing. A very little goes a long way...the 1oz size lasts a long time.
Treat yourself - it's worth it! YOU'RE worth it!

  • powerful encapsulated, slow releasing vitamin C fluid delivers to skin tissue
  • strengthens capillaries and assists in collagen production
  • provides a low level of sun protection of about SPF 2
  • helps with spider veins
  • provides anti-oxidant protection
  • smooths and softens skin
  • reduces fine lines
  • reduces skin discoloration
  • anti-inflammatory

Recommended for:

Normal to Dry and Sensitive, Mature and Aging

Pure C(reg $96.00   SALE PRICE $76.80)  1oz

Click here to visit the Uspa website and
check out other products available at the Beauty Temple!


Vitamin C for the skin

Photo-aging is the name given to skin that has been exposed to environmental elements - sun, smoke, and pollution - which causes free radicals to form. These free radicals attack the skin's collagen layer which leads to wrinkles, facial lines, dullness, and blotchy skin. By nurturing our skin now, we can help reduce the signs of premature aging due to sun exposure and other hazardous environmental conditions. Vitamin C has been used as a health benefit for centuries. This essential beauty vitamin also has many great antioxidant properties that makes it an ideal age defying treatment as well. The way that this ingredient defies lines and wrinkles is by getting underneath the skin to help repair damaged skin cells and help keep the new skin cells in tip top shape.

Free radicals are associated with premature skin aging, and antioxidants, such as vitamin C, are known to counter these highly damaging compounds. This evidence suggest that, in addition to 'mopping up' free radicals, vitamin C can help remove the DNA damage they form, if they get past the cell's defenses.

If Vitamin C is the chief anti-oxidant and exposure to sun depletes this vital ingredient, why not
replace it? Oral supplementation, although great for many ailments, does not work as quickly as
direct topical application of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Studies have shown that repeated
application of ascorbic acid to sun exposed skin for 3-4 days can result in levels 20 times higher
than that achieved by oral supplementation. Vitamin C penetrates the skin effectively when
applied topically, while ingested Vitamin C gets directed mainly to internal organs with about 2% going to the skin.

Human trials have shown that vitamin C application to sun burnt skin decreases redness in the skin. If
redness is decreased then there is an anti-inflammatory effect, if we decrease inflammation then
we are well on the way to stopping other skin changes that occur with inflammation, changes that
lead to aging more rapidly. Trials with psoriasis patients have also shown a decrease in
inflammation and scale to areas where vitamin C was applied.

Why are Vitamin C products so expensive when Vitamin C is so abundant?
To start with, just because Vitamin C may be written on a label does not mean there is enough present to be effective or that it is stable. Vitamin C is water-soluble and therefore oxidizes very quickly when exposed to air or sunlight. Aesthetic consultants point out that original formulations using this cheaper form of Vitamin C were unstable and the formula went brown as it oxidized within a few weeks, thus making the formula useless. Vitamin C can now be stabilized and this proposition is much more expensive. (Uspa "encapsulated" vitamin C, is purchased from high tech laboratories in America, and has undergone extensive testing for its functionality, delivery systems, and purity.) Products must contain at least 10% vitamin C to generate the anti-aging benefits.

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