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Happy New Year!
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Sara-ann's Skin & Hair Tips
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The Beauty Temple proudly carries Uspa, the natural, botanical range from the pure Australian environment.

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  Hi ....
Hoping you have enjoyed the winter holidays and wishing you much happiness in the new year!

Shawn and I had a fun, festive, and very cozy time visiting my family in Massachusetts for two weeks. We did end up having a 'White Christmas' and definately took full advantage of the sledding hill - fun stuff!

I really enjoy being on the east coast for a bit in the winter but my skin and hair just do not. The combination of cold air outside and dry heat inside makes my hands dry and chapped, and my hair super fly-away. Healing Hands cream and Frangipini Spray Shine came to the rescue! I decided these handy winter helpers deserve to be in the spotlight this month as my featured products. You can read more about them below.
It feels good to be back home in Olympia; it's mild, moist, and magnificent! Thanks to you all who bring me joy and make it so enjoyable to call this place home!

With gratitude,
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family x-mas '09

PS: Thought I'd include a picture of my family from over the holidays. (Dad, Jill who lives in Orlando, Amy who lives in SF, me, and Mumsey)
hairandskinSara-ann's Skin & Hair Tips

Why does my skin seems oily but have patches of dry skin at the same time?

Oily skin with dry patches typically is due to the products you are using. The cleanser that you are using is most likely too harsh for you. What happens is that the cleanser strips too much of your natural oils away which throws things out of balance. The dryness sets in and at the same time your sebaceous glands produce too much oil to try to offset the dryness. (A similar thing can happen with your scalp due to harsh shampoo or washing too much)

Some tips:

Wash with warm water, not hot.

Be careful not to scrub too hard.

Use a gentle cleanser, like Uspa's Awaken Foam Cleanser, that is for oily or combination skin.

Do not use heavy creams. Instead choose a lightweight or oil-free moisturizer and spot treat dry patches with something heavier if needed. Uspa's Oil-free Aloe Hydrant Gel with green tea is an excellent lightweight moisturizer choic

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January's Featured Products

Frangipani Aromatic Spray Shine
This is one of my absolute personal favorites from the Uspa haircare line. It tames frizz, fly-aways, and tangles without weighing hair down. Plus it makes your hair brilliantly glossy and smells amazing!

What the heck is Frangipani? It's a native Australian flower and one of the most popular Australian plants in cultivation.

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Healing Hands Cream w/ Echinacea Wow, I've realized this is a winter must have. It's been my hand's saving grace. I keep it by my bed and put it to work repairing and hydrating my hands - and feet -  every night!

Healing Hands will smooth and soften dry hands and heal cracked feet with echinacea, a powerful healing extract that has been used to treat eczema and psoriasis.Horsetail extract supports wound healing and is high in replenishing minerals. Fatty acids in Meadow Foam oil along with Macadamia oil condition, moisturize, and reduce the effects of aging. The added benefits of Comfrey, beta carotene, and essential oils ensure conditioning.

Healing Hands(reg $26.40   SALE PRICE $21.12)

Click here to visit the Uspa website and
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~ Healing Hands Cream w/ Echinacea
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