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May 2012
Modern Day Mother's Day
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Specialists in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, P.A. is a reproductive endocrinology practice providing comprehensive and compassionate reproductive endocrine care. Services include IVF, preimplantation genetic implantation diagnosis (PGD), egg donation, embryo donation, oocyte cryopreservation, gestational surrogacy, conventional surrogacy, cryopreservation of ovarian/testicular cells/tissues, sex selection, gynecology, genetics, endocrinology as well as menopausal diagnostic and treatment services.

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Local Modern Day Mother's Day


We are so proud to be a part of Sheri's and Laura's journey to create their family and to share their triumphant story. This amazing same sex couple just celebrated a very momentous Mother's Day as mothers who each conceived and delivered a set of twins, transforming them into the parents of quadruplets.


The chance that all four embryos, two transferred into each of these two women, would implant and be delivered was less than 1%.

"Understanding the tragic loss of their first set of identical twins," explained Dr. Sweet, "we thought it best to transfer two embryos into each of them, hoping that at least one or two would implant and grow. None of us expected that all four would take!" The chance that all four embryos, two transferred into each of these two women, would implant and be delivered was less than 1%. "Seeing these loving mothers with all four of their children is truly amazing," Dr. Sweet stated. "Some new mothers might complain about the constant loss of sleep, but these two are overjoyed just having the children doing so well."


"I knew the fact that this was a same sex couple might raise an eyebrow or two in Southwest Florida," Dr. Sweet said with concern. "In reality, if heterosexual couples took the time and effort, they would find they have so much in common with these two amazing parents. Sheri and Laura would do anything for their children, a sentiment that is shared by nearly all parents, no matter what their combination."


To learn more about this truly wonderful and modern family, click on the links below:

Fertility Within Reach  

We are proud and honored to share that we're now included as a

fertility within reach 
Fertility Within Reach

resource on the Fertility Within Reach (FWR) website. Founded and operated by former infertility patients Davina Fankhauser and Sandra O'Keefe, FWR is a powerful source of advocacy and educational information for those in the process of building their family. We are truly grateful to be listed as a resource and consider it an honor to be among those listed. 

Do the Risks of Ovarian Cancer Increase with IVF Treatments?   

There was a recent study that reviewed the concerns regarding the effects of IVF on ovarian cancer risks. Dr. Sweet reviewed this study and some other published literature to weigh in on the subject.


pills pregnancy The study failed to show any increased risks for ovarian cancer for the non-IVF treated infertile patients. "There was a subtle increase in the overall rate of what is commonly termed 'borderline' ovarian cancer in the IVF-treated infertile patient," explained Dr. Sweet. "Those patients with tubal infertility and those that never conceived seemed to be at greatest risk even though the actual risk was still quite small."


If you would like to read more about Dr. Sweet's review on this important topic, please click here and don't forget to leave comments about the blog.



Finding a Skilled Mental Health Professional


Do you feel like you sometimes need some extra support and counseling?


There are times when your partner, friends and family are simply asrm unable to support you during your time of need. We have a list of local skilled mental health professionals who are able to lend both short and long-term support when you need it the most.


If you live outside the Southwest Florida region and are seeking assistance, we normally suggest that you examine the "ASRM Mental Health Professional Search Engine." Navigating the site, however, can be a bit tricky. We suggest the following:

  1. Click here to go to the main search engine page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Mental Health Professional Group" button and press <Search>.
  3. You may refine your search by city and state.
  4. Changing the "Results per page" to "Show All" is more efficient.

By using the above search process, provider names, websites and links are presented for all 50 states. Still can't find a provider? Let us know and we will do what we can to assist!   


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