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2011 Reflections

2011 started with eager anticipation of what new projects were on the horizon.  The Sho-Link family including all member account management teams and many more made great strides and graciously included our field service personnel, managers, and administrative staff along the way.


The field service family was there every step of the way.  Although Alan Scaccia, Scott Rudel, Rob West and Joe O'Reilly get to speak with the city managers on a one to one basis during the year, we want to take this opportunity to extend our sincere appreciation to every single person.


Each of you has accomplished much this year.  It is now time    to   enjoy   some   of the  blessings of the season.       Sho-Link is everything because of you.   Before we close out the year there are a few notes we would like to leave with you....Please read through this newsletter for a personal greeting.





Panasonic at APEX Seattle 2011
Panasonic @ APEX
The Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle hosted APEX / WAEA 2011.   This yearly event on September 12th - 15th focused on inflight entertainment. Laser WA was there every step of the way to ensure Panasonic, Paramount Pictures, Interact, Lumexis, Crest Digital, Inflight Entertainment, Inflight Dublin and BBC exhibits stood out from the crowd.  Installation spanned six days including 47 carpenters for a total of 1,400 hours. Connie Kindig, owner, Laser WA, was supported by Jim Genzano, So. California City Manager, on the show floor. Rick Gyenese, Panasonic, said. "Thank you and your staff for an excellent job you provided.   ...very pleased with Jeff, Mike and the rest of the gang for all of their hard work."
Paramount Pictures at APEX Seattle 2011
Paramount Pictures

Interact at APEX Seattle 2011
In-Flight at APEX Seattle 2011

2011 City Managers' Meeting - San Antonio
The 2011 annual City Managers' meeting was held in San Antonio, TX with the focus on "Accountability".   Within these two days each aspect of operations and customer service were reviewed for ways to enhance the city  managers'  responsibility to our members and Sho-Link.

Sho-Link's guest speakers included Colleen Johnson, Rob Wilson, and Mike Haren and they were consistent with this year's theme. One   example   was   Sho-Link's new Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM system), which was introduced by Colleen Johnson.  This will provide a customer portal for our members and 24 / 7 access for all users.  This system will enhance the communication cycle.  Another example was Employco's presentation on a new workers compensation procedure to stream line the injury claim filing process. 


Sho-Link's newest guest speaker was Ray "Mike" Haren.   Mike is one of Sho-Link's traveling supervisors.  His vantage point as he travels across the country provides great feedback for brand consistency.   This topic sparked an interesting exchange of ideas between the city managers and the executive team. Rob West summed it up well, "The wheels are in motion, and everyone should see immediate improvements in our daily operations going forward." 


Overall, 2011 included another successful City Manager meeting.  It is always a pleasure to gather everyone together to generate enthusiasm and energy they each take back to their crews. Therefore, we capped off the meeting with a video presentation of Bob Farrell's "Give Em the Pickle". This stellar presentation of Customer Service has been a great source of inspiration to all who experience it.

Sho-Link Loses a Mentor

In October 2011 Ken Broadbent lost his battle with a long term illness.  Ken's legacy of mentoring carries on throughout the Sho-Link family.


Good was his heart in friendship sound, loved and respected by all around, a beautiful life came to an end.  He died as he lived, everyone's friend.

December, 2011
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Fast Facts on Recent Shows

ABC KIDS - Louisville - 5 jobs, 26 men, 468 hrs.


APEX / WAEA - Seattle, 9 jobs, 47 men, 1,400 hrs.


APTA - New Orleans - 11 jobs, 32 men, 518 hrs.


ASIS - Orlando - 8 jobs, 24 men, 455 hrs.


AUSA - Washington DC - 10 jobs, 27 men, 723 hrs.


GBTA - Denver - 6 jobs, 15 men, 432 hrs.


GLOBAL GAMING - Las Vegas - 5 jobs, 42 men, 1,410 hrs.


NACS - Chicago - 16 jobs, 24 men, 538 hrs.


NBAA - Las Vegas- 12 jobs, 62 men, 1,364 hrs.

Nimlok Distributors
Than you to all who participated in the     Nimlok/Sho-Link Survey.   We are receiving great feedback from you for review and growth. We will be following up with each of you.  Thank you for the kudos! 
Houston has Moved
David Walter, City Manager
Sho-Link  Inc.
12710 Pantano Dr.
Houston, TX 77065
Current & Future Shows
Power Gen - Las Vegas - 12/13/11

CES - Las Vegas - 1/2/12

Show Shot - Las Vegas - 1/17/12


NAMM - Los Angeles - 1/19/12


AHR - Chicago - 1/23/12


HDAW - Las Vegas - 1/24/12


WOC - Las Vegas - 1/24/12


International Builder's Show - Orlando - 2/8-11/12
Who's  Who  at
Alan Scaccia Director, EACA Board
This summer Alan Scaccia, CEO Sho-Link, attended the EACA meeting in Orlando to connect with industry friends & learn a refreshing approach on customer service.  Alan returned as an EACA Director and with an elevated spirit for customer service. 
Read more at EACA...

Scott Rudel Appointed Executive Vice President, Sho-Link Inc.
Scott Rudel
In July 2011 Alan Scaccia, CEO, announced Scott Rudel's appointment to Executive Vice President, Sho-Link Incorporated.    In Scott's new role he oversees the daily management and operations of Sho-Link at the corporate office.
Scott joined Sho-Link in December of 1999 as Assistant Operations Manager.  His duties included supervision of large sets.  He was promoted in 2003 to Regional Operations Manager and again in 2005 to National Operations Manager.  His duties  included operational management of Sho-Link's 16 city managed offices, recruiting of new labor, hiring of new City Managers, and direct involvement with Account   Executives and General Managers from the member companies.  In 2007 he was promoted to Vice President and National Operations Senior Manager.
Scott started his career in 1988 as a union carpenter in Chicago working for Freeman Decorating.  Soon after, he started traveling as a supervisor for corporate accounts.  Scott's last two years with Freeman had him traveling extensively as General Foreman for their corporate association shows.  These included WEFTEC, APA Show, RVIA, MAGIC, and NAHM.
Scott shares the following, "I feel privileged to have been given the opportunities that allow me to be exposed to such a rewarding industry.  I have been mentored by some great people and hope I can pass on my knowledge to others looking for opportunities in this industry." 

Member News

Derse Donates 425 Million Year Old Reef

The Schoonmaker Reef, the first fossilized reef described in North America, was gifted to the City of Wauwatosa in a signing ceremony on September 26, 2011. Derse, Inc. made this.....more...


Derse relocates and expands Atlanta office...more...


EEI Global Awarded the MMSDC Corporate ONE Award  for its efforts to promote supplier...more...
EEI Global President & CEO, Derek Gentile named an "Entrepreneur of Distinction" by Detroit's Corp Magazine...more...
EEI Global Awarded The Eddie at EDPA's Access 2011...more... 


Group Delphi and GGE Merge

October 28, 2011 Group Delphi and GGE announced their merger, creating an organization with deeper expertise, broader capabilities and increased services for tradeshow....more...



Hamilton Exhibits

Dan Cantor, CEO, announces that Hamilton Exhibits has promoted three of its key executives....more...


Hamilton Launches new website that acts as a resource for event managers, marketing professionals...more...


Hamilton names Baxter new VP, Business Development. ...more...


Nimlok Distributors Receive Accolades for New Boss Awards

Nimlok, a leading custom and portable trade show exhibit and service provider is proud to announce that two of it's Branded Distributors, Nimlok...more...


Derse Adds New Sales Talent in New York
Christopher Thornton - Derse PA AE
Derse is pleased to announce the addition of new talent to its sales team. Christopher Thornton recently began as a Senior Account Executive based out of New York, bringing with him

Dear Ann-Link,
Q: Why do you need the Published Show Rates form? 
A:  As you are all aware Sho-Link charges the published show rate and when placing orders we ask that our Service Coordinators supply a hard copy of the published show rate sheet.  Hard copies are needed for several reasons; to verify pricing, ensure the breakdown of hours is followed, for invoicing purposes and for year end auditing.  As our industry continually becomes more electronic, certain aspects of our jobs become easier.  
We are noticing more and more information is becoming available online, which is a great tool for our Order Processors.  There are unfortunately websites we come across that are only accessible with a user name and password, which we are unable to access.  This would be when the Order Processors will reach out to the Service Coordinators for a copy of the rate sheet. We understand that there may be times when a website is not user friendly.  In which case, one option is to do a "Print Screen" of the online rate sheet and inserting it into an email to the Order Processors.  The best information to provide when placing an order is the following: Show Information (Quick Facts), Published Show Rates and any Show Management information.  

Thank you for your continued support of Sho-link.
"Your Partner on the Show Floor"

Please submit any questions you have for Dear Ann-Link regarding trade show preparation(nobody can replace Ann Landers) to Toni Jendras  at   Your submissions will be answered either in this column or confidentially.

Tradeshow Stats NBAA - by Jim Genzano
National Business in Aviation Association, Las Vegas Convention Center 10/10-12/11
The show closed with 26,077 people in attendance, a 7% jump in attendance over last year

The number of exhibitors increased 2% over last year.


A spike in international registration, which was up more than 23% over that for last year's convention, with nearly 4,00 representatives from 88 different countries.


"This year's convention underscored the fact that the people and companies in business aviation are optimistic and forward-looking," NBAA President / CEO Ed Bolen said. "NBAA's convention continues to be a key part of that forward-looking vision, serving as the premier  venue for bringing the industry together and advancing its interests. Our thanks to everyone who helped make this year's event a success."


1,028 Total Exhibitors in 3 million square feet of exhibit space.

Next year's meeting will take place in Orlando 10/30 - 11/1/2012



Kudos Keep Flowing

"The Sho-Link guys were great - Dan stopped by during the set up on Sat / Sun and then I called him on Wed. to make sure he was all set and he not only called me right back, but stopped by the booth prior to the end of the show just to check in. They were all extremely helpful, thank you for setting that up. It made my life much easier." 

-- Melissa  Graetz, Nimlok Chicago



"I am highly satisfied with Sho-Link on this job. The job went smoothly. Labor was patient with installation changes at the last minute and made schedule changes for Sho-Link personnel to better fit our needs. We didn't have to ask; it was just taken care of. Compliments to Corey and the team. Our very picky packer said the dismantle and re-pack was the best Sho-Link has done. We weren't there for the dismantle and outbound shipping, and I felt confident that between Sho-Link and the new Freeman concierge elite service, the chances for outbound problems were fewer than in the past. Thanks again." 

-- Stephen Pyle, Omnitec



"I just wanted to let you know that our Sho-Link crew at the FRI show in Atlanta was excellent. Our booth is a challenging setup (40 X 40) and our lead Marty and the team had great attention to detail, and setup went quickly. I also noticed attention to detail on the dismantle, which is not always the case." 

-- Erik Cartwright, Scott Safety



"The recent 'New Roads to Success' conference held in Orlando, FL at the Rosin Shingles Creek resort was a huge success in part to the tireless and dedicated effort by Jeff Brosseau and his team. Dominick, Joe and Billy were truly the on time team. I truly appreciate the effort put forth to ensure that this event was a success for my client." 

-- Tobie Cheek, Southwest Displays & Events



"I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work this past week at the ABC Kids Expo! You and your crew were amazing and we sincerely appreciated the hard work and smiles you put forth." 

-- Maisha Tyler, Ergo Baby


"Great to have met you and the crew for the NACS event this past week, it was most excellent. Please give my thanks to the boys for all their hard work; it was a pleasure to work with a group of professional guys. It was kind of like riding a race horse, you don't have to kick to get moving, it just goes... Again thanks team... Please give special thanks to Mike and Dave for me as they let me tease them for two days straight." 

-- Gene Smith, Exhibitree


Grin Page
Sho-Link Awards Employees

Theresa Peiffer 10 yrs. Service Award

Alan Scaccia presents Theresa Peiffer

 - 10 yrs. Service Award

Jeff Brosseau - 15 yrs. Service Award
Alan Scaccia presents Jeff Brosseau
- 15 yrs. Service Award

Sho-Link Awards Employees

Jim Genzano - 5 yrs. Service Award
Jim Genzano receives from Alan Scaccia
 - 5 yrs. Service Award
Toni Jendras 5 yrs. Service Award
Alan Scaccia presents Toni Jendras 
- 5 yrs. Service Award

Sho-Link Awards Employees
April Panosian 5 yrs. Service Award
Alan Scaccia presents April Panosian
- 5 yrs. Service Award
Bill Redman - Customer Service Appreciation Award 2011
Alan Scaccia presents Bill Redman
 - Customer Service Award

Sho-Link Awards Employees

Victor Tadefa Office Appreciation Award 2011
Alan Scaccia presents Victor Tadefa
- Office Appreciation Award

End of the Year Holiday Wish

As we enter our 19th operational year, we are filled with deep appreciation for the many actions and expressions of support from our members, account management teams, affiliates, managers, journey men, advisors, suppliers, and friends.  It is your remarkable progress that has made possible the dynamic growth of Sho-Link.


Your orders and their fulfillment, followed by your welcomed encouragement, praise, letters, and constructive comments, have all helped to bring us closer together, as we work together to build a stronger and improved exposition industry.  Sho-Link appreciates it's uncommon relationship with you... the account team partner.  We look forward to further growing together.


Every Sho-Link professional, affiliate, supplier, and resource extends their best wishes to you and your family for a joyous holiday season and a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2012.

 In Sho-Link's continued commitment to remain current with today's technology we are happy to provide you a digital newsletter.  If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter please contact Jean Keefe at or call the corporate office at (847) 735-0640 x 1518. We will be sure to add you to our electronic distribution list. Thank you for your continued trust in Sho-Link as your #1 I&D provider.

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