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*Chevron & Nextant Aerospace at NBAA 2009
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* Starlinger at NPE 2009
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Fast Facts on Recent Shows

NTI 2009, New Orleans 370.5 Hours, 6 Jobs
All Candy Expo, Chicago 294 Hours, 9 Jobs
ASCO, Orlando 1252 Hours, 8 Jobs
Clinical Expo 2009, Chicago 221 Hours, 10 Jobs
CTIA 2009, Las Vegas 1904 Hours, 9 Jobs
ISC West 2009, Las Vegas 1083 Hours, 13 Jobs
KBIS, Atlanta 1485 Hours, 6 Jobs
MRO Conf., Dallas 558 Hours, 6 Jobs
ONS 2009, San Antonio 1098.5 Hours, 8 Jobs
OTC 2009, Houston 875 Hours, 17 Jobs
RECON Leasing Mall 2009, Las Vegas 2870.5, 18 Jobs
SHRM 2009, New Orleans 221.5 Hours, 10 Jobs
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Sho-Link Newsletter
 November, 2009      
Chevron & Nextant Aerospace at NBAA 2009


Chevron's 50x150 booth space and participation at this year's NBAA Show remained substantial.  This was greatly appreciated by all.  Many exhibitors at this year's event made noticeable cuts, downsized or dropped out of the show.
The Chevron booth was updated for 2009 with the addition of a full perimeter and 400 running feet of hanging truss and fabric signage. This had corporate branding/ logos on the outside, and blue sky with clouds on the inside that gave an open air, relaxing feel from inside the booth space.
 chevron 5
Gene Winther, owner of Expon Exhibits, said "The mutual work ethic that was primary to the awarding of the re-build contract from Chevron/Texaco.  The program was intended to refresh the exhibit and improve the overall on floor experience for attendees, staff, and heads of Chevron, and to create a more efficient shipping, set-up, and contained exhibit. The design was capital in the improved branding, on floor exposure and eye filling experience at NBAA.  
The combined effort of, Expon Exhibits, designers, producers (shop) and Sho-Link, was to full fill these requirements, I believe that happened. Everyone involved should take pride in the success of the overall effort and be pleased with the reward from all of the great comments reflecting on that success.  
cheveron 6
Chevron/Texaco provided a strong consistent, well managed show floor experience for the attendees and created a strong statement for support of the NBAA.  It provided a positive statement to the value of the NBAA show by not cutting back as they could have.  The message is they believe that NBAA works for them and made a full and complete statement by their actions."
Robert Taylor of Chevron said "Thanks to the Sho-Link Team for the extrodinary effort you all put into ensuring our first day at NBAA with our new booth was a success. Starting with the very smooth set up and operation of the booth and all its activities, to the final customer leaving the appreciation event."
cheveron 2
Special mention goes out to the crew on Chevron: Steve Allibone, Rich Burnstien, Dave Walter, Mike Haren, Kevin Cunningham, Ed Cagle, Gene Tagglianetti, Tony Bishop, Frank Allen, Frank Theard and Patrick Bottinelli.
Expon also had Nextant Aerospace booth which was a 30x60 booth. The crew on the Nextant booth was: Pat McCarthy, Greg Matthews, Kent Griffith and Jeremiah Rosa.

NBAA Pictures from Members
Member pictures from NBAA 2009 in Orlando, FL  
 Triumph-10x50 - Nimlok Kansas 
Panasonic - 20x20 - Exhibitree
piaggo 1Piaggio 3

piaggio 2

  Piaggio Aero -70x70 - Derse SRS
ICON Exhibits Expands Indiana Operations
ICON Exhibits, which merged with California-based Delphi Productions in March announced that it will expand its presence in Fort Wayne, adding a 20,000 sq. ft. building to its existing 60,000 sq. ft. campus. The development will enhance the enterprise's overall logistics and operations capacity and result in the retention of 30 jobs and the potential for nearly 60 new positions.  The project will cost approximately $4.3 million and could lead to larger investments in the future. Project completion is expected for 2012.
With the merger of Delphi and ICON,  the headquarters of the combined enterprise became Alameda, CA - home to Delphi for 20 years - where the company has a 150, 000 sq. ft. facility.  Both the Fort Wayne and Alameda locations are full-scale production, sales and service operations.
"In these difficult economic times, we are pleased to be on strong footing and expanding our business in ways that will benefit our clients, employees, and business communities" said Justin Hersh, president and chief executive officer of Delphi and Icon.
"We see Fort Wayne as a smart place to grow our business for numerous reasons" added Hersh. "The central Midwest location offers incredible efficiencies for a production and transportation-intensive business like ours. Additionally, the quality and work ethic of the people has helped build the strong, successful team we have today and hope to build on for the future. We are incredibly excited about the growth opportunities we see for our Indiana operation and greatly appreciate the city's and state's support."
"ICON's decision to expand in Fort Wayne is indicative of the city's resilient business community" stated Mayor, Tom Henry. "I am looking forward to the company's continuous growth and the opportunities it will bring to the city."
Jimmy Carter Museum


Shortly after leaving office as President, Jimmy Carter indicated his interest in a Presidential Library to be built in Georgia.  In December 1980, a search was undertaken for a suitable site for building the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.  After surveying a number of sites, one close to downtown Atlanta was selected.  The land was owned by the state of Georgia originally acquired to build an interstate highway.  The highway project had been stopped by then Governor Carter.  Approximately 30 acres of that land was acquired for the library's site.  Ground breaking for the entire facility was held on October 2, 1984.  Construction costs for the entire facility were $26 million raised by donations from friends of President Carter from around the world.  The building was dedicated and the museum opened to the public October 1, 1986.


On April 27, 2009, the Carter Presidential Museum closed to begin a $10 million redesign.  Sho-Link member Design & Production, Inc. had designed and installed the original exhibition space.  They were selected again to handle the renovation.  Sho-Link Atlanta labor assisted D&P on installing the new exhibit properties starting on June 23rd and working up until the reopening.  Crew size varied depending on the tasks at hand topping out at 18 workers.  The all new, high tech, highly interactive family friendly museum reopened on October 1, 2009, President Carter's 85th birthday.


Design & Production has also been selected to do the renovation of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library which will reopen February 2011.  In addition, they have also been selected to produce the George W. Bush Presidential Library which opens in late 2013 or early 2014.
Starlinger at NPE 2009 
Peter Baranowski of Delphi/Icon sent in a great Kudo in regards to Starlinger booth. "The Starlinger team would like to share select pictures from the NPE Show, which was held in Chicago at the end of June. What started as a casual conversation at Euroshop in Feb. '08, developed into this nice piece of business for us and exceptional experience for Starlinger Group (based in Austria). 


This fine example of hybrid rental solution allowed us to create a unique exhibit environment and integrate our client's European look  and hospitality.  "In my view, the entire process, from discovery through design, production and deployment, was an experience worth sharing and be proud of.  Both in-house production and on the floor services were executed flawlessly," said Peter Baranowski, Delphi-Icon 
Peter also said "Our Sho-Link partners supported us with a great deal of passion and dedication, which gave me a particular level of comfort, and I'm sure was noted by the client.  Starlinger was confident and proud of the work and support that was delivered. For sure we've gained another happy client and can follow this path with other future projects."

   BAI Retail Delivery in Boston
The BAI Retail Delivery Show was held in Boston this month.  Sho-Link had four booths on this show. Here are two of the booths that Sho-Link set up.  The other exhibitors that Sho-Link set up were Fiserv from Derse Milwuakee, and Nautilus from Derse Waukegan.
                                                      FIS - Derse Milwaukee
                                                  FIS - Derse Milwaukee 
                                ACI Worldwide - Derse Milwaukee
eCardio at AHA Scientific Sessions '09
"Just wanted to take a sec and say thanks to Jeff Brosseau and the Orlando crew for their support, and for a job well done in Orlando last week for the eCardio install. The entire crew (Drew Drullinger, Steve Allibone, Pat McCarthy, & Dean Mercer) did an excellent job, and it was a pleasure working with all of them...
Drew was an excellent lead... he was cognizant of the hours allotted from the beginning and stayed on top of it making sure we finished within the budgeted amount (which we did).
Also, thanks to you for taking care of the Account Executive upon her arrival on Saturday... Appreciate your flexibility while we were there.  I look forward to another set in Orlando. This was truly one of the best I've been on. Thanks again!" Mitch Nettles, Derse SRS

Recent Customer Testimonials
This message is delayed, but I wanted to let you know that Steve Bierbryer- Miami City Manager for Sho-Link provided excellent service for us at the HOPA meeting last month in Doral FL. Steve already had the booth set up and ready to go when I first visited the convention floor on Wednesday. In addition, he was very professional throughout the meeting and checked in with me several times to make sure things were going smoothly; moreover, he made sure to confirm with me that he would take care of the break down and shipment of the booth at the end of the meeting. If Steve represents what Sho-Link provides at other venues I would highly recommend that we use their services across the country (maybe we already do?). Thanks Steve- great job and hope things are going well in So FL!
John Gerard Pharmacy Systems Specialist, B. Braun Medical Inc.
We recently had a set in DC for PLATO at NECC. Working with Corey and the team was once again a pleasure and the set went seamlessly. I could tell from observing the crew that there was strategy and thought behind who was on my booth.  Each person had their own strengths that, when put together, allowed for a well orchestrated install.  My client also was happy with the crew and made several comments about how pleased she was with the booth set.  You definitely have a winning team in DC!!
Melissa Reese, Derse

" I wanted to send you a quick message regarding your affiliate, Spectrum Show Services, at the recent BEA show in New York.  I had two clients at this show and Spectrum (through Sho-Link) set what equated to one 20 x 30 and one 30 x 30 booth.  In the weeks running up to the show I had to place several calls to Ron Mestichelli, most of which were after 5 pm on the east coast.  Ron always took my call and never made me feel as though I was inconveniencing him.  Once onsite, Ron was very attentive to our clients needs and provided "above & beyond" customer service.  There is the "occasional" affiliate city where we might not have the comfort level we would like to have but in New York that is definitely not the case.  Ron has a great supervisor in Jason Pirotta.  Ron was not going to be onsite for day two of set up but made sure he introduced Jason to me and our clients.  Jason was every bit as helpful (again...above and beyond) and continually checked in with us to ensure we were happy and satisfied with the level of service provided by our labor crew.  To top it off, Ron called a couple days after the close of the show to follow up.  He wanted to know our level of satisfaction and whether there was any area they could improve upon.  New York can be a challenging city for our clients but with the level of customer service provided by Ron, Jason and team, we feel confident that our clients are in good hands."
John Yezeski, Nimlok Orange County
Spotlight on Sho-Link Orlando Crew

Each month we will be spotlighting a different Sho-Link City crew.  This month we are spotlighting Orlando.  The city of Orlando is run by Jeff Brosseau.

Mark and  Kent 
                                  Kent Griffith and Mark Speck
 chevron crew
Steve Allibone, Tony Bishop, Rich Burnstein, Ed Cagle, Patrick Bottinelli and Kevin "Red" Cunningham
4978 group 
Jeremiah Rosa, Steve Mott, Pat McCarthy, Traci Panico, Matt Youngliss, Duanne Ragland, Frank Allen, Andrew Cagle
4962 picture

                                   Ken Johnson, Steve and Scott Dubios
Greg and Harold
                      Greg Matthews and Harold McRea
Steve and Linda
                                Steve Lipscier and Linda Star
Images of Sho-Link
If you ever go away from the office for an extended amount of time (like Alan & Lauren did this past August) this is what your co-workers will do to your office!
               ALAN SCACCIA'S OFFICE
Al 1
                 Lauren, Amy & Jean, Master Decorators!
                                     "Where is the floor"
    "Let's get this on film, because no one will believe us" 


    "Lauren is not going to get much work done today"
                                       "Looks like a snow storm"

Sho-Link Newsletter goes Green
logoIn Sho-Link's continued commitment to remain current with today's technology we are happy to announce that we are now sending our  newsletter electronically.  If you have any questions in regards to the newsletter please contact Theresa Peiffer at tpeiffer@sho-link.com  or call the corporate office at (847) 735-0640 x223. We will be sure to add you to our electronic distribution list. Thank you for your continued trust in Sho-Link as your #1 I&D provider.