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November 2010 Newsletter

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Homemade Cranberry Sauce
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The Full Beaver Moon
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Parachute Toy
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Autumn Childcare Menu
autumn food 
This menu is set up so as to use the daily grains specified by Rudolf Steiner and widely used in Waldorf Kindergartens and homes the world over.
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Today's Daily Idea ~

~taken from the November Afterschool Guide


Today make hot lemonade for your children after school.  This simple but sweet drink is warming on a cold Autumn afternoon or the perfect soothing drink for a sick child:


Supplies Needed:

Two lemons

2-3 Cloves (whole)



(strain hot water over dried lemon balm leaves* for sickness)

This recipe is for one serving - just double or triple for more.

Boil water in kettle.  Squeeze one lemon into a large mug.  Add cloves to mug.  Add honey (as much as you like!).  Place lemon balm leaves* in coffee filter secured with rubber band or tea bag, put into mug and pour in boiling water.  Stir in a dash of cinnamon. 


*dried lemon balm leaves are optional




Homemade Cranberry Sauce


Supplies Needed:

Jars with Lids for Each Child's Sauce

8 Cups Fresh Cranberries (you can use Frozen instead)

2 Cups Water

2 Cups Sugar


Carefully wash and pick through cranberries.  Bring water to a boil with sugar.  Stir until mixture dissolves.  Add cranberries and reduce heat.  Let simmer for 15 minutes or until the cranberries burst.  Remove from heat.  Let cool and place in refrigerator to thicken.


Put in jars or you can eat it along side of a family meal this week.

Caregiver Meditation:  Remembering Loved Ones


"To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die."  ~Thomas Campbell

Sometimes after we lose a loved one, we tend to push their memory away from us in order not to hurt from missing them too much.  The idea that they are no longer alive in the way we once knew them - that we cannot touch, hear or see them physically - leaves us feeling as if they are gone forever... and that is painful.


Yet, those memories and days we spent together - that one piece of advice, that hard lesson learned, that lullaby oh so very long ago - yes even that fight, that wrong-doing that has or will one day help us with our own personal growth - those are not gone.  They live within us.  And, so... in that same way, our loved one does as well. 


As parents, we may find ourselves sharing a song our grandmother used to sing to us with our own children... or passing on a special family recipe, joke or story.  Can we realize in those special moments that our loved ones are actually right there beside us?  They are there moving their love and their 'being' beyond the confines of space and time - into our own children's lives!


Although they are 'gone', we can feel them alive.  For, every step that we take, they're right by our side.

Morning Blessing


Look out the window with your children - what do you see?  Sunshine, Clouds, Rain or Snow?


 After you've determined the weather - light a candle with your children, say the first verse - then choose the appropriate second verse:


Good morning to the glad new day,

Whatever the skies let fall,

If storm or sunshine, it is sent,

A loving gift to all.


For Sunshine:


Good morning to the sunshine fair,

That lights this world of ours,

Good morning to the singing birds,

Good morning to the flowers!

For Clouds or Rain:


Good-morning to the friendly clouds
That bring refreshing rain,
Which patters out "Good-morning, dears!'
Against the window pane.


For Snow:


Good-morning to the lovely snow,

That lies so soft and deep

Above the little tender seeds

In mother earth asleep.

November's Featured Sponsor
Syrendell is the collaboration of love, abundance, peace, health and happiness in the Tan Family. We share our knowledge and talents with others through our arts, crafts, writing, and music in order to help others have an enriched, holistic, joyful life!
Little Acorn Learning - November Sponsors

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The Full Beaver Moon

December Guide 

~ The Full Beaver Moon in November signifies a time to go within and find the warmth inside of your own soul.  It is a time to create a warm home and nurture those around us.  On this evening, take your children outside to see the moon's beauty.  Older children can sketch the view of the moon in a special notebook.

  ~Welcome November!~

 with Little Acorn Learning!  

 thanksgiving lantern


Also NEW this season is another simply BEAUTIFUL e-book from Jennifer Tan of Syrendell created JUST for Little Acorn Learning.  We are SO excited to offer our new Winter Handwork E-Book:

winter stars

This simple but beautiful e-book provides caregivers with four easy-to-learn projects for winter including nature weaving, winter window stars, a Tunisian crocheted neckwarmer and felted winter crowns.  Also included are beautiful original verses for artwork, handwork and winter meditation.

winter crowns

Come Visit Us to see more of our offerings and also review some of our free sample lessons on the Little Acorn Learning website. 


Our November AFTERSCHOOL Guide is Available on our website!  Almost 100 full pages of ideas, stories, verses, recipes, nature crafts and caregiver meditation/inner work for teachers and parents of school-aged children!  These guides put an emphasis on weeknights and weekends. 

A Tree in the Wind


I am a tree.

(stand up straight)


I am a tall tree.

(reach your arms high above)

Here comes the wind.

(move arms together back and forth as the wind)

Breathe, wind,

breathe and blow.

(breathe in through nose, blow out through mouth)

The wind blows
my tree-top.

(wave your arms high above your head as wind)

The tree-top rocks.

(continue and also move head back and forth)
It rocks
in the wind.


The wind
blows my leaves.

(wiggle fingers as leaves)

Breathe, wind,
breathe and blow.

(breathe in through nose, blow out through mouth)

When the wind blows,
down will come
my leaves.

(wiggle fingers as leaves and move hands down)
My leaves will fall.
See my leaves fall.

(move hands farther down)

The wind blows
my boughs.

(lower arms to your front)
My boughs rock.

They rock
in the wind.

(rock arms up and down)


The tree bends.

(bend your body to one side)

The wind
bends the tree.
The wind
bends the tree
up and down.

(bend your body up and down)

The wind blows.
Low, low,
breathe and blow.

(breathe in through nose, blow out through mouth slowly like a sigh)



The wind
is still.
The trees
are still.



Parachute Toy


Supplies Needed:

Small Silk or Light Fabric for 'parachute'

Four even pieces of yarn or strong thread

Small toy figure with flexible arms and legs


(we especially enjoyed using this dollhouse boy because each limb moves freely and the arms and feet were perfect for attaching our strings to - you could alternatively make your own bendy doll for this activity but the success may vary depending on the weight of your doll and fabric used)


 Tie each piece of yarn to one corner of your silk or fabric attaching the other side of the yarn to your doll's hands and feet.  You will have to experiment and adjust the length of your string depending on the items you are using.  When you drop your parachute toy from a high place you want for the wind to catch underneath so the toy floats down.  Some toys will be heavier than others and may need a shorter length of yarn to make it work.  We had to adjust ours a few times.

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