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Corn Stalks Fingerplay
Pumpkin Bread Recipe
Little Candle Verse
Saint Francis' Prayer
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Homemade Tree Blocks
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Autumn Childcare Menu
autumn food 
This menu is set up so as to use the daily grains specified by Rudolf Steiner and widely used in Waldorf Kindergartens and homes the world over.
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Today's Daily Idea ~

~taken from the October Afterschool Guide


Have your child help you prepare the meal for the evening by carefully practicing cutting, chopping, mixing and warming necessary ingredients.


Talk about each ingredient you are adding and the process involved in its growth, care and harvest. 


Consider adding scraps to your compost bin (or talk about beginning one) or think up creative ideas for utilizing leftovers. 

A Fingerplay


Corn Stalks Grow High, Way Up in the Sky.

(Raise arms above head and sway back and forth)



Watermelons are Round,

(Arms in front with fingers interlocking)


And Grow on the Ground.

(Point to ground)


But Under the Ground,

(Tap ground with finger)


Where no one Can See.


Grow Potatoes and Onions and Carrots

(Raise three fingers consecutively)


All Three.

(Show three fingers you raised)

Pumpkin Bread


Supplies Needed:

2 Cups of Fresh Pumpkin OR 1 16 oz can of Pumpkin

teaspoon allspice

2 teaspoons cinnamon

1 teaspoon ginger

1 cup vegetable oil

2.5 cups of sugar

2 teaspoons baking soda

4 eggs beaten

2 teaspoons salt

3.5 cups all purpose flour

cup water

Two greased and floured bread pans (9x5")


**Remember to let the children assist with as much of the baking process as possible. 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.  Pour into both pans (be sure they are greased and floured first).  Bake for approximately 50 minutes but be sure to check as to not overcook.  Use a toothpick to poke in the center of loaves to see if it is done.  Toothpick should come out dry.  Take out of oven and let cool. 

Here's a little candle dressed in white,
Wearing a hat of yellow light.

When the night is dark, then you will see
Just how bright this light can be.

Here's a little candle straight and tall,
Shining it's light upon us all

When the night is dark, then you will see
Just how bright this light can be.

Here's a little candle burning bright.
Keeping us safe all through the night.

When the night is dark, then you will see
Just how bright this light can be!

Saint Francis' Prayer


Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,


Where there is hatred, let me sow love;


 Where there is injury, pardon;


Where there is doubt, faith;


Where there is despair, hope;


Where there is darkness, light;


Where there is sadness, joy.

October's Featured Sponsor
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Exhale homemusicmakingsyrendell

 Bluebird Baby  lifeways logo

~The Hunter's Moon is the first full moon after the Harvest Moon.  Before the 1700's, The Feast of The Hunter's Moon was a time for celebration.  Take time to go outdoors with your children on this night.  Consider cooking a special meal or inviting friends over to look at the full moon. 


"From gold to gray

Our mild, sweet day

Of Indian-summer fades too soon;

But tenderly

O'er land and sea

Hangs, white and calm, the hunter's moon."


~All Hallows Eve (Halloween) is October 31st.  Halloween is said to have derived from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.  This time of year, it was said that the veil between our world and the spiritual world was more transparent.   We will take this old belief with us into the first week of November as we approach All Souls Day and joyfully remember loved ones who have moved on.

Homemade Tree Blocks


Supplies Needed:

Large Branches (not live branches) at least 2 inches or more in diameter

Hand Saw or Electric Saw


Work gloves

Beeswax Oil (optional or can be done at a later date)

Masks to use when sanding


**Please be sure that you and the children wear work gloves.  Also, be sure children are well-supervised and safe while working with wood and tools. 


During the week, have the children gather large branches to be used to make homemade tree blocks.  The blocks themselves are to be made by cutting the branches into pieces with a hand saw (or electric saw) by an adult.  Cut branches into separate blocks ranging from 2-8" in length. The children can then help you to smooth the surface of your new tree blocks with sandpaper.  Be sure to assist young children while sanding blocks that have sharp surfaces to prevent splinters.  You may wish to polish your new blocks with beeswax oil but this is not necessary.  Keep these blocks in your playroom to inspire open-ended building among the children.

  ~Autumn Blessings~

 from Little Acorn Learning!  

 We have put together an amazing group of products to help you celebrate Autumn in your home or school.


Our October AFTERSCHOOL Guide is Now Available on our website!  Almost 100 full pages of ideas, stories, verses, recipes, nature crafts and caregiver meditation/inner work for teachers and parents of school-aged children!  These guides put an emphasis on weeknights and weekends. 

Our October 5 Day or 3 Day Guide will help you with your daily work with children in home or school settings.  Daily morning talks, circle time songs and verses, recipes, games, nature crafts and much more!  These guides are to be used during the weekdays with your children.
Our Autumn Afterschool Menu is the perfect compliment to our regular Autumn Childcare Menu providing additional recipes for weekday afternoons and evenings and full meals and snacks for each day of the weekend.

We are also SO excited to offer two new e-books from other authors:

handwork book

The Autumn Handwork E-Book from Jennifer Tan of Syrendell was created just for Little Acorn Learning.  This simple but beautiful e-book provides caregivers with three easy-to-learn projects for children along with lovely verses for handwork. 

The Wonderful World of Numbers is a book illustrated and authored by Ilian Willwerth.  This beautiful hard-copy book (not an e-book) is a picture book for children entering the learning years or just beginning to read.  It explores the world of numbers as expressed by nature and humanity.

Come Visit Us to see more of our offerings and also review some of our free sample lessons on the Little Acorn Learning website.

Happy Autumn!


Cornhusk Flowers


Supplies Needed:


Thin Flexible Wire (craft stores)


Heavy Wire for Stem (craft stores)

Floral Tape (craft stores)


**This activity can be difficult for small children - be sure to work with them closely and allow them to be 'helpers' during the more difficult parts. 


Tear husks into strips about 1.5" wide.  Each petal requires 5 strips.  For the center of the flower, roll husks into a roll about " wide and secure with flexible wire about 1" from one end.  Cut off excess wire and husk. 


Fold petal husks in half and hold the roll in against it.  Wrap a piece of wire around the roll and the petal - secure.  Trim extra wire.  Continue around the center roll with the remaining petals.  Trim husk at the bottom of the flower into a point. 


Use a long piece of heavy wire 12-18" long and make a hook at one end.  Push the other end through the top center roll of the flower and pull down through base, allowing hook to catch the center roll to secure.  Be sure you cannot see the hook.  Pull and wrap floral tape to cover the base of the flower and follow it all the way down the steam, being sure to cover the bottom for safety. 


Be sure to display these flowers on your nature table when you are done.  They also make beautiful gifts for loved ones.

This Week's Reflection:  Humility


"The greater you become, the more humble you should be; then the Lord will be pleased with you."

~ The Holy Bible, Sirach 3:18


The word humility is derived from the latin word "humilis" which can be translated as "from the earth".  Each one of us comes from the earth and every single one of us will return to the same source from which we originated.  We are all one.


To be humble, means that we are able to recognize and admit our own failures and limitations.  It also means that we let go of judging where others are on their path to spiritual development.  We remind ourselves that we are all doing the best we can with the knowledge and experiences we have been given up until this point in time.  There is a plan for each of us.  And, when we accept others for where they are right now - we give them the power to grow in their own time, while allowing ourselves to move toward greatness through acceptance.

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