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Five Little Frogs Fingerplay
Full Strawberry Moon
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Summer Solstice Bread
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Summer Childcare Menu
warmth for children
This menu is set up so as to use the daily grains specified by Rudolf Steiner and widely used in Waldorf Kindergartens and homes the world over.
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"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." 

~Mother Teresa
All of the big accomplishments
in our lives have come to us after many small acts of faithfulness and hard work. 
When we have reverence for even the little things we do, we see God or 'Spirit' in everyone and everything.  A masterpiece is created only after numerous mistakes, lessons and attention to detail. 
It is often hard to see the end result, so be sure to focus faithfully on the little things in your life. 
 ~taken from Little Acorn Learning June 5 Day Guide

Five Little Frogs
*Use fingers for each frog

Five little speckled frogs
Sitting on a hollow log
Eating some most delicious bugs
Yum Yum

One jumped into the pool
Where it was nice and cool
Now there are four speckled frogs
Glub, glub

(continue with each finger until you reach five)

Full Strawberry Moon
strawberry moon 
The June Full Moon 

was often called the Full Strawberry Moon because it was a wonderful time of year to gather ripened strawberries. 

 What a great time to go strawberry picking with your children!  Gather some and use them on your baking days this month.

A little song sparrow sat up in a tree

 And sweetly he sang a message to me,
"Cheer up, wear a smile, and don't shed a tear,
For roses are blooming and summer is here."
~ F.G. Sanders
June Childcare Guide from Little Acorn Learning
We are now offering both a 3-day and 5-day program option for your natural learning experience!

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It was a beautiful day in midsummer.
  The meadow was alive with busy little people astir in the bright sunlight. A long line of ants came crawling down the path, carrying provisions to their home under the elm tree. An old toad came hopping down through the grass, blinking in the warm sun. Just a little higher up the bees were droning drowsily as they flew from flower to flower. Above them all, seeming almost in the blue sky, a robin was calling to his mate. 

Soon Mrs. Spider came down the path. She seemed to be in a great hurry. She looked neither to the right nor to the left. She kept straight ahead, holding tightly to a little, white bag which she carried in her mouth. She was just rushing past Mr. Toad when a big, black beetle came bumping by. He stumbled against Mrs. Spider and knocked the bag out of her mouth. In an instant Mrs. Spider pounced downupon him.  Although he was much bigger than she, he tumbled over on his back.  While he was trying to kick himself right side up once more, Mrs. Spider made a quick little dash.  She took up her bag, and scuttled off through the grass. 

"Well, well!" said Grasshopper Green, who was playing see-saw on a blade of grass.  "Oh, dear," grumbled Mr. Beetle, as he wriggled back to his feet.  "I didn't want her bag.  She needn't have made such a fuss."  "She must have had something very fine in that bag," said Grasshopper Green.  "She was frightened when she dropped it.  I wonder what it was."  He balanced himself on his grass blade until a stray breeze blew him off.  Then he forgot about Mrs. Spider altogether.   

Two weeks after this, Grasshopper Green started out for a walk before breakfast.  Just as he reached the edge of the brook, he saw Mrs. Spider coming toward him.  She was moving quite slowly.  She no longer carried the little, white bag. As she came nearer, he could see that she had something on her back.
"Good morning, neighbor," called Grasshopper Green ; " can I help you carry your things?" "Thank you," she said, "but they wouldn't stay with you, even if they could when you give such great jumps." "They!" said Grasshopper Green. Then, as he came nearer, he saw that the things on Mrs. Spider's back were wee baby spiders."  Are they not pretty children?" she asked, proudly. "I was so afraid that something would happen to my eggs. I never let go of the bag once, except when that stupid Mr. Beetle knocked it out of my mouth."
"O-ho," said Grasshopper Green, "so that was what frightened you so! Your bag was full of eggs! Now, you are going to carry all those children on your back?  Does it not tire you dreadfully?"  "I don't mind that a bit," said Mrs. Spider, "if only the children are well and safe. In a little while they will be able to run about by themselves. Then we shall be very happy here in the meadow grass. Oh, they are well worth the trouble, neighbor Grasshopper."
"Yes," said Grasshopper Green, " I have a dozen wee boys of my own at home. That reminds me that it is time to go home to breakfast! Good-bye, neighbor. I hope the children will soon be running about with you. You certainly are taking good
care of them. Good-bye." Then he went home. And proud, happy Mother Spider kept on her way to hunt for a breakfast for the babies she loved so well..

  Jar Full of Fireflies

 Supplies Needed:

Glass Jar with Lid

Black Construction Paper

Glow in the Dark Paint


Glow Stick (optional)


Cut a strip of black construction paper that when rounded into a tube will fit nicely inside your glass jar while still allowing you to close the lid (don't put it in for good yet!).  Have the children use Q-Tips or Fingertips to dip into the glow in dark glue and make dots for their firefly bodies all over one side of your black paper.  Use a white or yellow marker to draw wings on each side of the dots.  Roll your paper with the fireflies facing outward and put into your jar.  (if you want to you can also add a glow stick into the center so there is more illumination inside the jar).  Close the lid to the jar (poke holes through it if you want to add more of a real-life effect).  Keep these cute jars in your child's room or in the childcare space for naptime.  When the lights go out, they will really glow! 


Summer Solstice Bread

 *thank you to Tanya Carwyn our contributing nutritionist for this recipe.

Celebrate the returning Sun by making Sun Bread with the children. 


Supplies Needed:

2 Cups Unbleached Flour

1 Package Dry Yeast

1 Cups Milk

Cup Water

3 Tbsp. Honey*

3 Tbsp. Margarine or Butter

3 Tbsp. Brown Sugar

1 Tsp. Salt

2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour

*added to give this bread a sweeter flavor


In a large bowl, mix flour and yeast.  Heat milk, water, margarine, brown sugar and salt on low.  Add to flour mixture.  Stir several minutes (remember to let children help during this entire process... have them take turns and be patient - the goal is not to have bread, it is to enjoy the process of making the bread)  Add whole wheat flour until dough forms.  Knead on floured table until smooth and elastic (children love this part!).  Place in greased bowl.  Cover and let rise until it doubles in bulk.


Have children clean up what they can (you will return later to finish), wash hands and go for your nature walk.  After the dough has risen, you will need to punch down the dough.  The best way to do this is to let your children pound the dough with their fists.  After you have done this, shape your dough into a flat circle.  Make slits all the way around the circle spaced apart.  Now to make the Sun's Rays twist each 'Ray' once or twice and pinch together with the one next to it (to make a triangle).  If you have extra dough, make a face on your Sun Bread or use cookie cutters to add shapes to decorate.  Cover and let rise to double. 


After Lunch and Before Rest Time let the children watch you place the bread into the oven in a pan and set at 400F for 30 minutes.


Tell the children that when they wake up from their nap, they will have a warm and delicious snack to enjoy for the Summer Solstice.  The smell of bread baking in the oven is a very soothing way for children to fall asleep.  Older children who leave home to go to school will be greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread as they enter your home after a long day at school.


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